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Pennsylvania has been a leader in the movement to legalize medical marijuana, making it legal for patients with seventeen specific conditions. Currently, the state is considering adding conditions six-eleven. Now, CBD oil is being pushed as an alternative treatment option to help people in pain.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp plants. It’s one of more than 100 cannabinoids that can be found in marijuana or hemp plants, according to the World Health Organization. CBD acts on many of the same receptors as THC does, and does not cause a high for users, who are simply aware their pain is being reduced.

National studies show that CBD oil is safe and effective for everything from anxiety, ADD/ADHD, inflammation, diabetes, seizures, and much more.

There’s a movement in the medical cannabis community for patients to be able to decide what works best for them. People with chronic pain should have access to proven medical treatments — whether it’s medical marijuana or another option like CBD oil. It’s time for Pennsylvania to expand our program.

Current cannabis legislation allows for patients to possess up to three ounces of medical marijuana on their person, but they cannot use it in public. CBD oil would allow people with chronic pain and other medical conditions to use marijuana-derived products that are properly labeled, regulated, and tested in a way that allows them to take advantage of the benefits without having to worry about criminal charges.

Whether you are in our state or not, the industry is right here. Medical marijuana is already legal, so surely we can find a way to make CBD oil available to those who need it most.

Where to buy CBD products in Pennsylvania?

Right now, you cannot purchase CBD oil in Pennsylvania, but you can get CBD products from outside of the state and have them shipped to you.

  • Eastern Vape is the first store in Pennsylvania to start selling CBD products. They sell all sorts of CBD products including edibles, oils, vapes, and more. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about CBD oil.
  • Greater Than Collective is the first dispensary to legally sell CBD products in Pennsylvania. The store’s focus is on providing high-quality CBD oils, edibles, and vapes with maximum potency.
  • Wegmans carries a wide variety of CBD products, including oil, tinctures, and more at its locations throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.
  • Penn Medicine offers special discounts to patients who let them know they have an interest in alternative treatments like Cannabidiol (CBD), and Whole Foods Market carries a wide selection of pure CBD oil for sale at its stores throughout the state. You can also find it online.
  • Dean’s Daily is a private, family-owned business. They have been in operation since 1978 and are open seven days a week. They carry products from many reputable manufacturers, as well as a selection of CBD products.
  • PhytoSlim is an online-only retailer with an aggressive CBD oil subscription service.
  • HempGummies is Pennsylvania’s only private label compliant hemp CBD product line available through CannaAmerica’s distribution network in the state.
  • Moda is a private-label compliant CBD product line available through CannaAmerica’s distribution network in the state.
  • Kalyx supplements are private-label compliant hemp CBD products sold online. Kalyx CBD products are available from 300 retailers in 50 states and Canada and will be coming soon to Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands.
  • CannaPods are private-label compliant hemp CBD products made for sale online and through select retailers throughout the state.

Some of the Most Popular Ways People Use CBD Oil

People use CBD oil for all sorts of reasons, from cancer to inflammation, from mental health to physical recovery. Here’s a look at some of the most popular uses for CBD oil.


CBD oil is one of the best methods for calming anxieties and elevating your mood. Look for products that are rich in CBD and have little or no THC; when combined, the two cannabinoids balance each other out to produce a calming effect.

Pain Relief

The World Health Organization estimates that more than one billion people suffer from chronic pain worldwide. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD significantly reduces chronic inflammation and pain in rodents without causing medical damage.


A study published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute found that CBD can slow the spread of breast cancer cells in tissue culture.

Mental Health Issues

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that CBD “acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-epileptic, and also helps to fight certain acne diseases.”

Other Conditions

The Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics reports that CBD may be effective at treating several conditions including arthritis, diabetes, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.

CBD oil is a perfect product for patients looking for medical marijuana, but who don’t want to risk being caught up in the legal system that comes with it. It’s easy to find CBD products that are made by licensed producers and are tested to ensure purity and quality.

A Holistic Way of Treatment

Schmidt is passionate about making sure people have access to CBD treatment in Pennsylvania. Her goal is not just to make sure patients can access cannabis treatments that work best for them, but also to encourage more research into the natural benefits of cannabinoids. She wants the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be a place where people can feel safe when trying different ways of treating their chronic pain and other conditions.

“I believe in Penn State and I believe in our community here,” Schmidt said. “Let’s use the knowledge we have to help each other and let’s make sure people have access to this treatment because it does work for so many of us.

Quality Products for Pennsylvania Patients

CannaLife has an extensive array of CBD products that can deliver relief from chronic pain and anxiety, but there is more to the company than just high-quality CBD oils, edibles, and vapes. CannaLife is a certified B Corporation (a label given by independent organizations to companies that meet higher standards of social good, accountability, and transparency) and focuses on giving back to their community.

Pennsylvania’s Legalization and Medical Marijuana Timeline

Note: Despite the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, it is still illegal to possess cannabis oil with more than 0.3% THC or to distribute it to any other person in the state, except where permitted by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The following information is provided for reference purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

May 23, 2016 – The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced that it has approved the registration of 15 companies to manufacture, import, and dispense medical marijuana in the state. One of those companies was CannaAmerica, which eventually won approval to sell non-THC oil in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced that it has approved the registration of 15 companies to manufacture, import, and dispense medical marijuana in the state. One of those companies was CannaAmerica, which eventually won approval to sell non-THC oil in Pennsylvania. Sept 15, 2016 -A bill allowing for legal use and home growing of medical marijuana became law with Gov. Tom Wolf signing it into law at Peddler’s Village in Harrisburg.

A bill allowing for legal use and home growing of medical marijuana became law with Gov. Tom Wolf signing it into law at Peddler’s Village in Harrisburg. June 2017 – CannaLife opened its Yorkville, PA office, which has a staff dedicated to helping businesses with the benefits of using CBD oil as a natural alternative to synthetic CBD products that are derived from foreign sources and can be ineffective.

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card for CBD Oil in Pennsylvania?

Patients in Pennsylvania who want to make sure they have the most effective way to treat their medical conditions should get a medical marijuana card from their local physician. Doctors can recommend medical marijuana if they have a valid prescription and are registered with the state’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Doctors are not legally allowed, however, to prescribe marijuana for the treatment of any medical conditions. Patients who want to be able to purchase cannabis-derived products from dispensaries in Pennsylvania must obtain a medical marijuana card from a doctor that understands the benefits of CBD oil and is willing to register them with the state’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Once you have a PA medical marijuana card, you can shop online or at one of the approved retailers throughout the state and purchase CBD products. A wide range of CBD bottles is now available on CannaLife’s website as well as at select retail locations around Pennsylvania.

The Side Effects of CBD and the Safety Concerns

CBD products are available with a variety of ratios of CBD and THC, depending on how the product is manufactured. Most products are derived from cannabis plants that were grown for fiber or food.

The effects of CBD vary according to the concentration levels in the product and from person to person. Because CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants, some patients may be concerned about whether or not it possesses psychoactive effects such as getting “high.” Some studies have shown that CBD does not cause intoxication and does not affect neurological function. The use of cannabis products may, however, produce side effects including drowsiness, fatigue, diarrhea, and changes in appetite/weight.

CBD oil is one of the safest supplements on the market today and it is one of the few supplements with a very low risk of producing side effects. Consumers who are looking to purchase CBD oil in Pennsylvania can be confident that they are getting high-quality products from manufacturers who meet high standards and have extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in this industry.

CBD oils are currently legal to possess if they contain less than 0.3% THC, and they can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Because home growers may legally possess up to six marijuana plants per Pennsylvania resident, and because CBD comes from marijuana plants, it is illegal for most people in the state to grow their cannabidiol or sell it to other residents.

Overall, the use of CBD oil for a variety of medical conditions has shown to be very successful and people that have experienced its benefits of it swear by it. People living in Pennsylvania with any sort of chronic pain and anxiety can now safely purchase CBD oil online or at one of the limited number of retail locations throughout Pennsylvania. If you have any questions regarding this supplement, please contact CannaLife.

This article is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult a qualified medical professional before trying any new supplement or alternative treatment. We accept no liability for any harm or loss which may come to anyone by following these suggestions.


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