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If you want to grow Northern Lights, there are several things you should know about growing these seeds. First, you should know what feminized and regular seeds are. This is because they both yield female flowers, but there are differences between them. You will also need to know about Bulldog, Sagarmatha, and a few others. Listed below are some helpful hints when growing Northern Lights. Make sure you read the product label carefully before purchasing.

feminized seeds

Feminized Northern Lights seeds allow you to cultivate the legendary strain with ease. This feminized cannabis seed strain is also known as CI #5 f1. Its phenotype is called Northern Lights, while the F1 stands for the first hybrid. Feminized Northern Lights are ideal for indoor growing. Learn more about feminized Northern Lights here. Here are some tips to help you grow Northern Lights indoors.

Northern Lights are indica dominant, and their euphoric high and stunning genome make them hot in the medical community. Its cerebral high is perfect for helping with pain or stress, and the intense sedation from its potent effects can send you to sleep. You may experience munchies and dry mouth, but they are normal side effects. This strain has layers of aromas, including that of damp forest and fresh fruit.

When you plant your feminized Northern Lights seeds, make sure to place them in a dark, moist spot. You can use a paper towel or a dinner plate to do this. The seeds need a moist, dark environment to germinate properly. You should keep them in an area that has a temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit or more. After five days, your Northern Lights seeds will sprout!

Regular seeds

If you are looking for an original and proven cannabis strain that produces dense, frosty buds, consider ordering regular Northern Lights seeds. These seeds are available in two variants – regular and feminized. The Homegrown Store sells both types of Northern Lights seeds. The Homegrown Store offers free shipping and discreet delivery and a huge selection. The company also offers an excellent guarantee – if you do not receive your order, you will receive a replacement free of charge.

While regular Northern Lights seeds are feminized, there are many factors that determine which strain will be the right one for you. While regular seeds will produce male and female plants, they are not autoflowering. They must be separated by gender, and light cycle, but they are not autoflowering. In the event that you do not receive the female plant you have ordered, you can divide the male plant from the female and plant it separately.


The Northern Lights strain is a cross between a sativa and indica plant, and is available as both feminized and regular seeds. This cannabis variety packs huge buds with a chocolate aroma. This cannabis strain will also produce decent yields, averaging 11 ounces per square meter. Whether you are looking for a heavy stone or a stealthy plant, this strain will not disappoint.

If you’re looking for Northern Lights seeds, you can find them at Zamnesia. This company sells Northern Lights cannabis seeds and provides discreet and affordable delivery. Its customer service is second to none, and they have an exemplary 5 Star TrustPilot rating. If you’re unsure about which cannabis strain to purchase, the company’s staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect seeds for your needs.


The Northern Lights are the most famous strain of cannabis from the Bulldog Seed Company. This strain has a strong odor and produces a high yield of 700 grams per square meter. This strain is predominantly Indica and is often measured at over 20% THC. Growing this strain is easy and you can record your results in the Grow Diary. It will produce high yields and a tasty smoke. It is also known for its powerful effects and is a favorite with many potheads.

A favorite among indica-dominant cannabis strains, Northern Light is a feminized cross between Skunk #1 and the Northern Light female. This fast-flowering plant produces thick buds covered with sugar resin for a long-lasting, potent high. This strain is also good for beginners and experienced growers. You can purchase Bulldog northern lights seeds online from Seedsman. They are a great option for both medical and recreational users.

NL x 710 chronic

The Feminized Northern Lights x 710 Chronic Seeds are the perfect marijuana seeds for beginners. They produce heavy, potent nugs that will flower in about 10 weeks. This strain is also easy to grow at home. Northern Lights x 710 Chronic seeds have the following traits:

A compact bushy plant with firm, dense buds. The plant has ample space between nodes. The Northern Lights x 710 chronic seeds produce a large, central stalk that is often adorned with colorful buds. This strain can grow as tall as eight feet, and its buds are easy to trim. However, some of the phenotypes are very leggy, which gives it a “weed on a stick” look.

This Feminized cannabis seed strain has won many awards and has a great reputation in commercial gardens. Chronic’s buds pack a good amount of weight and have a low odor. The addition of Northern Lights to this strain improved its buds. As a result, the plants should grow to a height of approximately 100cm. However, it is important to note that this strain only grows well in indoor environments and is best grown indoors.

Flowering time

If you’re planning to grow Northern Lights, there are some important details that you need to know. These plants need extensive light for their vegetative stage. In the ideal grow environment, they would receive non-stop light for the entire day. While the plants are not suitable for outdoor growing during their vegetative stage, they can be grown outdoors once they have entered the flowering stage. Be sure to plant them in a place that gets plenty of natural light during these stages.

A good Northern Lights plant will flower in nine to ten weeks, so you can relax and enjoy the buzz. This strain is one of the fastest-flowering types of cannabis. It’s best to give it plenty of room, as she grows quite tall. You can start her as early as 12/12 for an early harvest. Her short-lived vegetative stage will also make her hard to control. Flowering time of northern lights seeds

Nutrient requirements

The Northern Lights cannabis seed is known for its compact growth habit and hefty yield. Growers may also opt to grow them in soil or a hydroponic system. This strain can benefit from multiple growth cycles each year as it can thrive in both types of growing mediums. It is also said to produce several harvests a year. Its cultivation requires moderate attention to the soil. Northern Lights prefer medium-acidity soils that are rich in phosphorous, potassium, and sulphur.

Growing Northern Lights is relatively easy, but there are a few growing caveats that you should be aware of. You should avoid watering the seeds after they are in the ground, as this may cause them to die. The terpenes are important to the success of Northern Lights growing, so be sure to read the package labels carefully. If you have a potting soil mix, use the one that is suitable for Northern Lights.

Plant training

Northern Lights are a group of eleven plants bred on an island off the coast of Washington. They were gifted to Dutch seed bank owner Neville Shoenmaker by “The Indian.” Several different phenotypes of Northern Lights have been identified, but the most common is NL #1, which has a tall, compact cola and an aromatic pine smell. Northern Lights #2, on the other hand, grows into a small tree with a central stalk and a large, rounded cola.

Northern Lights plants will require some additional nutrients to thrive. You can purchase these nutrients at your local garden center or horticulture store. Just be sure to add them to the growing medium gradually. Too much of one nutrient could kill your plant. A good rule of thumb is to add about an eighth inch of stone wool per plant, but not more. In some cases, you can plant the seeds directly into the growing medium.

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