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The White Widow strain is a cross between a South Indian (Kerala) and Brazilian Sativa landrace strains. The name “White Widow” comes from the white coloration on the buds as they near harvesting time. The White Widow strain produces large amounts of sticky resin which covers the cannabis flowers as they are growing, but also leaves behind anything it has come into contact with, including people’s hands and clothes. A long-time favorite of “partiers,” it’s been known to make people happy, creative, and talkative.

Growers love how easy this plant is to grow indoors or out. A sister strain to the famous “Afghani,” this strain is also known for producing a high resin content. Its genetics also include Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5. It’s a very versatile strain that produces both high-THC and low-THC variations possible, but growers will want to conserve their light during the early flowering stage and move it back into full sunlight as the plant matures, to produce larger buds. The buds are coated with sticky globs of white resin, which are removed after harvest. This strain has a spicy smell and taste.

White Widow is great for indoor growing and makes a fine choice for first-time growers. It can reach average heights of 80 to 140 centimeters (2.6 to 4.8 feet); indoors, it’s an easy plant to grow. It has a flowering period ranging between seven and nine weeks, which is one of the shorter times among popular strains, giving you more than enough time to harvest mature buds before they start deteriorating in quality or appearance. The White Widow strain is available from Dutch seed company Sensi Seeds in regular and feminized seed varieties; it’s also sold at Dutch Passion under the name White Ice.

How to Effectively Use White Widow Seeds in Your Grow?

Method 1: Grow Your Weed Indoors

Growers looking for a simple indoor strain will want to start their grow with the White Widow seeds. The White Widow strain is an easy choice for growers because it grows quickly and larges buds without any problems. It’s an indoor strain, and thus very suitable for first-time growers. Easy to grow, the White Widow strain will get you high from its buds in less than ten weeks. From seed to harvest, you should expect an indoor harvest time of around seven weeks. Not only that, but this variety also makes a quality marijuana cigarette that can be smoked by anyone.

Another reason why this strain is an excellent choice for beginners is that it’s easy to grow. Because of how easy it is to grow, many growers choose this as a “starter” strain. This plant isn’t very special when it comes to taste, but the effects are impressive, and overall this strain is just perfect for beginner growers. The White Widow seeds have a fast flowering time which of course means that you can learn things while your plant is growing. I have a friend who only started smoking after he got the White Widow seeds and he described the high feeling as being in space and enjoying music with his favorite band playing at maximum volume. For people who are new to smoking weed and people who want to impress their friends, the White Widow strain is perfect!

Method 2: Grow Your Weed Outdoors

Looking for a more natural way to grow your White Widow seeds? The best option would be to grow it outdoors. Growing marijuana outdoors is one of the best ways to get great buds with a nice taste and smell. A lot of people choose this method to get rid of the smell from the plant and their home in general, so if you’re looking for something natural, you’ll want to grow your weed outdoors. When using this method you should keep in mind that there will be some environmental influences that are beyond your control.

Growers have to decide when is the best time to start growing their White Widow strain. In most parts of the world, people choose somewhere between early June and late September. You must buy seeds from a quality seed bank, as there are many fakes out there. You should also start looking for a good location for your crop, where it won’t be seen by others or get easily spotted by curious people. If you’re planning on smoking some of the marijuana buds yourself, you should consider buying feminized seeds; these will prevent any male plants from growing in your garden.

Here is another method that I like to use if I want to use natural materials. I use the method of drying the leaves in an oven and keeping them for another couple of weeks. When the cupboard is packed full, I throw away all my plant material and then I start again from scratch.

Here is a video of some Dutch marijuana enthusiasts using this method to get high regularly.

White Widow Seeds: The Chemicals & Health Benefits

The main chemical interaction that occurs in a high-THC strain like White Widow seeds is the ‘decarboxylation’ process between the carbon molecule (carbon dioxide) and the carboxylate ion (COOO-) found within its chemicals. This chemical interaction causes THC to be able to attach itself to the cannabinoid receptors which are found throughout the body. When this happens, a psychoactive effect is formed and the user will notice that it gives them a state of relaxation and euphoria. The ‘decarb’ process also means that this strain has a much longer duration time than THC-laced strains like Black Widow. The higher the level of THC found in your strains, the thicker its resin will be, and when it’s cured, its sticky coating will fill everything that gets close to it.

White Widow is often used as an ingredient in medical marijuana treatments for treating various medical conditions. The reason why it’s so popular among medical marijuana patients is that it has a high amount of THC and CBN, which have very high medicinal values.

White Widow: Medical Use & Cures

The White Widow strain can be used for a variety of medical conditions, for example, Stress and depression. This strain is said to be perfect for patients that are suffering from psychological disorders, as it will make them feel better and relax their bodies. If you’re suffering from stress or depression, the White Widow strain can make you feel relaxed as well as happy. By using this strain you won’t have to worry about any problems anymore because your physical condition will change into something better. Pain and Spasms: Another thing that you can use the White Widow strain for, is the pain and spasms from muscle tension. The White Widow strain is a powerful strain that also has a lot of positive effects on your muscles and joints. It will make your body feel relaxed because it has a very high amount of CBD, which was proven to create a good result against pain.

Stimulation: If you suffer from an injury or if you have an operation coming up soon, this strain can accelerate the healing process of your body. This happens because this strain is filled with THC and CBD, which both have anti-inflammatory properties in them. Users often see reduced inflammation in their bodies after using this strain regularly.

Cancer: If you’re going through chemotherapy or if you have an illness like cancer, the White Widow strain can benefit your body. Like many strains that have a high amount of THC (like Dinafem Blueberry), this strain has a lot of medicinal properties. When you start taking it you will notice that it has a very high medicinal value as well as a high level of THC. This strain can be used to help cancer patients fight against their illness, so if someone is suffering from cancer, they should try this strain out.

Seizures: People who suffer from epilepsy might be looking for a strain that will help them to get rid of their seizures. This strain can be used for this purpose because it’s rich in CBD, which is a very powerful anti-convulsant. The White Widow strain is a very powerful curing strain that can make your body feel stronger and healthier.

Glaucoma: If you have this eye disease you should start using strains with THC-V in them because this component will prevent your eyes from getting damaged with time. The White Widow strain contains high levels of THC-V, so if you’re looking for relief from glaucoma, use this strain for sure!

Stomach Pain: One way to help stomach pain is to smoke some weed or to use marijuana edibles. Smoking weed can help you if you’re suffering from this problem, but edibles are even better because they don’t create a high feeling in your body. A lot of people that suffer from stomach pain use this method to get rid of it. If you want to treat your stomach pain from the inside just try to smoke some weed or make some marijuana brownies.

White Widow: Grow Instructions

Although you’ll find many different instructions for growing White Widow online, and the method may depend on what seeds you’ve purchased, we can give you a general guideline on how to grow this plant.

The best way to start growing is to use a soil-based medium, and then you can start by germinating the seeds in a paper towel. When your seedlings have sprouted, you should then transplant them into the soil – this will make sure that they are not disturbed while they grow. The next stage of growth is where you will see the first signs of budding; after which, it’s time to transplant your plants into their final pots.

Remember when we discussed pots earlier on in this book? This is the part where it becomes really important – as long as your marijuana plant is young, you should keep it indoors (if possible). The reason for this is that if you let your plant stay in a greenhouse, it will become too tall, and you won’t be able to get enough light up there.

After a while – when your plant has grown to around 5 feet (1.5m) tall – you should move it outside. You should do this slowly, so don’t suddenly take it out of the greenhouse and off into direct sunlight – take it outside in the shade or a partially-shaded position initially, and then once it’s gotten used to it (which only takes a day or two), move it outside into the sun. By this time, your plant will have developed a sufficiently thick stem and proper side branches, so that you can move it outside.

How Long Does It Take to Grow White Widow?

This is a question that many growers ask themselves. The answer to this question will depend on several factors – including the method of growing that you use, and the type of strain that you have planted. If you take a look at the descriptions for White Widow on our website, you’ll see that White Widow seeds need around 55 days to bloom properly. This means giving them plenty of light (18 hours per day) and good amounts of water.

The potency of the buds will increase as the flower gets older, so you should keep an eye on this as well. If you notice that the buds aren’t getting more potent with every passing day, then it might be safe to assume that they’re going to be good when they’re harvested.

If you’re trying to decide whether your weed is ready to harvest – or if it’s still too early for them – then remember that all plants go through certain changes from when they first begin growing, and these changes will make them ready for harvest.

Why Do You Want to Purchase White Widow Seeds?

Many people choose to grow their cannabis as an alternative to purchasing weed from a dispensary. Growing marijuana isn’t as difficult as some people may think; although, you should always follow the instructions on the pack of seeds when growing so that you can maximize your yields. If you’re looking for a special experience, the White Widow strain might be a great choice – just bear in mind that it has quite a different effect on your body than other strains!

This plant is known to give users an energetic feeling – which means that it’s perfect for people who want to get stuff done! It also gives users an uplifting feeling; if you feel tired and stressed out, smoking this strain can help you feel comfortable again.

If you’re looking for an effective cure for cancer, this strain may help you. The THC-V content in the buds is very high, and it can be used to relieve pain and manage severe symptoms of cancer. It’s best if you buy your cannabis seeds from a reputable retailer that sells a variety of strains – this way, you’ll have a better chance of finding a strain that suits you.

White Widow has been mentioned in several scientific studies over the past few years; although, they’ve all been focused on the anti-cancer effects of this strain rather than its medicinal benefits! There are claims that it can reduce the symptoms of cancer and even give those who are suffering from it improved quality of life. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that it’s gaining more and more popularity as a medical marijuana strain!

We hope that this article has helped you understand what White Widow is, as well as what its medicinal properties are. This strain is best for people looking to relax and enjoy themselves – it’s not the best strain if you’re looking for something that will help you concentrate on your work while providing analgesic pain relief. It can also help with glaucoma, nausea and mood disorders, and spasms. On top of that, some strains have even been known to fight against cancer cells!

If you have a medical condition and are considering treatment with cannabis, please consult your doctor as well as a licensed medical cannabis physician before doing so.

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