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Feminized Cannabis Seeds are female cannabis seeds grown to produce more female plants, which typically produce higher quantities of the flower. These seeds can be found in varying strength and tolerance to light, nutrients, and water.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds account for over 50% of all marijuana sales due to more people being grown indoors, where it’s more cost-effective, labour efficient, and capable of producing higher yields.

If you’re considering growing your cannabis, this article should help you understand the fundamental differences between male and female plants so you can make an informed decision on what type of seed to purchase based on your personal needs.

Male vs Female

When cannabis seeds are produced, they can be either feminized or regular. The main difference between the two is the sex of the plant that it will produce when it flowers.

To become female, a seed will have to be re-scaled, which means the flower structure in the seed has been altered to produce female flowers instead of male. This process is done by crossing a female cannabis plant with a male one and results in genetic mutations creating feminized seeds.

To become regular, a seed does not need to be re-scaled but instead will produce its genetic mutations without any outside influence from other plants. These seeds would also typically yield more potent and vigorous individuals compared to other varieties of cannabis plants.

What to Look for in Feminized Seeds?

There are a few things that you should look for when purchasing feminized cannabis seeds. These include having certain traits such as:

German genetics: This refers to the dominant genes that an individual cannabis plant carries from its parent genetics. The most common German strains come from US medical marijuana dispensaries. These strains tend to be strong, stable, and resistant to disease, making them ideal for indoor growing.

Feminized varieties: These types of seeds are produced by crossing a female cannabis plant with a male one, resulting in genetic mutations creating new varieties that are female only. This process results in higher yields compared to regular seeds, which is why they’re popular among indoor growers.

F1 generation: These cannabis plants are typically more resistant to environmental factors, disease, and pests. They do this by utilizing their ancestors’ DNA to cross-pollinate with other plants and allow them to develop additional resistances, abilities, and growth rates.

High yield planting: The amount of product that you can harvest from a cannabis plant varies based on the time of year and the strain from which it was grown. Feminized seeds typically yield higher than normal cannabis yields due to their genetic mutations giving them a competitive advantage against regular seeds.

Indoor vs Outdoor

One of the main differences between using female cannabis seeds and regular seeds is the growing environment. Since feminized marijuana plants are all female, you can’t pollinate them with a male to produce seeds. Instead, you must grow them outdoors or indoors, depending on how much land you have available and which type of climate you live in.

When using regular cannabis seeds, it’s best to grow outdoors where there’s plenty of sunlight for growth and natural resources that can be used for fertilizer. This prevents strains from becoming nutrient deficient, which causes their production to suffer. If you choose to grow outdoors, make sure that the seeds are harvested from a female cannabis plant.

Indoor growers don’t have to worry about the increased sunlight or problems associated with pests and diseases compared to their outdoor counterparts, which make them ideal for growing feminized seeds. This is because you’re able to control all environmental factors, including temperature, light, humidity, and nutrient intake, resulting in stronger plants that produce higher yields than those grown outside.

Effects of Feminization on Yields

The pursuit of producing higher yields is one of the biggest reasons growers choose feminized cannabis seeds. When using regular cannabis seeds, their yields can be lower than those grown from female plants. This results in a greater cost to produce each strain which causes growers to use as many feminized seeds as possible to get the biggest bang for their buck.

When growing with regular seeds, an individual plant can only produce between 600-800 grams per square meter of growing space, generally around 60% less than those grown from female plants. This results in growers having fewer plants per meter but requires more time and energy than feminized cannabis. Because of this, it’s important to consider the various factors involved when determining which type of cannabis seed you should grow.

What are some advantages?

The main advantage that female cannabis seeds have over their male counterparts is that the female plants can use the male’s traits to produce higher yields. In this sense, the feminized variety takes what would be considered weak genetics if they were regular cannabis plants and turns it into a powerhouse that produces large amounts of weight.

This is because every single pair of chromosomes in normal seeds is there for a reason when grown from regular plants. For example, if you have a plant with 12-13 pairs of chromosomes, it’s simply because it’s an average amount for that particular strain and genetic makeup.

However, if a plant with 12-13 chromosomes is subjected to feminization, the resulting female plants will be the same. This results in no difference between the two genders and their respective genetic makeup, which means that you get identical plants that are both females, which can produce an equal amount of weight.

What are some disadvantages?

There are a few disadvantages when using feminized seeds instead of regular seeds. In most cases, there’s a higher cost to the grower to use fewer seeds compared to growing with regular ones, so growers would rather use as many feminized plants as possible. Overall, this results in a greater cost and requires more time and energy than growing with normal cannabis seeds.

When using regular cannabis seeds, you have the option of using as many female plants as you want into mating with each other.

The Germination Process

The germination phase plays an important role in the overall growth of your plants. While it’s possible to purchase already germinated cannabis seeds, many growers choose to do so themselves to ensure that they can achieve the highest possible yields compared to those purchased from somewhere else.

To begin the process, you must have a clear idea of how much space you’ll have available for your plants, as well as how long it will take for them to grow into mature adults. You’ll also need access to water and a clean environment that can be sanitized if necessary and kept in a dry place if required.

Before you begin, you’ll also need to create a clean environment where your plants will grow, including a large amount of fresh dirt that’s free of any pests or diseases. This is why you must use feminized cannabis seeds because they don’t have the same genetic problems associated with regular cannabis.

You’ll also need to provide a clean water source for your plants and check on it every day or two to ensure that it has plenty of nutrients for them to use for growth. If the water gets too dirty, you must remove it from the location and clean it as soon as possible. You should do this to not start a bacteria outbreak that could cause near-fatal damages if left unattended.

When to Grow Feminized Seeds?

When growing feminized cannabis seeds, there’s always a chance that you’ll get a male plant. Even though the resulting female plants will be of the same genetics as regular plants, a few may end up being male. The chances are low since the genetic mutations that occur during the process are random, but it’s always best to grow from females to avoid any issues.

Since it’s not always possible for growers to buy feminized seeds, many develop their methods for ensuring that they have a successful start. One of the easiest ways to avoid any male plants is to start the germination process in the dark since they can’t produce any kind of pollen or affect the plant’s growth.

This will result in all your plants being female, which will save you a lot of time and energy. Since there’s no additional light required, you can store them anywhere so long as they’re kept in a dry place and out of reach from anything that could cause it to go bad. This is recommended for outdoors growers because there’s no way to ensure that their plants won’t be exposed to pollen from other plants nearby.

Some growers even choose to purchase feminized seeds from a trusted supplier and use them to grow in high-pressure tanks indoors. This is why you won’t find many indoor growers using non-feminized seeds because it would be extremely difficult for them to keep the plants from outside pollen and pests.

Choosing the Right Type of Soil for Growing Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds should be growing in soil that’s loose and free of any contaminants. Ideally, you’ll want the soil to be relatively loose since this will make it easy for the roots to dig through it freely.

While it’s possible to grow feminized seeds with amended dirt, you may find that your plants grow faster if you only work with natural soil without any additives. It’s also important for growers to keep their plants moist at all times but not too dry, which can kill them off easily. Use a multi-purpose fertilizer that contains no more than 25-5-5 since they tend to kill off the plant after enough time.

The type of soil you need depends on where your plants will be growing. For example, you need a soil mixture that allows the plant to grow vertically and horizontally. If you’re growing indoors, you should be using lightweight soil that isn’t clumpy but loose enough for them to grow in.

If outdoors growers use soil that’s too heavy for the roots, they may have difficulty moving through it or have issues with drainage, which can result in problems down the road. Avoid mixing soil with any kind of manure, or your plants will end up growing too tall, which can result in falling over prematurely and killing it off.

You should also ensure that your plants receive less than 30% of their total nutrients while they’re young.

Cannabis seeds are probably one of the most important parts of growing cannabis, especially if you’re planning to use feminized plants so you can get bigger yields per plant compared to regular ones. This is why many people prefer growing with feminized seeds over regular ones.

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