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Female weed seeds are a term used to describe plants that typically produce female flowers and male pollen which is needed by the plant to create seed. The term has been applied to cannabis plants that produce both male and female flowers on the same plant.

This article will attempt to explore the concept of female weed seeds, why they exist, what affects them during their growth cycle, and how growers can take advantage of this natural phenomenon for breeding purposes. In conclusion, I will provide you with some advice on how you can grow a beautiful strain of marijuana using only female weed seeds.

There are several reasons why there might be an abundance of female weed seeds in a grow journal. One reason is that the grower is growing a strain of marijuana with a predominately female phenotype. However, the most common reason is that the grower is deliberately interbreeding all-female plants for breeding purposes.

Female weed seeds are also called “Old School” or “Palmer” seeds because they have been around for ages and have been used by many breeders to create new strains of marijuana. The use of these seeds was not new at all, however, it was made popular by California seed master Dina Falconi and her famous seed company Schatt&Morgan in the mid-’90s.

It was Dina Falconi who inspired many breeders to begin experimenting with growing predominantly females and seeing what unique phenotypes could be created by doing so. By seeing what traits the female plants would pass on to their offspring, you can begin to see the prospect of this type of breeding for creating new strains. You can grow a variety of seeds using only female weed seeds and see what traits you end up with from your genetic line of “clones”.

Using only female weed seeds for growing marijuana is not without its pitfalls but has proven as a tried-and-true method for breeding. Although there are a lot of growers who swear by this method, others claim it is a waste of time because you can accomplish the same with male pollen. However, growing exclusively female cannabis has its benefits, and here is why many growers do it.

When growing only female marijuana plants, you can predetermine the sex of the plant before they even sprout. This comes in handy when you want to select “favorites” or “eliminate” males with less desirable traits. For example, if you have chosen a certain mother plant because of its flower smell or look then you can use her seeds over and over again for successive generations without worrying about choosing which seedlings will turn out to be females or males.

It is also possible to create pure female marijuana strains using female seeds. In the early days of breeding, it was common practice to grow out only the females and then use the males simply as a pollinator or “seed parent”. This helps the female weed seed grower eliminate genetic material from his strain which may be undesirable in some particular cases.

By growing only females, you don’t have to worry about a male pollinator ruining your feminized seeds as he will only pollinate other males and not your self-pollinated plants.

Certain characteristics are passed down from mother to daughter which can help create better weed. For example, a plant’s mother will pass down resistance to certain pests and diseases. Resistance can also come in handy when growing marijuana outdoors where the herb may be more susceptible to mold, mites, and insects.

Another benefit of breeding your plants is the reduction of male plants which are notorious for their pungent smell. Pollen from males is another reason why many growers prefer to grow exclusively female marijuana plants because the pollen can travel a long distance and you may have unwanted male plants pollinating your precious females. By only growing females, you can eliminate this nuisance from being an issue.

In the end, I believe that most marijuana growers have the underlying desire to produce a strain of marijuana with its unique characteristics. Breeders are always on the lookout for something new and different and to accomplish that goal, they may find themselves experimenting with female weed seeds.

How to Grow Female Weed Seeds?

Female weed seeds can be used for other things besides marijuana breeding. Growing female plants are very beneficial when dealing with pests and diseases because the plants that would have been affected by such problems are eliminated in the process.

Growing female plants can also be advantageous when growing in a small space like an apartment or condo. Female marijuana plants grow shorter and generally stay in the vegetative stage longer than male marijuana plants. This is important because growers with limited growing space may only want to keep their plant in the vegetative stage for 4 weeks or so before flowering begins, whereas, with a male plant, it is likely to grow taller and will produce pollen even if you don’t want it to.

So, if you’re looking to grow a strain of cannabis that is unique unto itself then I would recommend growing female weed seeds. There are a few things you will need to consider before reaching that final decision, however.

Using only female weed seeds for growing marijuana has its benefits and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that it can be harder to grow a high-yielding plant when growing females because they are shorter in height and may not produce as much resin or THC during the flowering stage as male plants. However, if you are planning on breeding plants, there is no better way than using only females for this purpose.

Growing female marijuana strains can be easier to control and maintain because you don’t have to deal with pollinators or male plants. Some growers may find that they prefer growing female weeds over males due simply to the reduced messiness of having only female plants in the grow space.

When growing seeds, even though you may think that it is a good idea to always purchase only female marijuana seeds, many times you will be disappointed when your new baby plants start showing themselves. You see, just as there are hermaphrodites which are male or female plants, some seeds simply present characteristics of both sexes and this can make it harder for the grower to tell how their crop will turn out.

To help prevent this problem, it is recommended that female marijuana plants should be used when growing new seeds or to maintain a particular strain. You see, if you are always using female weed seeds, then you can have control over the strain of cannabis that you are breeding, and breeding is best done between a male and a female plant.

When growing only females to breed your strains of marijuana, the main thing to keep in mind is that you will have to take extra precautions when growing your plants so as not to pollinate them with unwanted pollen from other male plants.

Make sure that you keep a fence or a solid barrier around all of your marijuana plants to ensure that you don’t have unwanted visitors. You may also want to consider using grow lights when using only females for breeding since there is less chance of getting pollen from unwanted males.

When growing female marijuana seeds, it is important to get the right kind of soil to produce a good crop. Female marijuana plants thrive on soil with high levels of organic matter and encourage the uptake of nutrients while they’re growing. This encourages faster and stronger growth as well as produces more resin and THC.

When growing female seeds, you will also want to be sure that all of the females are as healthy as possible before you determine which ones are the best to harvest for breeding purposes. A good sign that your female plants are not in good health is when there is less than 1/4 of an inch of stem left at the bottom of each plant. This is known as “damping off”. So be sure to take preventative measures and make sure that your marijuana plants have plenty of water and nutrients in their soil or they will end up dying before they reach the flowering stage.

When you are only using female marijuana seeds to breed for potential new strains of weed, you will want to make sure that you are growing healthy, strong plants with plenty of resin and THC. This is important because traits passed on through the breeding process directly affect both the taste and the effects of the cannabis strain.

So, when breeding with only female seeds, be sure to take precautions to ensure that your plants are healthy enough to handle the strain they will be producing. As mentioned earlier, this is crucial because if your plant is not healthy it will not produce much at all.

Using only female weed seeds doesn’t mean that you will not ever get male plants in your grow space. Although this is rare, sometimes a seed will present characteristics of both sexes which means that you may end up with some pollen from an unwanted plant when planting.

If this happens to you, keep the males separated from the females by at least six inches of netting and make sure that there is no way for your males to pollinate your females. It’s also important to keep as much distance between male plants as possible so that they won’t be tempted by the scent of female cannabis plants nearby.

Seed Banks for Growing Female Seeds

To make sure that you can buy only female marijuana seeds, you must do some research and find the best seed banks for only female seeds. This will provide you with the best genetics and ensure that you can grow a high potency strain of marijuana both indoors and in your outdoor garden.

As mentioned earlier, using only female seeds can be very beneficial in terms of getting the right genetics when breeding new strains. However, without this one step being taken care of beforehand, your plant may come out with some male characteristics which will make you have trouble telling what kind of strain you have grown until it finishes flowering.

There are many different seed banks and each one has different types of seeds. To help you choose the best seed bank, consider the following things:

Research – Remember to research the seed bank or company that you will be purchasing your seeds from to make sure that they offer only female marijuana seeds. You can do this by asking your friends, family, and associates as well as by checking out various forums online like RollitUp which provide descriptive listings about various reputable cannabis seed companies.

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