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Durban Poison is a pure landrace Sativa seed with a short flowering time. This variety is easy to germinate and requires high humidity, low light, and training. It can be grown in soil or containers. The Screen of Green enhances the bud-site, while the heavy resin and short flowering period make it an excellent choice for growers who prefer to keep the plants tame.

Durban Early Poison

Durban Early Poison is a cult favorite that has a small but dedicated fan base. Its popularity is steadily rising, and you can easily find crossbreeds in a dispensary. The buds contain a unique flavor that combines sweet and pungent woods with spicy citrus candy notes. This strain’s heavy high is a favorite among pot smokers because it can have a potent concentration of 20 percent THC or more.

The feminized Durban Poison seeds need heat, air, and humidity to germinate. The easiest method is the paper towel germination technique. First, you need two clean dinner plates and paper towels. Then, place the feminized Durban Poison seeds on the wet paper towels. Place the paper towels on the feminized seeds and let them germinate. Once they have sprouted, you can move them to a second plate in a warm environment.

When Sam Frank cultivated Durban Poison, he grew two distinct phenotypes. He named one strain “A” and one strain “B.” The B line eventually made its way to Europe. Sam the Skunkman, a legendary breeder, was given a few seeds. He then took them to Amsterdam, where the seed business was established. These seeds are still available for purchase at Weed Seeds USA.

The Durban Poison cannabis seed produces tall, leafy plants with generous green buds. Its flowers can be trimmed to prevent breakage or drooping branches. It tolerates LST well and produces a high yield. The resin is high and tasty, and this strain is a valuable source of THC concentrates. So, if you’re looking for a cannabis strain that will deliver an XL harvest and will grow well indoors, Durban Poison should be your choice.

Known as Durban Poison, this cannabis strain has electric orange pistils that have a thick coat of resin. Its fast flowering time and huge yield make it a favorite of many growers. The plant is also easily crossed with other varieties, and parts of its genetics are now used in many favorite hybrids. If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow strain, consider Durban Poison.

THC content

Durban Poison is a famous landrace sativa strain originating from the South African city of Durban. This strain is widely regarded as one of the best cannabis strains. Its large, round buds are covered in orange hairs, giving it a potent aroma similar to anise candy. Durban Poison seeds have up to 20% THC content, making them a very high-end weed seed to grow at home.

Durban Poison feminized seeds are derived from a strain of cannabis that was first discovered by Ed Rosenthal in the late 1970s. The powerful effects of Durban Poison cannabis seeds captivated Rosenthal. He developed the strain through selective breeding and popularized it. This weed has huge influence on the cannabis world and has spawned numerous popular strains including Skunk #1 and Girl Scout Cookies.

Durban Poison has a unique combination of compounds that fight to maintain balance in the body. Its unique composition of terpenes makes it a potent antispasmodic, with effects that range from mild relaxation to powerful mental stimulation. Its sativa heritage makes it an excellent choice for patients suffering from stress and anxiety. Its effects are highly stimulating, and can even help people with chronic headaches.

Durban Poison is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor cultivation. It is easy to grow, yields a good amount, and is pest-resistant. It produces a very multidimensional high that is enjoyable during most daytime and nighttime activities. A high of this potency is especially impressive if you’re looking for a medicine that is powerful for all kinds of ailments. With its high THC content, it’s easy to see why Durban Poison is one of the most sought after strains for growing marijuana.

If you’re interested in growing your own Durban Poison, check out the photoperiod feminized variety, which has been bred for ease of cultivation. Despite its sativa DNA, Durban Poison is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced growers. You can easily find durban poison seeds online or at a weed seed store. If you want to purchase Durban Poison seeds wholesale, try Weed Seeds USA.

Flowering time

The Durban Poison plant is best grown in an outdoor garden or hydroponic system. Plants that are cultivated indoors will take at least nine weeks before flowering. The vegetative growth phase of a Durban Poison plant requires temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees. The plant may grow as fast as 95 degrees, but that is only possible by increasing CO2 levels. Avoid high humidity, as this will inhibit root growth. Maintain a relative humidity of around 65% during the vegetative stage and 30 percent during the flowering stage.

The Durban Poison strain produces huge, stickier plants with sticky trichomes. The plants grow from two to three meters high (6.5 to ten feet). They are known to tolerate LST, but they do require support in windy locations. The Durban Poison plant is also low-maintenance and moderately-hungry. It grows very fast. Flowering time of durban poison seeds: The Durban Poison plant reaches its full height at about seven weeks.

Durban Poison is a classic. It originated in South Africa and has over five decades of history. It has been bred with virtually everything and is likely part of your family tree. Many major seed banks carry this strain. They come in both autoflowering and feminized varieties. However, the feminized Durban Poison is better for guerilla growing. This way, there is no danger of male plants growing in your secret patch.

Durban Poison seeds have a long veg period when grown indoors. Unlike most hybrids and Indicas, they tend to stretch out their buds during the veg phase. However, three to four weeks should be plenty for growing decent sized plants. If growing indoors, be sure to use SCROG technique. If growing outdoors, the Durban Poison plant will need a lot of space to grow.

The Dutch Passion Durban Poison is a sativa variety that can be grown indoors and outdoors. It is THC-dominant and comes in feminized seeds. It originates in South Africa, but has been adapted for the northern climate. The plant can reach a height of three meters. This means it is best grown indoors in a greenhouse or outdoor environment where it will be protected from the elements.


Durban Poison was first cultivated in South Africa. Its origins are unknown, but the story of how it became famous began with a skunk man named Sam, who collected and transported seeds of the plant. These seeds eventually migrated from the Southern Ocean to Amsterdam. Since then, the story behind Durban Poison has evolved significantly. Here’s a closer look at the story behind its name.

The Durban Poison strain is a classic indoor and outdoor cannabis strain. It is tough enough for outdoor growing even at extreme latitudes. Originating in South Africa, Durban Poison seeds were cross-bred and domesticated during the 1970s, becoming increasingly suited for Northern European conditions. Depending on climate, it can reach heights of up to 3m, so height control is essential.

The Durban Poison cannabis seed produces tall, leafy plants with generous green buds. It should be trimmed after flowering to avoid breaking branches. Make sure that you keep the stem and branches clean, and cut off any drooping branches. In case of indoor growing, use a SCROG technique, but remember to leave plenty of space. To grow Durban Poison indoors, make sure the soil is moist before planting.

The Durban Poison feminized seed has a long and rich history. Its inbreeding history has led to many outstanding hybrids. Ed Rosenthal first cultivated this strain in the late 1970s and was awestruck by the powerful effects it brought. Rosenthal further developed the plant, popularizing and introducing it to the rest of the world. Today, Durban Poison seeds are used widely in feminized forms, ranging from Skunk #1 to Girl Scout Cookies.

The Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain that has been grown in South Africa since the 1970s. The strain is named after Durban, South Africa, the second-largest city. The Durban Poison genetics have been used in many popular hybrids, so its lineage isn’t that complicated. It was originally brought to the US by smugglers and wandering hippies.

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