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CBD oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. It’s extracted from the plant and can be crushed into powder form. The benefits are many and range from pain relief to easing anxiety to anti-inflammatory properties. CBD has been used by many Kentucky residents, but it is still not legal in Kentucky for use as a therapeutic medicine choice.

The state of Kentucky has not yet legalized the use of CBD oils for therapeutic purposes, but there are ways around this. Kentucky residents may qualify for a medical marijuana card in states that have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana. This would allow them to purchase CBD oil with their state-issued card if they’d like.

Kentucky has approved the use of cannabidiol oils, derived from hemp, with trace amounts of THC and is legal in their state as long as it is produced by government-approved growers in industrial hemp pilot program states.

The Kentucky State Police issued a statement saying only Oil The Good, CBD oil was legal in the state because it is made from hemp, not marijuana. Oil The Good makes all of its products from industrial hemp plant extract and contains less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that gives pot its high.

CBD oils are derived from hemp plants and have no relation to psychoactive substances like marijuana. The oil, then, is not considered a controlled substance in Kentucky if it comes from industrial hemp plants.

Several online websites supply CBD oils to Kentucky residents legally and they deliver them right to your doorstep. You can find them easily by typing “CBD oil Kentucky” in your search engine or by calling one of the licensed sellers (listed below) directly if you’d like to purchase CBD without making an online purchase:

1. Industrial Hemp Oil:

HempOil500 is a company whose CBD products are legal. The company is based in Kentucky and sells its CBD products to all 50 states, for the most part. The company has several different products to choose from focused on various ailments and conditions. They offer topicals for pain relief, anxiety relaxation, arthritis, and chronic pain relief among others.

2. HempWorx:

HempWorx is a company that sells CBD oils to all 50 states. The company was started in 1985 and no longer sells marijuana products.

3. Oil The Good:

Oil the Good is a supplier of CBD oil to most states; they also sell their products directly on their website. Their products are not filled in Kentucky, but they can be shipped if you would like to place an order from one of the other 50 states. Some states where you can place orders with them: are AK, AZ, DC, ID, MT, NE, NV, and WA as well as international customers. They have distributors in some other countries as well.

4. CBD Direct:

This company specializes in full-spectrum CBD oil as well as topical products and more. They are based out of Kentucky and they sell all their products online where you can purchase them legally. The company offers various products, such as capsules, tinctures, gummies, and even vape cartridges containing the hemp extract. Their oils are made with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

5. CBD Living:

This retailer offers a wide variety of CBD products and is based in Kentucky where it’s legal to make online sales of cannabis-based CBD oils. They offer vape cartridges, vape pens, capsules, and more. They are one of Kentucky’s largest retailers with a very high rating of 100% on Facebook. You can purchase their products if you have a qualifying medical condition and they can be shipped across state lines because they’re legal in all 50 states.

6. Hemp Health Botanicals:

This CBD oil distributor is available to ship anywhere in the country legally due to their source but only if you have a recommendation from your doctor for their product(s). The company is based in Kentucky where it’s legal to sell CBD products without a prescription.

7. Hemp For Blood:

This is where you can purchase their gummies, tinctures, and vape cartridges without a prescription. The site offers CBD for any condition and is recommended by doctors across the country. They are based in Kentucky, which makes it possible for them to sell their products outside of the state with a doctor’s recommendation.

8. Kannaway:

This company sells its products online legally, while they are legal in all 50 states as long as they are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and follow guidelines set by the federal government. They also offer CBD lotion, body balm, and other topical products. The company is based in Kentucky where it’s legal to sell and distribute CBD products without a prescription.

Although you can purchase CBD oil in Kentucky legally and ship it to your home, you may have to shop around for a long time before finding a reliable company to work with. Some companies will claim that their CBD oil is made from hemp, but it’s made from marijuana plants so it’s still illegal under federal law.

Before making a purchase online or over the phone, make sure you check the source of the product to ensure your safety as well as the legality of the product itself. When in doubt, ask to speak with a doctor before adding a new product like CBD oil to your daily routine.

Kentucky laws on CBD oil can change, so be sure and check the laws before you make your purchase and get it shipped to you.

For information on medical marijuana, read below:

Where is medical marijuana legal?

Although still quite controversial in Kentucky, many states have passed laws permitting the use of medical marijuana in certain circumstances. There are currently 29 states that have enacted comprehensive medical marijuana programs allowing certain patients access to cannabis for therapeutic use with recommendations from their doctors. Kentucky has not been one of them.

But the good news is that Kentucky patients with certain conditions can go to their doctor, get a recommendation and register with the state’s Medical Marijuana Registry Program at the end of this year. This will allow them to purchase cannabis products from licensed manufacturers who are only allowed to sell dried marijuana and cannabis products in oil form for patients suffering from a particular disease or condition approved by their physician.

Manufacturing CBD Oil in Kentucky: What’s the Process and the Cost?

It’s important to note that starting in mid-2018, Kentucky will start issuing licenses to companies who are looking to submit applications to create, manufacture and distribute legal CBD oil as a derivative of hemp. This makes it legal for the company to sell any hemp-derived CBD oil products across state lines so long as the product is made in Kentucky or shipped from an approved facility. All CBD oils must be labeled with a percentage of THC and include a list of all ingredients used in their products.

Under the current law, CBD oil may not be sold as a food, drink, or beverage and the product must say on its label that it contains less than 0.3 percent THC. Also, all products cannot be combined in a single serving such as coffee and tea or a cookie and a glass of milk.

CBD oil for sale also cannot be used as an ingredient in other foods, like baked goods or candies. Most companies will add flavorings to their products to mask the marijuana odor and taste. So essential oils are also not allowed under Kentucky laws but can be used in cosmetics or lotions.

CBD oil products can only be sold in a single serving, which also means you can’t mix products of different strengths. Many companies offer several different strengths, like 1 mg and 5 mg, but it’s not legal to combine different concentrations of CBD oil in one product.

The company must disclose on the label that it contains less than 0.3 percent THC and all ingredients used during manufacturing, packaging, and sales must be listed on all packaging. Manufacturers cannot label their products for other uses such as for pets or pets with cancer or other debilitating conditions where hemp-derived CBD is an approved treatment under the federal government’s Drug Enforcement Agency guidelines from 2004.

Their products, like CBD oils and creams, cannot be sold in a vending machine, but they can be sold face-to-face or online. Remember that it’s illegal to sell on the internet or ship CBD oils across state lines in most cases. You’ll want to check with a company before making your purchase to ensure their products are only available within Kentucky.

Due to the lack of competition in Kentucky’s nascent medical marijuana industry, current prices for CBD oils can be somewhat high due to supply and demand. As more companies begin to sell CBD products as a legal alternative to prescription drugs, prices should drop but this is something you’ll want to check with one of Kentucky’s licensed producers before making a purchase.

How much does Kentucky CBD oil cost?

Although the state’s Medical Marijuana Registry Program will likely bring down the price of CBD products, it is still an expensive proposition. In mid-2018, Kentuckians will have the option of getting 1 gram or 10 grams of cannabis oil per day from approved manufacturers. The price per gram depends on quality and potency, but the most common dose bought in the state is 10 grams for $100. That’s more than many daily medications we are all familiar with, including pharmaceutical painkillers.

CBD oil prices have been rising rapidly in recent years as the number of dispensaries and potential users continues to grow. In late 2017, United Cannabis Corporation in Lexington KY signed a distribution deal with the Ohio-based company Curaleaf to distribute a 30-milliliter bottle that retails for $50 or $100 for 100 milliliters or 480 mg of CBD oil.

This is the same product sold by a variety of companies online for about half this price and is especially popular among epilepsy patients who want products that are not intended for human consumption because they contain no THC.

The market for CBD oil products is growing at such a rapid rate that many companies are buying out smaller companies to get their foot in the door.

Kentucky has been slow to embrace CBD oil and hemp-derived products in any capacity. But as the state’s medical-marijuana program is gearing up over the next few months, the rate of growth for both CBD oil and hemp products should continue to increase. Since there is no current competition in Kentucky’s CBD market, prices will remain very high until more companies are competing for your business.

But many patients are willing to pay a premium price for products with high levels of CBD and with limited THC levels because these conditions have not been sufficiently treated in the past with FDA-approved medications. The state of Kentucky is gradually allowing more cannabis farmers and manufacturers to get their hands on legal CBD oils so things are expected to get better soon.

It’s important to point out that even with marijuana and hemp-derived products being legalized across the country, there are some important facts you should know about these products. For starters, you cannot legally buy cannabis or hemp-derived CBD oil for human consumption in Kentucky unless it’s from one of the state’s licensed distributors or manufacturers. You can get a recommendation from your doctor and register with the state to dispense CBD oils but you must have the product shipped directly to your home address via courier services like UPS.


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