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Many people in Florida are wondering how to find CBD oil. The good news is that it’s not hard to find CBD oil in Florida and there are many different legal avenues, depending on your specific circumstances.

In this post, we’ll explore the legality of CBD oil in Florida and all of the available options for obtaining it so you can make an informed decision about what option is right for you.

The following information has been shared by a lawyer and discussed with the staff of The Cannabist, an independent media brand operated by the High Times. It is presented as general information only and does not constitute legal advice. (For more detailed legal advice please consult with an attorney in your state.)

CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, but each state has its regulations when it comes to distribution and possession. Laws vary for both the quantity that can be bought and for how the CBD oil is to be used. Most states allow for the general purchase and possession of CBD oil products with relatively few restrictions.

On the federal level, it is still illegal for the FDA to regulate or control CBD oil because its composition does not contain enough THC to fall under federal drug regulations. As a result, products made from industrial hemp, which contains little to no THC, are federally legal while products that do contain THC remains federally illegal. This makes it impossible for most people in Florida to buy cannabidiol (CBD) regardless of its source.

Taking into account all these factors, it’s no surprise that many people in Florida have trouble getting CBD oil. However, there are several ways to obtain it.

Option 1: Purchase a CBD Oil Product in the State

The most straightforward way to get CBD oil in Florida is to buy it from an online seller. You can purchase CBD oil directly from a licensed pharmacy, another online seller, or a compassion shop that only sells CBD products.

For pharmacies and convenience stores, there are generally few hoops to jump through and you can obtain CBD oil pretty easily. In both cases, though, you are usually limited to purchasing 5 ounces of the product per month and 5 ounces at a time. However, you can get more CBD oil per month or purchase more than 5 ounces at once by requesting an extended order through your pharmacy or convenience store.

The only major drawback to buying CBD oil from pharmacies or convenience stores is that the process can be lengthy, particularly if you’re trying to get an extended order.

Option 2: Get CBD Oil From a Compassionate Caregiver in Florida

If you are having trouble getting your hands on CBD oil, another option is to get it directly from a compassionate caregiver in Florida who provides it for free. All 50 states have regulations allowing for access to hemp-derived CBD oil for individuals with certain health issues, and Florida is no different. The state’s Department of Health maintains a list of licensed compassion care providers.

If you’re struggling to gain access to CBD oil in Florida, a compassionate caregiver could be the solution. However, because of Florida’s health regulations, only certain people can become compassionate caregivers.

These include:

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists

Physician assistants (PA) or physician extenders (PE) – are healthcare providers who do not have full medical licenses, but perform some medical duties under the supervision of a doctor. PAs and PEs are increasingly used where doctors are scarce because they can work with less training and still produce great results. In some states, PAs and PEs are required to be supervised by physicians even if they have significant medical experience.

Home health aides

Nurses must be registered under state regulations as nurse aides. Florida’s nurse aide exam is only offered at select nursing schools and costs $150. To practice as a nurse aide in Florida, you must complete the training, pass the test and go through background checks.

To bring compassionate care to Florida, it is necessary to open up your compassion center (not a dispensary). While this would be an expensive process because of the cost associated with licensing and other required fees, it can provide many benefits that are not available anywhere else within the state. Also, if done well you may qualify for an annual charity tax credit of $250 (for expenses such as rent or purchasing CBD products).

Option 3: Use CBD Oil with a Medical Marijuana Card

If you are a resident of Florida, you can use CBD oil if you have a medical marijuana card. However, because the state only allows for low-THC oils, and only from certain licensed dispensaries in the state, this option is not as simple as it sounds.

You can only obtain CBD oil in Florida through one of the three options listed above or get it from a compassionate caregiver or medical marijuana cardholder. If you are the proud owner of a legal medical marijuana card, and if your physician states that your condition will benefit from using hemp-derived CBD oil (the THC content must be below 0.8 percent), then you should be able to obtain CBD oil from a Florida dispensary.

There are currently two dispensaries in Florida that offer low-THC oils, but this number is likely to increase in the future as more patients get their medical marijuana cards. To qualify to use medical cannabis it is necessary for you to obtain a physician’s recommendation and complete an application with the Department of Health to receive a patient ID card.

Option 4: Have Someone Else Obtain CBD Oil for You

If you have friends or family members who reside outside of Florida, they may be able to purchase CBD oil for you and bring it back into the state. Making this choice, though, will require some coordination with the proper parties.

If you’re living in Florida, then you can’t legally get CBD oil without a prescription. Therefore, it will be necessary for the person bringing the CBD to you to say that they have a prescription for the product. This is because CBD oil is only available in Florida if it comes from a licensed pharmacy or an online seller that has a valid DEA number.

The person bringing the cannabidiol into Florida may also need to go through some additional procedures if they are flagged at customs when entering Florida through an airport or border crossing. They will need to request an exception from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services before entering the state with medical marijuana products.

To request an exception, you can do so by visiting the Florida Department of Agriculture’s medical marijuana patient registry and filling out an application form. Your application must include a copy of your doctor’s recommendation verifying that cannabis is medically necessary for your condition, a photo ID, and an affidavit signed by your doctor stating that he or she has qualified you for use of cannabis. After you submit your application, it will take approximately two weeks to process.

After you receive your Florida medical marijuana card and the required permit, the person who will be bringing CBD oil to Florida can do so with the understanding that once it is received by a registered patient authorized by your medical marijuana card, you will be able to possess up to seven days’ worth of doses. It should also be noted that if you do not possess a medical marijuana card at the time you are purchasing CBD oil from someone else, that person can only give you two doses for each day of medication.

To buy CBD oil in Florida under these circumstances will likely require some additional effort and coordination on the part of the party redeeming themselves for your medicine.

Option 5: Visit Another State

If you do not want to wait for someone to bring CBD oil into Florida for you, then this is an option that could be practical. It involves traveling outside of the state and buying real cannabidiol oil from a state where it is legal. For example, Colorado makes it possible for anyone over the age of 21 to buy CBD oil in retail stores, while Nevada’s medical marijuana program offers a variety of dosage options. Colorado allows people with severe seizure disorders to use CBD if they are under the age of 18 or have less than 0.2 percent THC in their blood.

You can legally purchase CBD oil in these states and use it in Florida as long as it remains on your person and not in your vehicle. If you are traveling by car then you must keep the cannabidiol in the trunk. If you want to use it for medicinal purposes, just remember that because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, you may be arrested if the police find it on your person when crossing state borders. Therefore, this option should only be used with caution.

Getting CBD Oil in Florida – Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in getting CBD oil in Florida and want to know where to buy cannabidiol products, then the information presented above is a good place to start. The legality of using CBD oil depends on the purpose for which it is being used. If you want to get involved with using real cannabidiol oil with THC, then you will likely need to go through all of the options we discussed above.

If you’re looking for a more convenient way to get access to CBD oil, then it is possible to find it in retail stores and online in Florida. You can purchase cannabidiol products from an online seller with a DEA permit. You will also be able to find CBD oil in Florida that has been extracted from hemp. This product is available online, but you may also be able to find it at local health food stores and retailers that sell supplements, such as Vitamin Cottage and GNC.

Additionally, if you are an adult in Florida and have a severe seizure disorder that isn’t controlled with traditional medications, then you may be eligible to obtain CBD oil at a low THC level through the state’s medical-marijuana program. If your condition is severe enough, then you can apply for a patient ID card by registering with the Florida Department of Health. You will need to provide your doctor’s recommendation or verification of diagnosis as well as register with the appropriate state regulatory agencies. Once approved, you will receive notification in the mail that you are eligible for medical cannabis.

Upon receiving notification from the Florida Department of Health, you must obtain your medical ID card without delay if CBD oil is legal in your state.


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