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Cannabis seeds grown indoors produce tall, slender plants that take longer to mature than their indica counterparts. primarily found in regions with hot, arid weather, like Central America and Africa.

Sativas have high THC levels, which are known to cause a head high and lessen anxiety, but low CBD levels. Additional benefits include an increase in energy, which makes this the ideal strain to smoke before going out or doing something useful.


Today’s autoflowering strains are much more reliable and respected than they were in the past. Autos are the ideal choice for easily producing high-grade weed for those looking to avoid complex light cycles or for those seeking a quick turnover. The tiniest of spaces can accommodate plants, and as they expand, they become strong and resilient. For those just beginning their cannabis cultivation journey, autoflowers can also be a great option. Here are five excellent indoor autoflowering strains that we recommend!


The White Widow Automatic is a perfect example for indoor use. Even if space is an issue, you won’t have trouble finding a nice spot for it because its height won’t go above 110cm. This plant completes its life cycle in just 10–12 weeks. Prepare to experience a fantastic mental and physical high accompanied by delectable earthy and pine flavors.


Sensi Seeds’ second follow-up to the original Skunk #1, a true cannabis classic, is called Super Skunk Automatic. This 80% indica strain has pretty much all the same qualities as the original, including a powerful, incredibly calming high and, of course, that enduringly recognizable “skunky” aroma. The original Skunk #1 was bred by Sensi Seeds with an Afghani hash plant and a premium autoflower, so the girl packs a serious punch!

Super Skunk is a fantastic choice for indoor growing due to a number of factors. It has a short harvest period of only 7-9 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long to light up its buds. It is also very resilient and forgiving. You can easily make room for the strain in tiny rooms, tents, and closets because it doesn’t grow very tall.


The superior hybrid Watermelon Candy Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds takes the best qualities of the original and combines them with a small amount of ruderalis to produce an autoflowering powerhouse that is sure to be well-liked. No matter your level of gardening experience, she is a joy to grow and very simple to maintain. She only needs 9 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest, so she doesn’t waste any time in providing a sizable return of buds.

The high from Watermelon Candy Automatic combines the best aspects of both. She starts out with a sativa-heavy high, bringing moments of euphoria and uplift before transitioning into pure indica bliss and relaxation. There is a lot to like here when combined with a moreish fruity flavor.


The Royal Dwarf autoflowering masterpiece from Royal Queen Seeds is a natural grower both inside and outside. She grows quickly and only reaches heights of about 80 cm, taking only 8–9 weeks from germination to harvest. Her extreme controllability makes her ideal for growing in restricted spaces. She yields an abundance of buds that are sure to please once they are harvested.


In order to save energy and produce multiple harvests per year, it’s crucial for indoor cultivars to reach their juicy harvest as soon as possible. No such worries with Zamnesia’s Northern Lights Automatic! With the aid of carefully chosen ruderalis genetics, we gave this time-tested cannabis classic our special treatment, making it autoflowering and ideal for indoor use. From seed to harvest, growers can now fill their bags in just 9 short weeks. In addition, the plant will fit almost anywhere because of its height range of 90 to 120 cm.

The delicious flavor and potency of Northern Lights Automatic are identical to those of its larger sister. She will deliver an incredibly calming body stone with an energizing and uplifting note if you smoke her. It’s the ideal cigarette to smoke when you just want to unwind and unwind after a long day!

Indica seeds

Because they are relatively short and stocky, indicas are excellent for growing indoors and a great option for novice growers. Many people use these plants for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds − FAQs

If you don’t want to waste time (and money) removing the male plants before they pollinate your female plants, it is worthwhile to purchase feminized cannabis seeds.

While it’s true that initially feminized seeds weren’t the best because they could result in up to 20% hermaphrodites, today’s online seed purchases should result in a much lower hermaphrodite production rate. Anyhow, it’s still better than the terrible 50% odds you get when purchasing regular seeds.

What is the Best Feminized Strain?

Gorilla Glue is the ideal feminized strain.

Beginners will appreciate how simple it is to grow, and seasoned growers keep coming back to it for its incredible flavor and top-notch buds. It’s also difficult to refuse seeds with such high THC levels for a potent, calming high.

Are Feminized Seeds Better than Auto?

When growing cannabis outdoors, feminized seeds are preferable to auto because they produce feminized plants that are larger, taller, and more productive.

That said, if you’re a complete beginner and you want the highest chances of success, auto-flowering seeds are a good option.

How Many Feminized Seeds Does it Take to Grow a Plant?

A feminized seed is all that is needed to start a plant. However, you should be aware that the germination rate can range from 10% all the way up to 90%+ depending on the strain and website you purchased the seeds from.

If you choose a well-known variety from a trustworthy seller (like ILGM’s Gorilla Blue), you should get at least 8 fully-grown plants for every 10 seeds.

Which Seed Banks Stock High-Quality Feminized Seeds?

Top seed banks that stock high-quality feminized cannabis seeds are ILGM, Crop King Seeds, and Seedsman.

As you are aware, some dishonest sellers offer feminized seeds that either won’t grow or herm really poorly. However, all of the cannabis businesses on our list offer good germination rates with few hermaphrodites.

Which Seed Bank Is Best For Feminized Seeds and Why?

All of the seed banks mentioned in the article offer top-notch feminized cannabis strains for sale. However, it’s important to take into account a number of factors before selecting a cannabis seed bank, including support, delivery time, cannabis strain variety, and overall reputation.

Based on the aforementioned criteria, ILGM stands out as the top seed bank for feminized seeds, particularly because of its quick turnaround times and unmatched quality, which is backed by a germination guarantee. In order to ensure that customers always receive value for their money, ILGM will also resend cannabis seeds in the event that they are seized by customs.

I’m New to Growing Marijuana, Should I Start With Feminized or Autoflowering Seeds?

First-time growers should use marijuana seeds that are both feminized and auto-flowering.

On the one hand, auto-flowering seeds will be simpler to grow because they don’t need as much upkeep and light cycle adjustment when they’re in the growing stage.

However, feminized seeds reduce waste because they only grow into female plants that bloom 80–90% of the time. Even better, feminized cannabis seeds frequently yield more cannabis than regular and auto-flowering seeds and tend to be more potent. They are thus a fantastic choice for growers who want a large quantity, whether they are novices or experts.

Are Feminized Seeds Easier to Grow than Regular Seeds?

Because feminized seeds produce female plants 80–99% of the time, which means you don’t have to spend as much time weeding out the males, they are indeed easier to grow than regular seeds.

One of the reasons these seeds are so popular is because beginners will value being able to manage successful yields even if they make mistakes.

Contrarily, regular cannabis seeds will produce about 50% males, which will cut your yield in half and, if you’re not quick enough, could pollinate your females.

For starters and even experienced growers, feminized cannabis seeds are simpler and less demanding to grow.

Try out new strains

C BD Cheese Autoflower marijuana seeds are perfect for beginning growers and can be used outdoors or indoors. They are high in CBD and are said to reduce symptoms of PTSD, depression, and other conditions. Both the aroma and the flavor will tantalize your taste buds with a mouthful of cheesiness and a few fruity undertones.

24 Gold Feminized

For those who need an energy boost, SeedSupreme sells these relatively new indoor weed seeds. The THC content of 5 Alive Feminized is extremely high and can even reach 20%. For proper airflow when growing indoors, regular pruning of the foliage is required.

Which is the Best Cannabis Seed Company?

With these seed shops, you can be sure to experience the fulfillment that comes with cultivating and smoking your own marijuana, regardless of your level of experience or knowledge in the field.

With its premium seeds, impressive stealth shipping, and helpful growing instructions, I Love Growing Marijuana simply seems to have the best marijuana seed bank features overall.

However, Crop King Seeds is also a fantastic option if you’re looking for a seed bank that ships quickly to Canada. If you’re interested in a wide range of specialty strains, Seedsman is another outstanding seed bank.

The Bay Area News Group’s news and editorial staff played no part in the creation of this post.

Why Trust Us? What Do We Know About Weed Seeds Anyway?

We’ve served as a conduit for weed growers to trustworthy online seed banks for many years.

In order to identify the top marijuana seed banks for growers like you, we have examined the majority, if not all, of the major online retailers where cannabis seeds can be purchased. We did this by comparing the features, quality, and shipping practices of each store.

Therefore, we are quite knowledgeable.

Auto-flowering seeds

Unlike photoperiod strains, auto-flowering seeds automatically enter the flowering stage without the need for a light cycle. They’re excellent for intermediate growers because they can sometimes be harvested in as little as eight weeks.

Growing autoflowers is simpler than most strains because of their lower yields and THC content, but the benefits are always expanding.

The disadvantages of growing indoors

Operating costs for indoor grow operations are typically high, and purchasing equipment typically requires a large upfront investment. They also need electricity and water. Utility costs add up to a significant portion of a grower’s budget.

In some cases, improper ventilation can pose a major health hazard due to elevated CO2  levels.

You’ll also require the following when growing marijuana seeds indoors:

  1. Soil and fertilizers- Marijuana producers need to understand that utilizing the appropriate supplements maximizes the flavor. It also improves the quality of your smoke and guarantees that a high-end product is grown from your indoor weed seeds.
  2. Ventilation- Appropriate ventilation stabilizes humidity levels and eliminates COdrained air, keeping your grow room at the perfect temperature. Inline fans make growing indoors less strenuous and more productive.

Weed seeds for indoor growing

The grower has control over the environment the plants are growing in when they are grown indoors.

There are many different marijuana strains available, making it sometimes difficult to decide which strains to pick. The top ten cannabis seeds for growing marijuana indoors are listed below:

Our Ranking Criteria

From grower to grower, different types and strains of marijuana seeds are preferred, but certain characteristics are required of ALL reputable cannabis seed banks:

Seed Quality – Are the Seeds Actually Good?

The core of weed growth is seed quality.

High germination rates and high quality weed flowers and products are both guaranteed by good seed quality. In the seed bank industry, quality is typically a sign of dedication to customers and long-term success.

Discreet Shipping – Will Your Seeds Be Seized in the Mail?

When shipping to regions where the legality of marijuana is murky, seed banks that ship in covert packaging add an extra layer of security to ensure the safety of your seeds. Even in states where marijuana is legal, you don’t want everyone to see what’s inside your packaging.

The best seed banks will hide your marijuana seeds in everyday items like DVD cases, toys, and other casual-looking items.

Satisfaction Guarantees – Does the Seed Bank Offer a Guarantee?

A seed bank’s assurances are an indicator of how confident it is in its capacity to satisfy its clients. For customers to have faith in the offerings of seed retailers, guarantees like a germination guarantee or delivery guarantee are crucial.

You can purchase with much greater assurance if you have a germination guarantee.

Now let’s move on to our top recommendations!

I Love Growing Marijuana – Best Overall Seed Bank

  1. Discreet packaging
  2. Guaranteed delivery
  3. Free US shipping
  4. Wide seed variety

Seeds offered: Beginner┃Autoflower┃High THC┃Indoor┃Outdoor┃Indica┃Sativa┃High Yield┃CBD Hemp

The Harvard of online seed banks is called I Love Growing Marijuana. With a wide range of growing instructions, marijuana growers of all levels can maximize the potential of their seeds.

Along with a 100% germination guarantee, ILGM not only provides marijuana seeds but also customized grow kits to guarantee your seeds germinate and produce high yields.

Free delivery? Yes. To ship to the US, you won’t have to pay anything. Additionally, you will receive free shipping to Australia with an additional option to track your shipment for purchases over $150!

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Even better, there is stealth shipping, so you won’t have to worry about catching the attention of customs officials. Additionally, you are covered by a delivery guarantee, which entitles you to a FREE second shipment in the event that your delivery is unsuccessful in reaching you.

The best part is that when you purchase feminized marijuana seeds and auto-flowering marijuana seeds, you receive 10 FREE seeds as well as access to 24/7 grow support.

Crop King Seeds – Best Canadian Seed Bank

  1. 80% germination rate
  2. Discreet delivery
  3. Toll-free customer support
  4. Multiple payment methods

Autoflower, Feminized, Regular, CBD, and Mix and Match seeds are available.

Since 2005, Crop King Seeds has been meeting people’s needs for cannabis seeds, selling more than 40 different strains of its seeds in more than 300 shops across Canada.

It’s one of the best Canadian seed banks for sure!

The cool thing is that, especially with auto-flowering and feminized seeds, you get a decent variety of strains. Choose mix-and-match seeds to grow multiple strains at once if you’re unsure of which seed to plant.

A fresh crop? Do not worry. You can quickly learn the ins and outs of marijuana growing with the help of the many guide instructions available. Having customer service available around-the-clock in case you need assistance.

The cherry on top is an 80% germination guarantee, giving you the peace of mind to farm knowing your seeds will grow abundantly.

Have I mentioned that orders over $200 receive free worldwide discreet shipping and orders over $420 receive 10 free seeds?

Seedsman – Great for Specialized Marijuana Strains Cannabis Seeds

  1. Up to 20% discount on orders
  2. Discreet shipping
  3. Worldwide shipping
  4. Multiple payment methods

Feminized, Autoflowering, Regular, and Fast strain seeds are available.

The king of specialty strains is Seedsman. With a new stock of 1500 strains sourced from more than 65 seed banks worldwide, they are now also breeding their own seeds!

In addition to selling well-known seeds, they also sell medical seeds that can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis, anxiety, pain, and more.

The website has a strain finder feature that allows you to search for seeds based on desired qualities, such as High THC. Nice, huh?

Their international shipping adds more seasoning. From wherever you are in the area, you can order seeds. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about customs seizing your package because discreet shipping offers the option to track your order.

Finally, you will receive at least one free seed and a discount of 25% plus four additional free seeds when you buy Bitcoin.

Herbies Seeds – Great Seed Bank for Free Seeds

  1. Guaranteed stealth shipping
  2. Quality genetics seed testing
  3. Extra seeds on every order
  4. Multiple payment options

Feminized, Autoflowered, Regular, and High CBD seeds are available.

For more than ten years, Herbies Seeds has been producing high-quality cannabis seeds. whose website has more than 3000 cannabis seeds available for purchase!

In the UK and Europe, free shipping is available on orders over £100. With covert shipping and the ability to track your order, which is very popular in nations with stringent marijuana laws.

The icing on the cake is that all orders include free marijuana seeds, and you receive additional seeds for every £20 spent.

Concerns have been raised about the poor customer service. Herbies Seeds still has a 4, though. 5 stars on Trustpilot!

Seed City – Best Online Seed Bank for Deals and Sales

  1. Frequent deals (up to 40% off)
  2. Cheap shipping
  3. Free seeds on every order
  4. Multiple payment methods

For more than ten years, Seed City has been the go-to place for distinctive cannabis seeds that are also reasonably priced.

But aside from the already affordable prices, what distinguishes Seed City is its regular promotions and offers.

Every order comes with free seeds in addition to ongoing annual sales of 30% to 40%.

And if you think that these sales are only for unwanted cannabis seeds, think again because the opposite is actually true. In fact, as of the time of this writing, you can get a 40% discount on the perennially well-liked marijuana seeds Gorilla Glue and Amnesia Haze.

International covert shipping Definitely! Without having to worry about customs taking your little ones, you can shop.

Rocket Seeds – Buy Cannabis Seeds From Reputable Seed Banks in the US

  1. 24/7 customer support
  2. 6-in-1 cannabis seed banks
  3. High-quality weed seeds

Rocket Seeds bills itself as an online one-stop shop for premium cannabis seeds. With discreet shipping included and free worldwide shipping on purchases over $200.

Express Registered Shipping offers guaranteed delivery along with free reshipping for lost or confiscated shipments when you purchase cannabis seeds.

The cannabis seed bank provides round-the-clock customer service, including a live chat feature you can use while you shop, in case there are any issues.

But what is Rocket Seeds’ main selling point?

They let you compare and purchase seeds from six other trustworthy seed companies, such as Crop King Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, and Beaver Seeds, while only having to pay shipping once.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Top Seed Bank for Fast Same-Day Shipping

  1. Fast discreet shipping
  2. Weekly sales and promotions
  3. High CBD medicinal seeds
  4. 24 hours shipping

Quebec is proud of its high-quality cannabis seeds and its wide selection of seed strains.

This is supported by the availability of high CBD medical seeds to support your wellbeing in addition to seeds grown for recreational use. Additionally, hybrid seeds don’t require as much maintenance when growing.

An 80% success rate for germination is promised. Which is reassuring enough, but you can also purchase growing kits to maximize the growth potential of your seeds.

You’ll receive quick, free, discrete shipping to any country for orders over $200, plus additional seeds for orders over $150.

Finally, Quebec Seeds has received some fantastic reviews, with an impressive 4. 5 on Trustpilot.

Gorilla Seeds – Impressive New 420 Seed Bank

  1. 100% discreet packaging guarantee
  2. Fast international shipping
  3. Low-cost strains
  4. Good range of seed variety

High CBD auto-feminized seeds are available as seeds.

Gorilla Seeds may be a newcomer compared to other seed banks, but it appears to have found the perfect balance between low prices and high-quality marijuana.

You can learn more about gorilla seeds on the website’s blog section, which will also help you determine which seeds are best for you.

You will receive additional seeds with every order you place. You receive more seeds if your order is larger. Even better, orders over 99 pounds qualify for free discreet shipping with quick international delivery.

You can start a return within the first 7 days thanks to their refund policy if your package is damaged in transit.

Additionally, privacy is ensured, though you can choose to place anonymous orders for purchases of cash or Bitcoin. an 17% discount on Bitcoin purchases!

Attitude Seedbank – Great Value Pot Seeds

  1. Regular seed bank offers
  2. Large seed variety
  3. Affordable prices
  4. Multiple payment methods

Male and female seeds, autoflowers, and pick-and-mix seeds are available.

According to Attitude Seedbank, they serve as a conduit between customers and the best marijuana genetics. Thousands of seed strains are currently available.

The website has a blog section where you can find the most recent information on new products, payment methods, growing manuals, and other topics.

Additionally, there is international shipping, so you can receive your delivery anywhere. with a delivery guarantee and the choice of discrete shipping. So you receive a reshipment in the event that your shipment is lost.

There are both regular offers and monthly promotions, which is awesome. Additionally, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll be among the first to learn about promotions.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Great Autoflowering Pot Seeds

Looking for great high-quality autoflowering seeds? You’ve hit the jackpot with Amsterdam Marijuana, with 25 years of experience in quality seeds.

All orders come with free shipping around the world. Yes, you can even ship to the US using covert shipping to ward off prying eyes.

New to growing cannabis seeds? Please don’t worry. A growing manual is available to hold your hand throughout the process and shape you into a weed-growing pro.

The seeds might be a bit on the pricey side, but if you can get past that, a good harvest is in store for you.

Marijuana Seeds NL – Most Impressive Stealth Shipping

With a wide variety of strain types, Marijuana Seeds NL bills itself as the Original Seed bank. They have been growing and producing their own weed genetics for over 20 years.

The website has an educational blog section where you can find the most recent weed industry news and growing instructions to aid in your weed farming decisions.

You won’t have to worry about nosy neighbors while your package is in transit because MSNL appears to make its living with its superior guaranteed international stealth shipping options.

Here are a few awesome current promotions. You can get 40% off West Coast strains, 15% off all Bitcoin purchases, and free seeds with any order you place!

Depending on your location, you may be eligible for free shipping on orders totaling more than 55 pounds, with reasonably quick delivery in the UK and Europe. A refund policy covers all of this.

Selecting your indoor seeds

You have to choose between indica, sativa, or hybrid strains when you decide to grow marijuana indoors. Additionally, you must guarantee that the seeds you choose are of the highest caliber. Using a trustworthy seed store is the best way to make your choice.

When you browse through the SeedSupreme site, you’ll find a variety of premium indoor weed seeds. Each product has an information page with the relevant strain details and cultivation tips.

Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing

Finding cannabis seeds that would germinate properly and determining whether or not seeds were good were challenges we faced in the past. These were fundamental problems decades ago, but with the advent of seed banks and years of labor, growers no longer have to be concerned about such problems.

Currently, if the procedure is followed correctly, germination is guaranteed by every seed bank. To ensure a 99% success rate for growers, they test their seeds for germination before selling them.

What seeds should you grow indoors? is the crucial query.

Prior to planting a specific strain, be sure to select it based on your requirements, preferences, and skills; doing so will ensure that you’re satisfied with the harvest.

Seeds can be categorized based on their primary characteristics and various subtypes of sex.

Additionally, they can be divided into two sizable groups:

During the growth stage, which should last at least a month, this type of plant requires, in an ideal world, 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, and during the flowering stage, 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

Photoperiod cannabis plants will grow until they are adults* (roughly two years old) in countries that are near or on the equator, where there is 12 hours of light every day. Autoflowering plants aren’t very useful in these environments because it takes a while (about 1 month) for them to start flowering.

* Using artificial lighting to make up for the lost hours of light up to 18 hours can help prevent plants in these areas from getting too small by allowing them to continue growing. Since you’re essentially tricking your plants into thinking it’s daytime, you don’t need to use a particularly powerful light source for this.

Cannabis plants with a photoperiod can be regular or feminized.

These plants are perfect for growers who are limited by space, whether they are indoor or outdoor. Autoflowering plants let you harvest while your photoperiod cannabis plants finish growing or flowering in places like Spain, where a decrease in daylight toward the middle or end of summer signals to the plant it should flower.

Autoflowering plants typically take between two and a half and three months to reach harvestable maturity.

The fact that autoflowering plants often grow smaller than photoperiod plants due to their shorter growth periods means that they typically produce less. Due to the ability to harvest more potentially high-quality flowers in a shorter amount of time, we advise using fast-flowering photoperiod plants for indoor grows.

When growing autoflowering strains indoors, some growers use 20 hours of light per day, which results in a higher electric bill but also produces larger yields than photoperiod plants.

Both feminized and regular autoflowering plants are available.

Regular Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing

Regular seeds are those that develop into plants that are both male and female. Keep in mind that only female plants are of interest if what you’re after are buds devoid of seeds. The male plants must be removed once you can tell the plants apart by sex. We don’t particularly advise using this kind of seed in this situation because it can result in significant time and space waste.

While regular seeds are your best option if you want to do your own research and create your own seeds by crossing your favorite strains, this type of seed is perfect for growers who want to create their own hybrids.

Cannabis seeds were all regular when they first started to be sold commercially.

Regular seeds can be either photoperiod or autoflowering, as we mentioned earlier.

Caution! Regular seeds should not be confused with brand seeds. Until recently, many people planted seeds that they obtained from homegrown or purchased flowers; however, in some parts of South America (such as Argentina), people refer to seeds created by seed banks as “regular” seeds.

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Some common seeds can grow both female plants that bear flowers and male plants (like the one pictured above), which bear pollen-filled male flowers that are intended to fertilize female flowers to produce seeds.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing

These seeds are obtained by changing a female plant’s sex so that its progeny will be female.

  1. These are the most used seeds by growers and those which we recommend for beginner growers.
  2. If you’re looking to obtain flowers, you can grow feminized seeds.
  3. You won’t have male plants to get rid of, so you can use up all of your available space in order to grow female plants. This is great for urban indoor or outdoor grows, where space is incredibly important.
  4. Additionally, if you grow feminized seeds you can save on soil and fertilizers used for male plants when germinated until you get rid of them.
  5. Feminized plants are the same in quality as female regular seeds, even though many people believe the myth that they’re lower in quality.

In addition to feminized seeds, we can also find autoflowering and photoperiod seeds that are high in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Seeds Rich in THC

For many years, high-THC strains with distinctive flavors and aromas have been the focus of seed banks due to the demands of growers and consumers in the cannabis market.

They have been able to generally increase the levels of THC present in cannabis plants by using these combinations and selections. According to laboratory analysis, this cannabinoid has increased in most strains, going from 10 to 15% to about 20-25%. few decades from now.

This is the most well-known cannabinoid found in cannabis, and it has both therapeutic and psychoactive effects.

The amount of THC in a cannabis strain’s buds is one factor in its effects, but it is not the only one.

Two strains, for instance, might have the exact same THC content. One could be stimulating, while the other could be more calming. The entourage effect, which is produced in conjunction with other cannabinoids (CBG, CBD, CBN) and terpenes (Limonene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, etc.) that are also present in cannabis plants, is the reason for this.

Many strains have high THC content, and as we mentioned earlier, the majority of them have THC levels of over 18%. Some particularly well-known strains, such as Purple Punch, Mimosa EVO, TNT Kush, or Y Griega, are among those with the highest THC concentration.

Although most of them contain over 18% of this cannabinoid, many consumers are searching for a strain high in THC, and breeders are starting to focus on strains high in other cannabinoids like CBD or THCV.

Seeds Rich in CBD

Since it was discovered a few years ago that some cannabis strains have high CBD (Cannabidiol) concentrations and little to no psychoactive effect, rather than high THC concentrations and high psychoactivity, this phenomenon has been studied.

Not only does CBD have a number of medicinal benefits, but it also makes it possible for people who have trouble tolerating THC to take advantage of cannabis.

It has been shown throughout many studies that this cannabinoid is efficient in regards to fighting stress, anxiety, inflammation, pains and aches, nicotine addiction and others, dermatitis, migraines and many other issues.

Currently, there is a wide variety of CBD-containing products on the market, including flowers, derivatives, vaping fluids, and much more. Many more seed banks are also expanding their selection of this specific seed.

These varieties are beneficial for both medical and recreational cannabis users because they both:

  1. They can help you to reset your THC tolerance; if you’ve been consuming cannabis for a while and it seems like it’s no longer having an effect or that you may be experiencing anxiety with THC strains, you can consume CBD for a while to take a break.
  2. Even consumers that are used to consuming THC can benefit from CBD to alleviate anxiety or help sleep easier.

Breeders can create strains with varying ratios of THC and CBD depending on what and how strains are crossed. The ratio of these two cannabinoids, also referred to as the THC:CBD ratio, is most frequently found to be 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:20.

Even though they primarily contain CBD (cannabidiol), strains high in CBD (like Only CBD, shown above) produce trichomes that are highly concentrated in THC.

This ratio includes seeds that result in flowers that have a 50/50 THC and CBD content.

This kind of flower has a mild to minimal psychoactive effect that is much softer. Numerous drug users claim that this dosage is ideal for treating conditions like anxiety, autism, fibromyalgia, and pain, as well as for enhancing appetite.

The most well-known strains include S. CBD, Critical Mass CBD, and TNT Kush CBD.

You’ll be consuming strains with this ratio that have twice as much CBD as THC. If you’re a medical or therapeutic user who needs more CBD but still needs a certain amount of THC, this is the best ratio for you.

Additionally, this ratio causes a relatively mild psychoactive effect in cannabis newcomers. The general demand for this kind of strain among consumers of therapeutic and medicinal cannabis is quite high.

Due to their high quality and ease of cultivation, some of the most well-known strains in this ratio include Jamaican Dream CBD, Green Poison CBD, and Ice Cool CBD.

There are CBD-rich versions of famous THC-rich strains such as Jamaican Dream. In the above image, a flowering branch of Jamaican Dream CBD.

You can find strains with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD within this ratio. These strains are ideal for patients who only require CBD because they don’t have any psychoactive effects.

They are also helpful for recreational users looking for a strain that will satisfy their smoking urge while allowing them to temporarily cut back on their THC intake.

These varieties are also excellent for customers who prefer cannabis’ benefits over its psychoactive effects.

Some of the best strains in this group are: Only CBD, CBD Charlotte’s Angel and Sweet Pure CBD.

Autoflowering Strains

Ruderalis, a variety of cannabis that naturally grows around the Volga River and in other locations with generally unfavorable weather conditions or little natural light, is present in the genes of autoflowering strains, also known as autos or automatic.

Ruderalis plants are unique in that they bloom quickly regardless of how many hours of sunlight they receive. These plants, which almost never have any psychoactive effects, have been bred with strong commercial strains to create varieties that flower independently of light and are ready for harvest 60 to 80 days after germination.

These strains are ideal for quick outdoor harvests, as we mentioned earlier in this post, while your photoperiod plants go through their necessary growth and flowering cycles.

Why shouldn’t you grow autoflowering seeds indoors?

Autoflowering strains require at least 18 hours of light per day for the duration of the growth and flowering processes in order to produce a respectable number of flowers. These strains typically have lower yields and effects than the majority of non-autoflowering plants, including regular autoflowering seeds.

It is not worth the additional cost and carbon footprint created by those extra six hours to simply turn on your lots. Autoflowering strains are ideal for outdoor cultivation, but given the abundance of fast-flowering plants, it doesn’t make sense to grow them in a grow tent tall enough or large enough for photoperiod plants.

Autoflowering plants can be very helpful when it comes to having some cannabis from your own harvest if you don’t have a lot of space to grow indoors and you can’t grow photoperiod plants even if you prune them.

One drawback of autoflowering plants is that you can’t take clones or cuttings to maintain mother plants like you can with photoperiod plants because they flower regardless of how much light they receive.

Just One Strain or Multiple Strains?

The practice of growing various cannabis strains in the same location is one of the most frequent errors made by cannabis growers, especially newcomers.

Differences between plants cultivated from the same seed are typical; these plants are sisters, not clones, and they receive similar conditions, but they are not identical. It is safe to assume that there will be a significant difference between plants produced from various seed strains.

Although it’s true that some strains, like Critical and Jamaican Dream, work well together because of their structural similarities, flowering times, and nutrient requirements, the simplest setup is to grow just one variety in each growing area or grow tent.

Depending on the chosen strains, it might be challenging to position your lighting properly because different strains grow at different rates and heights. Additionally, because some plants will be ready for harvesting earlier than others, you’ll need to use your lighting to care for the final few plants, which will delay planting your subsequent batch of plants. Additionally, you’ll get lower yields and pay a higher electric bill, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

We advise growing just one strain at a time or picking various strains with comparable growing and structural traits.

Even though it’s usually difficult to plant different strains in the same grow, there are strains such as Jamaican Dream and Critical or Jamaican Dream and Lemon King, which have similar structures and flowering times. The image above shows Jamaican Dream flowering indoors.

Important Characteristics for Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing

It’s not that difficult to know how to choose the best strain; let’s look at some of the crucial factors you’ll need to consider.

Our seed catalog has a filter that allows you to look up strains based on their sex, flowering schedules, entourage effect, strength, flavor, and other qualities.


Even more so than the potency of the high, the type of effect created is a factor to consider when selecting cannabis seeds for indoor growing. This means that, in addition to strength, you should take into account the type of effect each strain produces and the fact that this is influenced by their terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

You can find a list of the effects that each strain produces in the seed descriptions. Since we’ve already covered CBD-rich strains in this post, let’s look at the main effects produced by THC-rich cannabis plants.

If you would enjoy a mentally psychoactive, active, stimulating and creative effect, you can choose between classics such as Amnesia Haze, Jamaican Dream or Super Silver Haze. These sativas are some of the best for consuming during the day, activities outdoors etc.

If you’re looking for an even more electric and hyperactive effect, you can try out strains such as Psicodelicia, Malawi or High Level.

If you would prefer a euphoric effect with more of a physical high than the previous strains, we recommend Neville’s Haze, Moby Dick or Jack Herer.

Among strains with stimulating effects that aren’t too potent, you can find some gems such as Monster or Tangerine Dream.

Black Dream, Skunk 1, and Green Poison are just a few examples of strains with more well-rounded effects; hybrids with approximately. Half sativa, half indica.

Gorilla Candy, Critical Widow, Channel+, or Mohan Ram are some examples of indica-dominant hybrids with a hint of sativa that are good options if you want to unwind while experiencing light euphoria and powerful physical effects. Among indica-dominant strains, this kind may have the most pleasing effects; despite being calming, they won’t cause you to pass out after a few hits. The perfect high to unwind after a long day and experience pleasurable sensations.

Last but not least, among THC-rich strains, powerful indica strains like Black Domina, Cream Caramel, or Purple Kush—strains that will relax you to the point of inducing sleep—are where you can find relaxing and narcotic effects. The best varieties unquestionably for later in the day.

A lot of growers are searching for the strongest cannabis seeds. Remember that a strain’s potency isn’t solely based on its THC content. Additionally, other cannabinoids and the terpene profile (aromatic profile) play a role.

Flavours and Aromas (Terpenes)

As we’ve already mentioned, the ratio of various terpenes in a cannabis strain’s buds determines its aroma and flavor. Along with altering the effects of cannabinoids, this also offers distinct experiences with each drag and a seemingly endless variety of aromas.

When choosing the right strain, one of the most highly valued qualities is the flavor and aroma of each variety.

*Growing tip for better flavours: in order to conserve the original flavour of each strain we recommend using bio or bio-mineral fertilizers.

Main Cannabis Aromas

Similar to how certain flavors are used to describe wine and coffee, there are also specific flavors used to describe aromas.

Here are a few illustrations:

  1. Lemon: present in many stimulating strains (classified as Sativa-dominant) such as Lemon King, Lemon Skunk or Lemon Tree.
  2. Orange: such as Orange Sherbet, with a fruity hint that’s also present in California Orange.
  3. Mandarine: many strains classified as “Diesel” have hints of mandarine in their aroma, such as the delicious Tangie, Cream Mandarine XL and Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version.
  4. Pomegranate: this bittersweet aroma is found in some strains such as Grapefruit, completing its aroma with a hint of fruit, or Jack White, which also has hints of incense.
  5. Strawberry: another flavour that you can find in certain strains is strawberry. For example, strains such as Furious Candy or Strawberry Lemonade have delicious aromatic hints of strawberry.
  6. Banana: over the last decade, many famous strains have been created with banana aromas such as Tropicanna Banana, Banana Krumble or Strawberry Banana Auto.
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These strains exhibit a terpene pattern because they all contain Terpinolene, Limonene, Pinene, as well as a combination of other terpenes that contribute to their distinctive aromas.

Haze strains are distinctive for their aromas of citrus, spice, and incense as well as for their stimulating and creative effects brought on by the interaction of their cannabinoids and terpene profiles.

A terpene by the name of Limonene is present in the aromas of lemon, orange, and mandarin. It’s interesting that this terpene contributes to the aroma of various fruits; secondary terpenes determine each fruit’s final aroma and flavor, which distinguishes them from one another.

  1. Kush: the range of Kush aromas goes from more earthy to citric aromas with hints of pine, although all of them have a common flavour due to their high content in the terpene b-Caryophyllene and pungent, citric aromas produced by Limonene and Pinene among others.
  2. Skunk: these old-school strains are characterized by their intense fruit aroma with citric hints. Some of the most famous European strains such as Cheese, Skunk 1 or Super Skunk, Triple Cheese or Critical fall into this group.

As you can see, cannabis contains an almost infinite variety of aromatic combinations.

  1. Fruity, sweet flavours such as Critical King or Blueberry (an absolute classic) or tropical fruity flavours such as Txomango or Pineapple Express.
  2. Wood and other dryer flavours are also quite popular and can be found combined with different aromas such as Arjan’s Haze 1 or strawberry like Veneno.
  3. Nutty aromas are also highly appreciated in many strains, such as the legendary Northern Lights, the potent Thai hybrid Sweet Tai or the famous Super Bud.
  4. Caramel or candy-like flavours are also incredibly popular, among which you can find Sweet Zenzation, which has delicious fruit caramel flavours, or the mythical Cream Caramel, combining sweet, deep and fresh earthy flavours, or Mimosa X Orange Punch, which has an orange and mandarine caramel flavour.
  5. Over the last decade, many breeders have created strains with intensely sweet and dessert-like flavours. There are many strains with such flavours, such as Biscotti Mintz which tastes deliciously of cookies, chocolate and mint, Purple Punch, with delicious apple pastel flavours, or Blueberry Muffin which tastes deliciously of blueberry.

You’ll need to select the strain that is most suitable for your needs and restrictions based on the growing conditions that are available to you.

If this is your first time growing cannabis, we advise looking for test seeds with short flowering times and good stress tolerance.

The next step is to germinate your seeds now that you are aware of how to choose them.

Multiple marijuana harvests

You can get multiple harvests out of your crop in one of two ways. The first is a method of indoor cultivation called perpetual harvest, which utilizes two different grow rooms at once.

Indoor weed seeds regularly produce plants in both the blooming and vegetative stages. This approach is popular because it guarantees a constant flow of cannabis.

Re-vegging or, even better, regeneration is the other option. After the first harvest, you can manipulate your plant’s light cycle. It motivates your plants to switch back to the flowering stage and yield a second crop.

It’s a method that ensures about 1–3 harvests with high yields if done correctly.

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When looking to unwind, the Zkittlez Auto Feminized is a great strain to use because of its fruity scent, sweet flavor, and dense buds.

This auto-flowering strain is very user-friendly for novices and requires little maintenance to yield fully expressed buds. It should work with regular watering and easy access to the sun.

The taste is spicy and gassy, and it really does smell like a bag of Skittles. The frost is amazing.

Though not frequently used for medical purposes, the strain is excellent for lowering stress and is perfect if you’re looking for a strong high that will leave you feeling creative and at ease.

Due to its high yields and relatively quick flowering time, this strain is among the best-rated Seedsman seeds with over 260 reviews and has over time come to be a favorite among growers.

In addition to offering regular BOGO promotions for free seeds, Seedsman is renowned for its top-notch customer service and will send you replacement seeds if your originals don’t turn out as expected.

Take advantage of BOGO offers on the official Seedsman website.

White Widow (ILGM) – Easiest to Grow Feminized Weed Seeds

It would be an understatement to say that the White Widow cannabis strain from ILGM is well-liked with 1,350+ reviews (you read that right).

White Widow is a tough competitor when it comes to top-notch cannabis seeds that are simple to grow.

Even for beginners and if you make mistakes, this plant is very forgiving, able to withstand high temperatures, and with a germination rate of almost 100%.

The cherry on top: unlike other strains that have a tendency to herm easily, cannabis plants almost always turn out to be ladies.

The buds are very potent, extremely fragrant, and very smooth to smoke. The majority of people find them useful for pain relief and relaxation.

This well-known strain ought to be one of your top choices if you want to feel joyful, uplifted, and relaxed.

On the official website of ILGM, you can judge for yourself whether White Widow is deserving of its reputation.

There are times when you want to relax by smoking but don’t want a couch lock.

This is where Devil’s Crack cannabis seeds come in.

You should feel motivated and energized after using these, allowing you to complete your tasks more quickly.

They also give you a positive, creative, and inspiring feeling, and because they contain only a small amount of THC, you shouldn’t experience any negative side effects.

The Devil’s Crack seeds can also be used medicinally because they are frequently used to treat severe pain and calm nerves. Additionally, the strain ought to lessen depression’s negative effects and stress.

With these stimulating cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds, you can accomplish more.

Cookies USA (Seedsman) – Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Physical Relief*

Cookies USA is one of the strongest seeds offered by Seedsman and has a THC content of 24%.

Despite doing well indoors, this Indica strain performs best when grown outdoors. With a yield of up to 1000g per plant, which is really impressive given the low price, it tends to stretch like a Sativa and produces huge colas.

It blooms quickly (8 to 9 weeks) and has a high germination rate of 80 to 90%.

These female marijuana plants are excellent for extract production because their dark purple, highly resinous flowers are produced once they are fully grown. Within minutes of inhaling the flavorful puffs, the high potency of Cookies USA is complemented by its sweet fruity taste, which aids in body relaxation.

Visit the official website of Seedsman to view these high-yield seeds.

Blue Dream (ILGM) – Best Feminized Seeds for Daytime Use

Like Devil’s Crack, the Blue Dream cannabis seeds are a great option if you’re looking for a strain that delivers a bang without making you feel sleepy.

This premium strain from ILGM will leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed. It is primarily known for its calming and non-sedative effects. In terms of potency, I’d say it strikes the ideal balance between being neither too mild nor too strong.

The plant produces colas that are up to 3″ long and deep purple in color as it grows. It also has a wonderful fruity scent. It will require some support because it grows quite tall.

Beginners should use Blue Dream because it is more mold- and pest-resistant than most other strains. The germination rate for cannabis seeds is excellent, at about 90%; some people even had 20 out of 20 seeds germinate.

The strain is also frequently employed to treat various medical conditions, including pain, depression, and even nausea.

Visit the official website of ILGM to view these perfectly balanced seeds.

Dutch Crunch (Crop King Seeds) – Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Calming Nerves

The Jack Herer and Dutch Treat strains were crossed to create the Dutch Crunch, which is renowned for its strength and calming effects.

Its 24% THC content makes it a dependable strain for those looking to get high and talkative, particularly in social situations where mingling is required.

Dutch Crunch female cannabis seeds are excellent for recreational use, but they are not recommended for medical use due to their low CBD content. It is nevertheless among the best feminized seeds for beginners because it is relatively simple to grow.

With these premium seeds from Crop King Seeds, you can become more at ease and talkative.

Acapulco Gold (Rocket Seeds) – Best Cannabis Seeds for a Clear-Headed High

Acapulco Gold, a beloved strain that was one of the most popular seeds in the 20th century, is distinguished by its gold-tinged buds and distinct fruit cocktail flavor.

It is well-known for giving you a strong high that makes you feel energised and prepared to tackle your daily tasks. This strain is simple for beginners to grow and requires little upkeep, which helps to explain why it became so well-liked.

Acapulco Gold is a fantastic medicinal seed because it is also frequently used to treat muscle spasms, inflammatory pain, and nausea.

One drawback is that they frequently run out of stock, so if that’s the case, you might want to think about the autoflowering variety.

Visit the official website of Rocket Seeds to learn more about this energizing strain.

Grandmommy Purple (Herbies Seeds) – Best Female Weed Seeds for Sedative Effect

Boasting an unbelievably high THC content (30-33%), the Grandmommy Purple strain from Herbies Seeds is among the best options if you’re in need of a skyscraping high.

Even experienced smokers will struggle to finish a blunt; a single hit is all it takes to put a novice smoker to sleep.

This strain, as its name suggests, has lovely purple hues and is very simple to grow with few nutrients.

The plant really takes off when grown outdoors, reaching heights of over 8 feet and a diameter of 10 feet, producing an enormous yield.

Visit the official website of Herbies Seeds to view these high-THC seeds.

Sour Tangie (Seed City) – Best Feminized Marijuana Seeds for High Outdoor Yields

Sour Tangie, which was created by fusing Tangie and Sour Diesel, is one of the best strains for growing plants that can yield up to 850g of high yields per plant.

The flavor has the ideal balance of sour and sweetness, as well as reviving citrus notes. Being energized is a good thing when sativa dominates, and the average potency helps prevent any negative effects.

Although the Seed City Sour Tangie strain is frequently used for recreational purposes, some growers also support using it to treat migraines and muscle spasms.

Visit the official website of Seed City to learn more about these high-yield seeds.

Amnesia Haze (Quebec Cannabis Seeds) – Best Feminized Seeds for Mild Flavors

Quebec Cannabis Seeds’ Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds are a good option if you want a strain that hits hard but has a mild flavor.

But don’t be deceived by their delicate berries and sweet lemon flavor. The mind-blowing 25% THC content of these premium cannabis seeds ensures that you will get high and feel relaxed.

Although you can use the Amnesia Haze strain during the day if you don’t mind the high, it works best when used at night right before bed. Some growers assert that the strain is effective at easing tension and reducing headaches.

Try these seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds (official website) if you prefer a mild flavor.

Big Bud Fem Fast Version (Mary Jane’s Garden) – Best Female Seeds for Fast Budding

If grown in the right conditions, the Big Bud strain from Mary Jane can flower in a record six weeks, making it among the best indoor seeds on the market.

The Big Bud Fem Fast Version seeds generate dense and resinous buds at impressively fast speeds, so you can get results soon without sacrificing quantity.

After consuming this quick-acting strain, anticipate a calming and tense-relieving high. You’ll experience a calm, sedative feeling thanks to the abundant Indica genes. Additionally, the strain has a potent euphoric high that makes it a potent stress reliever.

Visit the official website to learn more about these Mary Jane’s Garden seeds for quick growth.

OG Kush Feminized (ILGM) – Best Pot Seeds For Indoor Growing

Due to its ease of growth and quick acting properties, OG Kush is one of the most well-known strains.

The strain’s best quality, though, is its capacity for producing large indoor yields, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for value.

In addition to the euphoria that the seeds are known to produce, OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds are frequently used to reduce stress and anxiety.

On the ILGM website, you can find these indoor seeds with a high yield.

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