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The majority of seed banks carry feminized cannabis seeds, and unless specifically stated by the manufacturer, many of them can be grown outdoors.

In order to ensure female plants, which are the ones that bear buds and are the most popular variety of cannabis seed, use feminized cannabis seeds. Regular seeds, on the other hand, result in cannabis plants that are both male and female, and they require more effort to grow.

The majority of people grow their cannabis seeds either indoors or outdoors in the nearby countryside. What about those who cultivate cannabis in the mountains? Can specialized cannabis strains last for weeks or even months without assistance? What are the best cannabis seeds for outdoor growing that have the genetic capacity to thrive at high altitudes or the hardy resolve to finish blooming even under less than ideal circumstances?

Would you prefer to avoid the expenses and challenging science that come with an indoor setup? However, you still want to raise gorgeous marijuana plants that are bursting with flavor, aroma, and potency. Outdoor cannabis seeds are right for you if so.

As long as you’re cultivating the right outdoor seeds under the right circumstances, outdoor cultivation is a rewarding activity. When you provide the ideal location and a little TLC, our genetically stable and high-quality marijuana seeds promise massive outdoor yields. harvest following harvest

That seems like a big ask, isn’t it? For Seed Supreme, no. To offer you the largest, most varied selection of cannabis seeds of the highest caliber, we have partnered with all significant US seed banks.

Anywhere in the US, compare, save time and money, and have the best outdoor seeds delivered right to your door. Look through our catalog and submit your order right away.

1) Which outdoor cannabis seeds are the best for beginners? 2) Think about purchasing cannabis seeds that autoflower. Instructions on how to grow marijuana from seeds, steps three and four. Proper care from cannabis seed to seedling. 5) When should cannabis seeds be planted outside? 6) Suggested cannabis seeds for outdoor growing: not too soon

  1. Why grow cannabis outdoors?
  2. Top 10 high-yielding strains to grow outdoors Green gelato Shogun Amnesia haze Royal moby Purple queen Lemon shining silver haze Hulkberry Honey cream Skunk xl Shining silver haze
  3. Green gelato
  4. Shogun
  5. Amnesia haze
  6. Royal moby
  7. Purple queen
  8. Lemon shining silver haze
  9. Hulkberry
  10. Honey cream
  11. Skunk xl
  12. Shining silver haze
  13. Achieve the outdoor grow of your dreams with these heavy yielders

One of the first steps in starting a grow is deciding where to grow your cannabis crop. Once you’ve made a decision, you’ll need to identify the strains that will thrive in the environment of your choice. Certain varieties are better suited to this task if you want to significantly increase your yield potential.

Here are the top 10 outdoor cannabis strains with the highest yields. All of these strains do well in warm southern climates, and some of them can still produce harvests that are perfectly respectable in colder climates.

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to start planting some seeds. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 feminized cannabis seeds for outdoor growing to make things easier.

Although there are many difficulties involved in growing cannabis outdoors, the benefits far outweigh them. Additionally, it’s a much more enjoyable environment to watch your crop grow. Nothing beats watering, feeding, and pruning plants while the sound of birdsong fills the air and the sun’s warm rays.

However, not all strains are suitable for living outside. Some people struggle to cope with the minor temperature changes that come with outdoor cultivation, let alone the ferocious downpours. To get the best outdoor harvest, it’s essential to start with the right genetics. Additionally, fungus diseases and pests are much more likely to affect outdoor plants. It’s critical to choose cultivars that are resilient to these dangers and hardy.

Having said that, defense is not the only concern. Because they frequently have the luxury of more space, outdoor growers frequently produce larger yields. Examining a variety’s potential for production as part of the strain selection process for an outdoor grow.

The top 10 feminized cannabis strains to grow outside in 2020 for the best results are listed below.

Super Silver Haze — Zamnesia Seeds

Super Silver Haze is simple to control and grows to a medium height outside. She will produce a yield of up to 550g/plant in October after a 9–10 week flowering period.

Achieve the Outdoor Grow of Your Dreams With These Heavy Yielders

This list demonstrates that both indicas and sativas, in both southern and northern climates, can produce high yields when grown outdoors. But it’s crucial to start with genetics that are bred to yield enormous harvests, as is the case with the aforementioned 10 strains. With a little caution and persistence, you’ll soon be harvesting tons of bud!

Top 5 outdoor autoflowering seeds

Whether you’re an impatient grower or if you just prefer the reliable timeframe autoflowers provide, these outdoor seeds will put a smile on your dial. Here are five of the best outdoor autoflowering strains:

Strain Variety THC content Flowering time For beginner? AK-47 autoflower Indica dominant 17–21% 6–7 weeks No Bubba Kush autoflower Indica dominant 15–20% 8–9 weeks No Diesel autoflower Sativa dominant 10–15% 8–9 weeks No Jack Herer autoflower Balanced hybrid 10–16% 8–9 weeks No Blueberry x Mazar autoflower Indica dominant 15–19% 8–9 weeks No

  1. AK-47 autoflower: These outdoor marijuana seeds produce bushy, stocky plants with intensely sweet, herbal, and skunky aromas. While unfussy and resilient, the crops flower automatically in record time, so there’s no time for rookie mistakes. Keep an eye on humidity levels and regularly prune your crops, and they’ll reward you with around 3 ounces each. The resin-soaked buds promise to pump you with motivation before leaving you with a long-lasting but not decapacitating euphoria.
  2. Diesel autoflower: Despite their autoflowering genetics, these outdoor marijuana seeds produce relatively high-yielding crops. They’re smaller than their photoperiodic counterparts but easily manageable under the right conditions. The trichome-covered buds ooze with earthy, citrusy, and fuel-like aromas, leaving a slight tang on the tongue. They’re the perfect wake-and-bake treat, providing revitalizing energy and motivation to tackle the day. With careful TLC, expect to yield around 4 ounces per plant.
  3. Blueberry x Mazar autoflower: If you want a rich, decadent, and tasty cultivar with calming properties, then try these outdoor cannabis seeds. They produce bushy, compact plants with relatively generous yields in only nine weeks. Regular pruning and intermediate growing experience give you up to 3.5 ounces per plant. Besides delectable fruity flavors, the syrupy buds offer intense euphoria and full-body relaxation.

What are outdoor cannabis seeds?

Mother Nature intended for weed seeds to grow outside. They typically thrive in areas with plenty of sunshine, warmth, and rain because that is their natural habitat. Of course, some cannabis strains grown outdoors have also adapted to challenging climatic conditions. Consider the mountains, plains, and valleys in Afghanistan, Nepal, Thailand, Asia, and Africa.

For growers who only want to do the bare minimum and let nature handle the rest, outdoor seeds are ideal. All you need are the right cannabis seeds and an ideal location and climate. Our outdoor pot seeds grow into luxuriant, wholesome crops in a variety of climates because of their tough, adaptable, and superior genetics. Outdoor seeds conserve energy and equipment costs while being environmentally friendly and utilizing the elements. They protect the biodiversity of the soil and facilitate organic growth.

Best outdoor cannabis seeds for cultivation

What kind of cannabis seeds should you purchase for your garden now that you understand how to grow outdoor seeds? Not to worry. The top five in three categories are what we’ve found after doing our research. The best outdoor cannabis seeds, as well as the highest-yielding and best outdoor autoflowering cannabis seeds, are listed below.

Top 5 cannabis seeds to grow outdoors

Strain Variety THC content Flowering time For beginner? Durban Poison feminized Sativa dominant 13–16% 8–9 weeks Yes OG Kush feminized Indica dominant 19–26% 8–9 weeks No Pineapple Haze feminized Sativa dominant 15–22% 10–12 weeks No Super Skunk feminized Indica dominant 14–18% 8–9 weeks Yes Sour Diesel feminized Sativa dominant 16–20% 9–10 weeks No

  1. Super Skunk feminized: If you want hefty harvests of potent, sticky buds providing deep relaxation,  plant these outdoor seeds. With Afghani and Skunk #1 genetics, these indica-dominant plants are tough and forgiving. They’ll adapt to harsher, colder climates, but in ideal conditions, they’ll flourish with little fuss. If you’re a discreet grower, you may want to consider guerilla growing—Super Skunk gives off super strong, dank aromas. Each plant yields around 25 ounces.
  2. Sour Diesel feminized: These outdoor weed seeds flourish into gorgeous giants reaching a height of 6–7 feet with massive, cone-shaped buds. Besides their famous fuel-like aroma and citrusy tang, the dense flowers offer a powerful, uplifting experience. With relatively high THC levels and sativa-dominance, Sour Diesel stimulates your mind while recharging your batteries. The plants are susceptible to moisture-related issues, so they’ll thrive best in experienced hands. Keep them happy, and expect around 17 ounces per plant.

Why Grow Cannabis Outdoors?

Modern cannabis cultivation is typically associated with foil-lined rooms equipped with powerful fans and lights. However, in many instances, growing weed outdoors—as nature intended—will yield the best results.

Indoor growing has many advantages, including complete control over all of the variables. However, it is also very costly and labor-intensive, and no artificial light can match the strength and spectrum of the summer sun.

Therefore, growing outside is a fantastic option for those who live in an area with the right climate and enough space. In addition to being free and the best light source available, sunlight, when used to light plants, can cause them to grow enormously, producing astonishingly large yields. Additionally, the plants’ progression from one stage to another will be determined by the natural seasonal cadence. Keeping them content is all that’s required.

Top 10 High-Yielding Strains to Grow Outdoors

Here are the top ten strains for outdoor growing. It should be noted that each of these strains is photoperiod-dependent, which means that for them to transition from the vegetative to the flowering stages, there must be a decrease in light exposure. As a result, these cultivars are able to maximize outdoor space and sunlight, producing the highest yields.

Even though they aren’t listed here, it’s important to remember that autoflowering plants’ quick growth cycles can be used outside to fit up to three harvests into a single growing season. However, we believe that photoperiod strains will help you get the best results if you’re growing outdoors with few restrictions.

Green Gelato

Green Gelato comes first. This cross breeds Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mint, and Sunset Sherbet. You can be certain that it will produce a strong, flavorful plant because strains like this one are tucked away in its nuclei. It’s about as potent as they get, containing up to 27% THC. Additionally, it is very likely to reach maximum potency with sufficient sunlight.

When you pair this power with yields of up to 800g/plant, you have a winning combination. In fact, Green Gelato took home the prize for “Best New European Strain for 2019” from Soft Secrets. You don’t need to reside on the southernmost tip of Spain to grow Green Gelato because it is a strain that is suitable for growing in latitudes with slightly shorter summers. You should be able to harvest it sometime at the start of October, at which point you can enjoy the fall by smoking.


Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Glue #4, two illustrious cannabis strains, gave birth to Shogun. That being said, not much more needs to be said about genetics. But it’s too good to pass up. Shogun has a medium CBD content, a THC content that can reach 25%, and genetics that are predominantly sativa. These all combine to produce an upbeat, crystal-clear, and energizing high. Additionally, it has the traditional flavors of earth, citrus, and pine.

It has a fairly lengthy life cycle due to its sativa dominance, maturing at the end of October. When the time comes, you can anticipate a plant growing to a height of almost 200 cm producing up to 750g per plant. It’s a plant that does better in climates with longer summers because of the lengthy flowering period.

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Amnesia Haze

A pure cannabis classic would have to be included for this list to be complete. You’ve probably heard of Amnesia Haze or, at the very least, Haze strains in general. And for good cause. These sativa-dominant classics raised the bar and have since contributed genetics to countless strains.

The effects of Amnesia Haze are strong and persistent, primarily cerebral with a mild physical stone. It’s potent without being overpowering at 22% THC. It was one of the strongest strains available back then. It is better suited to regions with long, warm summers because it finishes flowering in late October. By the end of this time, it can produce up to 700g of citrusy, peppery bud per plant.

Royal Moby

Despite being a hybrid, Royal Moby has distinctly sativa qualities. This strain is a cross between White Widow and Haze. A very balanced and clear-headed high with a THC content of 21% is produced, making it appropriate for both day and night.

But when you let this strain roam free outside, it really shines. It is an absolute monster, with yields to match, and is capable of reaching a height of 3m. If you have the space, Royal Moby can produce up to 1000g of blueberry and lemon-scented buds per plant. It has a longer life cycle than most and is ready around the end of October, but it is well worth the extra time. One of the strains with the highest yields available is this one.

Purple Queen

This list has so far been predominately sativa-based, so for those who prefer something a little more relaxing, we present this stunning indica strain. Our breeders have produced a purple delight by looking for the best and most elusive purple phenotypes in the Hindu Kush mountains.

A happy and mild high is produced by 22% THC and indica genetics. This is undoubtedly one to enjoy in the evenings or on days when you’re in the mood to get high. Purple Queen can be ready around the beginning of October and has a shorter life cycle than some of the other strains on this list. This makes it a good option for those growing in cooler climates with shorter summers, along with its hardy indica genetics.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Compared to some of the earlier strains, Lemon Shining Silver Haze offers a slightly mellower experience. There are times and places when a high THC content is great, but there are also times when something mellower is preferred. This strain has about 18% THC, which leaves room to make things a little more manageable while still being potent enough to knock you out if you overdo it. Additionally, it’s a great option for covert daytime smoking due to its clear and balanced effects.

It’s also a fantastic option for growers a little further north. It is suitable for all but the shortest summers and should be ready to harvest by the end of September. Additionally, you don’t have to give up yield in exchange for this speed. In ideal circumstances, up to 700g/plant is possible, which ought to satisfy even the most gluttonous stoners!


O. Kush and Strawberry Diesel have been combined ingeniously to create HulkBerry. HulkBerry, a fruit bred specifically for power and strong mental highs, delivers. Even seasoned smokers should find satisfaction in the delicious blend of citrus, diesel, and pepper flavors, which have a THC content of 27% or higher.

It is a powerful strain suitable for both northern and southern climates, and it will be ready toward the end of September. So, HulkBerry might be the strain for you if you’re looking for a ridiculously potent one before the cold weather hits. It’s a plant with a lot to offer, reaching a height of about 220 cm and producing up to 700g of delicious, super-strength bud per plant.

Honey Cream

Considering its moderate potency, this indica-dominant strain’s effects are surprisingly strong. You might assume that it has too little THC—16%—to qualify for this list, but that isn’t the case. Pseudo-psychedelic is the best way to describe Honey Cream’s effects. It’s a mystery that any serious cultivator should be eager to try because it’s distinctive and has mouthwatering flavors of candy and earth.

It makes a good choice for regions with shorter summers because it is more robust and quick than many of the strains on this list. It should be prepared by the first of October, making it suitable for most climates. Although not the most abundant on the list in terms of yield, it should still satisfy the vast majority of growers. Expect Honey Cream to yield up to 675g per plant.

Skunk XL

Similar to the original Skunk, but bigger and better. It’s a perfect 50/50 blend of indica and sativa genetics, just like the original, giving you a balanced, clear stone that should help you unwind. It has all the characteristics of a classic strain and a comfortable 17% THC, making it ideal for true stoners!

Skunk XL will be ready in October, so growers with shorter summers may be able to harvest it earlier and growers with longer summers may choose to let it mature a little bit longer. You’re in for a treat in either case. It is possible to produce yields of 675g per plant with a maximum height of 200 cm.

That is a lot of classics: Haze x (Skunk x Northern Light). The end result is a very potent strain with strong effects that may not be best suited for daytime or party settings, but rather for evenings spent at home with little to do but get stoned. The flavors are utterly traditional and feature hints of citrus, fruit, pine, and earth.

Due to its late bloom, the crop won’t be ready until late October. Because of this, warmer, more southern climates with endless summers are better suited for growing Silver Shining Haze. This beauty will not enjoy the cold and the nighttime!

Enjoy growing cannabis in the mountains!

A mountain grow can enable you to enjoy the combined pleasures of growing with lovely scenery/walking with a little forethought and the right cannabis seeds.

High Altitude Marijuana Seeds, Dutch Outdoor Marijuana Seeds, and Autoflowering Seeds are your options. A car may contain up to or about 100 grams of dried marijuana. However, you might be able to get more than that from a sizable outdoor photoperiod feminized strain.

18 March 2022

Are autoflower seeds an option for the outdoor grower?

The aforementioned cannabis strains have all been successfully used by the guerrilla growing community as photoperiod outdoor cannabis strains. However, autoflowering cannabis seeds are a helpful alternative for the outdoor grower looking to raise a crop in the mountains or hills.

Autoflower strains benefit from a quick growth cycle that fits the frequently brief growing season at higher altitudes, despite the fact that they may not have undergone the same rigorous selection/breeding process to help them survive mountain life.

Autoflower seeds typically require 100 days or more to mature outside before being harvested. Even at high altitudes, you might be able to harvest from autoflower seedlings if you choose the sunniest three months of your growing season and start your seedlings indoors.

Top 5 highest yielding outdoor cannabis strains

These outdoor seeds are perfect if you want your cannabis garden to produce copious amounts of sticky bud. With five of the highest-yielding outdoor strains listed below, get ready for huge harvests.

Strain Variety THC content Flowering time For beginner? Moby Dick feminized Sativa dominant 24–27% 9–10 weeks No Green Crack feminized Sativa dominant 17–25% 7–9 weeks Yes LSD feminized Indica dominant 19–24% 7 weeks Yes Super Silver Haze feminized Sativa dominant 15–19% 9–10 weeks No Chocolope x Kush feminized Sativa dominant 15–20% 9–10 weeks Yes

  1. LSD feminized: With Mazar and Skunk #1 genetics, these outdoor marijuana seeds blossom into resilient crops that are naturally pest- and disease-resistant. Despite their small stature, these plants can produce up to 21 ounces of sweet, sticky buds each. Don’t let their skunky flavors fool you, though. Just one toke sends you up into the ether, melting stress, tension, and discomfort away. Staying true to its name, this strain also brings a psychedelic edge to the already sky-high THC content.
  2. Super Silver Haze feminized: These outdoor marijuana seeds produce sturdy, sativa-dominant plants with insane yields of up to 24 ounces each. They’re suitable for the outdoors, thriving in humid climates with lots of sunshine. Still, these crops demand attention, so they may be challenging for novice growers. The sweet and spicy buds are deliciously potent, promising an instant and energizing pick-me-up. If you’re looking for a wake-and-bake strain to grow in your garden, these outdoor cannabis seeds are for you.

Growing cannabis from outdoor seeds

To grow marijuana in your garden, you don’t need a lot of experience. Even novices can succeed because it’s fairly simple. Keep in mind that outdoor weed seeds prefer sunny, warm climates with temperatures between 55°F and 85°F. Find the perfect location in your yard or on your balcony to grow your cannabis plants. Following your selection of the ideal location, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose outdoor seeds compatible with your climateand preferences. Some strains can withstand harsh conditions, with theirleaves turning purpleafter cold exposure.
  2. Check your grow calendar for the best time to plant your cannabis seeds.
  3. Once planted, keep your seedlings indoors for the first 3–4 weeks before moving them outdoors. Gradually expose them to outdoor conditions.
  4. Transplant your seedlings into correctly sized pots or directly into the ground,making sure that the soil is nutrient-rich
  5. Keep your outdoor marijuana plants healthy bywatering and feeding them sufficiently.Use the rightfor their different life cycle stages.
  6. Prune and regularly check your cannabis plants for outdoor pests and issues like
  7. Outdoor marijuana plants that are photoperiodic enter thewhen the days become shorter. Depending on the strain, they’retypically harvest-ready after 8–12 weeks

Choosing the best location to grow cannabis outdoors

It can be difficult to find the ideal location to grow your outdoor seeds into lush, wholesome crops. There are a few things to think about that all have the potential to make or break your crop. When deciding where to grow your cannabis crops, keep these five factors in mind:

  1. Space:The space you need depends on the number of plants you’re legally allowed to grow. Also, consider how many and the type of crops you want to cultivate. Plant each cannabis crop 3–5 feet apart to ensure they have adequate sun, air, and space to grow healthily.
  2. Compliance: Make sure your grow site complies with all of your local laws and regulations in terms of space, privacy, and security.
  3. Sunlight and air exposure: The crops grown from outdoor weed seeds need at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. They also need six hours of indirect sunlight daily. The location you choose must have ample sunlight exposure with a nice cross breeze for sufficient air circulation.
  4. Soil: Marijuana plants need soil with adequate water retention, aeration, and drainage capabilities to grow optimally. If you noticeleaves turning yellow, it may signify nutrient deficiency or insect infestation. Implementand choose a place or use pots with nutrient-rich organic or amended soil for best results.
  5. Water: Unless you live in a region with frequent rainfall, you must water your cannabis crops regularly.The best way to tell if your cannabis plant needs wateris to stick a finger 1-2 inches into the soil, and water only if it’s dry.

Fast Bud Outdoor – Spliff Seeds

Sativa-dominant Fast Bud Outdoor grows well outside, as the name suggests. This strain is the result of crossing Early Pearl with Mexican and Californian sativa. The end result is a cultivar that grows to a height of about 250 cm and yields a massive 600–650 g/plant. Her high is in the best sense sativa-like due to its incredible THC content. Fast Bud Outdoor offers a positive social high that is enhanced by a vibrant and distinctive floral and peppery flavor, whether it is smoked or vaped. Furthermore, as implied by the name, this strain is quick to finish.


You value an early harvest, right? The top outdoor cannabis seeds for regions with shorter summers, like northern Europe, the northern United States, and Canada, are collected here.

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All of the marijuana seeds on this list have above-average yields and are ready for harvest by the end of September or at the latest by mid-October.

CBD Therapy — CBD Crew

A thorough breeding program that aimed to widen the difference between THC and CBD concentrations produced CBD Therapy. The strain was among the first in the world to achieve a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20 and set the bar for future CBD strains. This cultivar produces enormous cannabidiol concentrations without producing any psychoactive effects. The strain works well when smoked, but it can also be used to create CBD extracts with a high CBD content.

CBD Therapy performs well outdoors, providing colourful colas endowed with sweet aromas. The strain produces a medium-sized yield after flowering for 8–9 weeks.

Money Maker — Strain Hunters

Commercial growers will make a ton of money with Money Maker, and home growers will get a sizable stockpile. This giant was developed by the world-traveling, landrace-seeking Strain Hunters by crossing Original Master Kush, Hindu Kush, and Skunk. She has a genetic makeup that is 70% indica and 30% sativa, which results in a relaxing body high.

Money Maker maintains a short height and exhibits a typical indica growth pattern. Despite her size, she will produce a massive 1kg/plant yield when grown outdoors. After only 8 weeks of flowering, every single one of these buds will be ready for harvest.

Experience the great outdoors now

You have it now! The top 10 feminized strains for outdoor cultivation are listed here. Therefore, any of these varieties will make a great garden companion if you have the necessary outdoor space. You’ll be rewarded with wholesome, plentiful plants that are bursting with buds if you keep an eye out for them and give them a little care.

Luke Sumpter has spent the last seven years working as a professional journalist and writer at the nexus of cannabis and science with a BSc (Hons) in Clinical Health Sciences and a love for growing plants.

The best outdoor marijuana seeds for exceptional yields

White Widow Autoflower

  1. A citrusy-scented staple from Amsterdam’s coffee shop scene
  2. Dense layer of trichomes helps with natural pest protection

Beginner smokers and growers frequently receive recommendations for Amsterdam’s beloved White Widow strain. Although this hybrid strain tends to be more stimulating, it has just the right amount of a balancing effect to calm the body and lessen the head-buzz rush. Additionally, compared to its sativa-dominant counterparts, White Widow tends to be less susceptible to pests and mold. This is why these genetics typically thrive in the outdoors.

Outdoor growers should think about the autoflowering variety before purchasing a batch of genuine White Widow seeds. The best autoflower variation of a well-known marijuana strain is consistently ranked as White Widow Auto. White Widow Auto may be one of the highest-yielding autoflower outdoor strains, with a maximum yield of about 6 oz per plant.

White Widow Auto typically finishes flowering in no more than eight weeks and produces tasty citrus-flavored flowers with moderately high THC levels. The advantage of not having to wait six months to enjoy the fruits of your labor is a big draw, even though this ruderalis cultivar isn’t as potent as the original.

White Widow Auto Specs

  1. Type: Autoflower feminized
  2. Climate: Dry
  3. Difficulty: Easy
  4. Yield (per plant): 6 oz
  5. 19% THC
  6. Height: 20 – 30 inches
  7. Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
  8. Terpenes: Limonene, myrcene, and terpinolene

Gorilla Glue #4

  1. Bright white nugs loaded with over 20% THC concentration
  2. Short height and dense nug structure ideal for discretion
  3. Deeply relaxing, “couchlock” properties for late-day use

You’re going to adore GG4 if you want to find high THC concentrations outside. Gorilla Glue #4, also referred to as “Original Glue,” is one of the most popular varieties from the early 2000s. This unintentional cross of Chem’s Sis, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb is renowned for its gassy aromatics, high THC concentration, and extremely sticky trichomes.

Gorilla Glue #4 is typically planted outdoors with great success according to growers. But because this strain has a propensity to become a hermaphrodite when stressed, growers must take extra care not to overstress it. During the late vegetative and early flowering phases, be sure to keep an eye on your plant’s nodes. Get rid of the GG4 flower if you notice pollen sacs containing pistils so that it doesn’t pollinate any female plants.

Other than that, GG4 ought to function well in warm settings with a medium level of humidity. Many outdoor growers assert that each plant could produce 20 oz of GG4. These nugs should last you a long time since this strain has potent effects even at low doses.

Gorilla Glue #4 Specs

  1. Type: Feminized
  2. Climate: Dry
  3. Difficulty: Easy
  4. Yield (per plant): 21 oz
  5. 25% THC
  6. Height: 70 – 90 inches
  7. Flowering period: 8 – 9 weeks
  8. Terpenes: Limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene

Grape Ape

  1. A famous fruity hybrid with relaxing indica properties
  2. Reliably produces dense indica nugs in outdoor climates
  3. You can stimulate beautiful purple hues by growing Grape Ape outdoors

Some cannabis strains struggle in the cold weather. A few chilly nights, though, might bring out some flowers’ brilliant hues. Particularly with outdoor purple strains, this is the case.

Grape Ape is one of the best violet cultivars for outdoor cultivation even though it may not be as recognizable as other purple strains. For outdoor growers, it’s relatively simple to obtain high yields from Grape Ape seeds as opposed to Granddaddy Purple. Additionally, this plant is excellent for discretion because it only grows to a height of about four feet.

Grape Ape typically has potent sedative and analgesic effects and is rich in fruity and skunky terpenes. One of the best outdoor strains if you enjoy sweet flavors, couchlock sedation, and large yields. Additionally, outdoors-grown Grape Ape nugs make for excellent “eye candy.” Don’t be afraid to leave Grape Ape outside on a few chilly nights if you enjoy sharing cannabis photos with your friends. This strain gets its deep purple color from increased anthocyanin concentrations caused by exposure to cold temperatures, which can stress the plant.

Citrus Ape Specs

  1. Type: Feminized
  2. Climate: Dry
  3. Difficulty: Easy
  4. Yield (per plant): 28 oz
  5. 20% THC
  6. Height: 50 – 70 inches
  7. Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
  8. Terpenes: Myrcene, alpha-pinene, and humulene

Northern Lights

  1. The go-to strain for reliably “couchlock” effects
  2. Short in stature—ideal for cultivators with limited space

Northern Lights, a full-bred indica with significant traces of Afghani landraces, continues to reign supreme. The most common strain that comes to mind when people consider what an indica “should” taste and feel like is Northern Lights. A bowl full of these dark green buds will never leave a user wanting for an earthy and sedative high.

Fortunately, Northern Lights is almost as simple to grow as it is to smoke, which is great news for outdoor growers. This strain rarely grows taller than five feet because its lineage is predominately indica. Additionally, this strain has exceptional resistance to pests, mold, and temperature changes thanks to its Afghani genetics.

You could get as much as 20 oz from each Northern Lights plant in as little as 8 or 9 weeks. There is therefore no reason not to sow some Northern Lights seeds outside if you enjoy a lazy indica high.

Specs of the Northern Lights

  1. Type: Feminized
  2. Climate: Dry
  3. Difficulty: Easy
  4. Yield (per plant): 22 oz
  5. 22%THC
  6. ~ 1% CBD
  7. Height: 50 – 70 inches
  8. Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
  9. Terpenes: Myrcene, alpha-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene

Durban Poison

  1. A natural landrace strain well-suited for outdoor environments
  2. Fascinating blend of licorice, earth, and spice terpenes
  3. Stimulating effects ideal for daytime use.

It is best to start with a landrace strain if you want to grow a traditional sativa variety outside. These strains have adapted to a variety of difficult environments because they have spent thousands of years in the wild.

In today’s seed banks, Durban Poison might be the landrace strain that is easiest to find. This strain, which gained popularity in the 1970s, is from the South African coastal areas. This strain is best suited for people who reside in subtropical regions, but Durban Poison can thrive in a variety of environments.

Durban Poison is known for being simple to control outdoors even though it is frequently categorized as a full sativa, which means it might not tolerate cooler nights as well as indica. This strain can grow quite tall because of its sativa genetics; it’s not unusual for Durban Poison cultivars to reach seven feet and produce more than 20 oz per outdoor plant.

Durban Poison Specs

  1. Type: Feminized
  2. Climate: Dry
  3. Difficulty: Medium
  4. Yield (per plant): 16 oz
  5. 17.8% THC
  6. Height: 70 – 90 inches
  7. Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
  8. Terpenes: Alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, and ocimene

White Widow — Ministry Of Cannabis

For good reason, the name White Widow is well-known throughout the cannabis community. Since leaving the Netherlands in the 1990s, this legendary woman has won numerous awards and established herself as a favorite among smokers, growers, and breeders. Her sativa dominance and high THC content produce a satisfying high that improves mood while reducing pain and discomfort. The terpenes limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene are abundant in the resin that oozes from her tall, tapered colas.

White Widow is the perfect outdoor strain, especially for beginners, due to her prolific resin production. She is somewhat shielded from pests, fungus, and extreme heat by this viscous layer. Although she doesn’t have the highest yield, her calming effects more than make up for it. In October, she will be ready to harvest her 300g/plant yield.

Durban Poison — Dutch Passion

A group of South African landraces are the ancestors of Durban Poison. Inbreeding over many generations produced her genetically stable ancestors, who were imported to the US in the 1970s. The “guru of ganja,” Ed Rosenthal, is credited with bringing these seeds to the West. The genetics were distributed to a number of different breeders before ultimately arriving in Amsterdam, where they have since become a favorite in coffee shops. This sativa is 100% pure, unadulterated, and offers a pleasant high that is unmatched in its lucidity and clarity. When attempting to remain fully functional during the day, a moderate THC content of 8–9% is ideal.

Her imposing stature and resistance to mold make her suitable for cultivation outdoors. After a brief flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks, she will produce satisfying yields.

How to Choose Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Outdoors

High-quality, simple-to-grow feminized cannabis seeds are now available to purchase. Considering the additional costs associated with obtaining high quality cannabis from a dispensary or other source, these seeds can ensure a respectable harvest at reasonable prices.

When selecting the ideal feminized seeds for outdoor growing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Size of the Strain

When given enough time to grow and the right care, feminized cannabis strains grown outdoors can reach quite large sizes and yield quite a bit of cannabis. In comparison to indica-dominant strains, sativa-dominant strains typically grow much larger and taller.

Make sure the strain won’t expand too much if you need a covert variety for a tiny space, like a balcony. You can always train the plant, prune it, plant it later, or use autoflowering seeds if height and discretion are not concerns. These last ones have slightly lower quality than feminized light-dependent strains but higher yields.

Outdoors, female cannabis plants.

When to Harvest Outdoors

Outdoor cannabis plants must contend with insects, possible fungi, and occasionally bad weather. The best way to avoid these problems is to harvest your crops early, which also prevents insects and fungi from having enough time to harm your plants. There are many different fast-flowering strains available today, including the hybrid Critical King and the sativa Jamaican Dream, both of which have gained enormous popularity in outdoor grows all over the world.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Feminized Seeds

In addition to these elements, you can select your seeds based on the type of effect they have (stimulating, calming, or balanced), as well as various aromas and flavors and additional elements like genetics or cannabinoid proportion.

These final few variables are more individualized; we advise choosing your strain based on the size of your grow while also considering harvesting times. In the future, you can focus on different traits.

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Best cannabis seeds to grow in the mountains

You need tough, resilient cannabis genetics that have been specifically bred to handle the climatic challenges they will face if you’re growing marijuana in the mountains and hills. It can be a recipe for disaster to plant your preferred indoor cannabis seeds in challenging outdoor conditions. Frequently, the start and end of the outdoor growing season will be cool, with variable weather in between. The additional demands that will unavoidably be placed on your plants should be considered when selecting cannabis seeds for outdoor growing.

Pamir Gold, selectively bred for high-altitude cultivation

One of the very few real high-altitude cannabis strains that is currently available is Pamir Gold. Her Western Himalayan hybrid genetics are indica-dominant. Her breeders were able to produce an exceptionally well adapted strain through years of selective breeding in the Swiss Alps, where lesser strains would quickly fail.

Numerous guerrilla growers repeatedly rely on Pamir Gold because it is resilient and hardy. She is the variety that can survive a volatile climate the best. She is renowned for being able to produce a harvest even in the worst circumstances. Big and heavy Pamir Gold buds produce a mellow, happy high with a hybrid effect and a complex/tasty terpene profile. Dutch Passion’s High Altitude Cannabis Seed Family includes Pamir Gold and Snow Bud. Keep in mind that Pamir Gold thrives in greenhouses and at sea level as well.

Pamir Gold®Western Himalayas HybridFeminisedOutdoorHigh Altitude7 weeksHybridLHigh

Snow Bud, outstanding cannabis seeds for high altitude growers

The other high altitude cannabis strain specifically bred by Dutch Passion is called Snow Bud. The same cannabis breeding program in the Swiss Alps that gave rise to Pamir Gold in the 1980s also gave rise to Snow Bud. She cultivates great-tasting buds with a spicy, earthy, and skunky scent using Afghani x South African genetics with medium yields.

Similar to Pamir Gold, Snow Bud is simple to grow and thrives in a greenhouse and at sea level. But what makes her special is that she can grow well in high-altitude environments, where other strains would simply not be able to. Snow Bud (or Pamir Gold) would be your best option if you need to grow marijuana at a high altitude in the mountains. At or near sea level, Pamir Gold and Snow Bud will also thrive. They can withstand the typically blustery, wild, and chilly summers found in Northern Europe while still growing.

Snow Bud®Afghani X South African geneticsFeminisedOutdoorHigh Altitude8 weeksHybridMMedium

Hollands Hope, tough and durable outdoor cannabis seeds

Hollands Hope is a high-yielding indica strain that is popular among outdoor growers in northern Europe due to their region’s erratic weather patterns and brief summers. She is a different outdoor Dutch Passion strain that has been thoroughly tested over the last decade or so by tens of thousands of happy growers. The seeds develop into big, bushy plants with lots of flowers.

The outdoor grower who wants a simple grow experience with little work will benefit from Hollands Hope. She can produce truly remarkable results if you give her a good, sunny location with decent soil. These indica genes are more resilient than the norm and do better than most in cold climates. The buds produce a top-notch, calming indica effect. The Dutch Outdoor cannabis seed collection also includes Durban Poison and Frisian Dew in addition to Holland’s Hope.

Hollands Hope®Original Hollands HopeFeminisedOutdoorDutch Outdoor8 weeksIndicaLHighCup winner

Durban Poison, legendary cannabis seeds suited to both indoor and outdoor growing

A well-known cannabis strain with South African cannabis genetics and a distinctive flavor with hints of anise is called “Durban Poison.” She is a unique strain in that both indoor and outdoor growers favor her. With high THC levels and good yields, the genetics are simple to grow. Modern breeders have made extensive use of the superior sativa dominant genetics to produce modern classics like Girl Scout Cookies (Durban Poison x OG Kush).

Outdoor growers will find Durban Poison easy to grow and capable of surviving in a variety of challenging outdoor conditions. She thrives in cool, wet, and gloomy climates and produces a large number of productive branches. This perennial favorite has gained a lot of new admirers recently and continues to be a legendary strain with lots of contemporary appeal, for all the right reasons!

Durban Poison®Durban X Unknown IndicaFeminisedIndoor/OutdoorDutch Outdoor8 weeksSativaXXLHigh

Frisian Dew, Dutch Passion’s outdoor champ and multiple cannabis cup winner

One of Dutch Passion’s top outdoor cannabis seeds is Frisian Dew. Super Skunk and Purple Star were crossed, along with the best outdoor performers, to produce the XXL-yielding hybrid genetics. Frisian Dew has very high THC levels and can be successfully grown outdoors in northern Scandinavia or southern Great Britain.

This outdoor bestseller possesses exceptional levels of toughness and resilience. Perfect for growers who require a little bit more dependability from their outdoor marijuana seeds. Repeat best-seller Frisian Dew is a wide-latitude strain that succeeds where other strains might falter. In ideal circumstances, you can get plants that are 3–4 m tall and just as wide, with heavy branches. Yields are high. A few of the plants will display lovely pink or purple tones.

Frisian Dew®Super Skunk X Purple StarFeminisedOutdoorDutch Outdoor8 weeksHybridXXLHighCup winner

Cannabis seed basics for high altitude growing

Some growers adore the seclusion and tranquility of growing in high-elevation mountains. Finding some peaceful areas to plant some outdoor cannabis seeds may only require traveling a few hundred or a few thousand meters up in the hills. Though not all cannabis seeds will be able to overcome the combined difficulties of thin air, cool temperatures, and brief grow seasons.

But over a number of years in the Swiss Alps, the Dutch Passion High Altitude Cannabis Seed Family was carefully bred. Only the best mountain-adapted offspring from each generation were chosen for breeding the following year during this project.

Hulkberry — Royal Queen Seeds

For growers looking for a massive yield outdoors, Hulkberry is the cultivar to use. RQS breeders developed this strain with just one thing in mind: maximum profits. In an effort to produce the most, they crossed Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. Yes, the offspring of this union produce large yields, but she also has a 27% THC content. This sativa-dominant beast produces a high that charges through the nervous system with just a tiny puff. Handle carefully!

The plentiful and vibrant flowers of the hulkberry are by no means in short supply. This plant can produce up to 700g per hour and soar to a height of 2 meters. Around the end of September, get ready to start harvesting and trimming this bounty.

Gelato — Zamnesia Seeds

Zamnesia’s Gelato is a descendant of the original taste-loaded strain stemming from San Francisco. Gelato rose to fame riding on the waves of its delicious, sugary terpene profile. Zamnesia breeders put their own spin on this legend, further enhancing the taste by breeding it with an in-house phenotype, Gelato 33, alongside Wedding Cake. This genetic marriage resulted in a slightly indica-dominant variety that achieves a mind-melting THC level of 26%. The effects are smack bang in the middle of stoning euphoria and cerebral stimulation.

Gelato does well in outdoor environments. Her flavor reaches new heights as a result of terpene production going into overdrive due to fertile soil and sufficient sunlight. She has a growth range of 50-200 cm, but LST can keep her shorter. In October, gelato will be ready for harvesting and will yield a satisfying yield of up to 400g per plant.

Gelato (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Genetics: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks

Buy outdoor marijuana seeds – for sale here

Regardless of your level of gardening experience, growing marijuana outdoors is fun, rewarding, and relatively simple. All you need is the right outdoor cannabis seeds and an ideal location if your climate is conducive. Think about things like soil quality, water access, sunlight and air exposure, space, and legal compliance. The next step is to select outdoor pot seeds based on your requirements and preferences.

We offer the best outdoor marijuana seeds for sale in the US, including Durban Poison feminized and Bubba Kush autoflower. Additionally, we provide the broadest range of top-quality cannabis seeds from all reliable US seed banks. When you purchase your marijuana seeds from Seed Supreme, you can rely on tested genetics, top-notch quality, and superior customer service. Additionally, we include 100% free cannabis seeds with each and every order. What are you still holding out for? Start your growing adventure right away by browsing our selection of outdoor marijuana seeds.

Northern Lights — Sensi Seeds

Some strains endure forever, while others come and go. Another such ageless classic is Northern Lights. This 90% indica strain is coveted for its heavy stone, which has helped it win numerous competitions. Despite her notoriety, the exact beginnings of this legend are still unknown. Whatever the case, she burst onto the scene in the middle of the 1980s and stunned people with her sedative and muscle-melting abilities.

An outstanding outdoor variety is Northern Lights. She is a suitable strain in regions with a brief growing season due to her quick flowering time. In northern latitudes, she’ll ripen quickly and avoid the first frost. For an indica specimen, she develops height that frequently peaks at 2. 5m, and it produces big, gorgeous orange pistil-adorned flowers.

How to plant weed seeds outdoors

A few benefits of growing weed outdoors include all-natural sunlight and no energy costs. However, one significant drawback of outdoor growing is that the weather is unpredictable.

Unlike indoor tents, outdoor growers can’t adjust the rain, clouds, or daily light patterns. Since cannabis is photoperiod-sensitive, unseasonable light fluctuations could cause unwanted stress. Also, torrential rain or excessive cold could kill vulnerable strains

Start with superior genetics if you want to exert some control outdoors. The above-mentioned strains have a long history of success in outdoor settings. Using pre-sexed seeds from reliable suppliers will increase your chances of success.

The majority of cannabis plants prefer temperatures between 65°F and 85°F, although every strain has its own unique growing characteristics. Because cannabis prefers to stay in this relatively small temperature range, it’s common for outdoor cultivators in harsher climates to plant their plants in pots so they can bring them inside during periods of heavy rain or chilly nights. You can increase the likelihood that your harvest will be abundant by planting varieties that thrive in the outdoors.


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The crucial factors to consider

The fact that you can’t grow every strain of cannabis outside your house may seem strange considering that it naturally evolved outdoors. While it is true that cannabis is typically hardy enough to grow outdoors, some of the more modern varieties have been bred specifically for indoor growing and may struggle with the weather, pests, or both.

For instance, a lot of the specialty hybrids produced today were created in controlled indoor settings. In order to make sure a strain isn’t overly dependent on the accuracy of an indoor grow tent, you should try to research a strain’s history before beginning to grow marijuana outdoors.

Outdoor weed seeds ought to ideally have a proven track record of mold and pest resistance. These strains ought to be tolerant of small temperature changes as well. Planting robust varieties that won’t die off after a few unseasonably chilly nights is always beneficial because you can’t control the humidity and temperature outdoors.

Last but not least, when selecting the best cannabis seeds to grow outdoors, you must take your surroundings into account. Look at local historical data on temperature, precipitation, and humidity. Compare these typical ranges to the climate that your favorite cannabis varieties prefer, which the breeder should be able to provide. You should compile a short list of strains that would thrive away from your home after doing some research.

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