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The Bruce Banner is a sativa cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. This plant has a potent odor and produces huge yields. However, it requires a bit of extra care. Read on to discover more about this strain. Bruce Banner is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. Its flowering time ranges from 10 to 12 weeks. Here are a few things to keep in mind before planting this seed type.

Bruce Banner is a sativa

If you’re looking for a powerful, uplifting sativa, consider trying Bruce Banner by BSB Genetics. This strain has high THC content and a unique, sweet floral note. This strain is popular in the United States, and is primarily grown in Colorado. Its name refers to the famous superhero, The Incredible Hulk. Regardless of the origin, this strain is known for its potent effects.

The high from Bruce Banner is predominantly head high, as sativas tend to be. It leaves users euphoric, motivated, and happy. Many users enjoy the smell of Bruce Banner marijuana. It has a pungent diesel aroma with sweet strawberry undertones. This strain also has a distinctive flavor, a mix of citrus, berry, and chamomile. The terpenes present in this strain are limonene, alpha-pinene, and bisbalol.

The high from Bruce Banner is unlike any other sativa. It takes only a few hits to take the edge off of your mind. If you’re looking for a light-headed high with a positive impact, Bruce Banner is perfect. But if you’re suffering from anxiety or chronic migraines, Bruce Banner might not be for you. It’s best used for daytime purposes, but can also be used for nighttime.

The THC content of Bruce Banner varies from 20 to 23%, but has been reported to reach up to 30%. This is higher than the average hybrid strain. It’s also considered a sativa and a strong daytime strain, and it’s a potent painkiller. Its side effects include dizziness, bloodshot eyes, paranoia, and excessive sweating.

It is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel

The name “Strawberry Diesel” came about during the breeding process between OG Kush and Sour Cough – both strains originating from the Rocky Mountains. Both of these strains have high THC levels and produce an uplifting and stress-free experience. Its euphoric high is a combination of diesel and strawberry aromas, and the resulting buds are covered in orange hairs. The high from Strawberry Diesel is both short-lived and intense.

The high THC content of Bruce Banner is 18 to 24 percent. Some strains have been reported to have as much as 30 percent THC. This high THC content makes this a great choice for those suffering from chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and stress. The energizing effect of this strain makes it perfect for those who want a relaxing and uplifting high that will give them the energy they need to tackle the day.

The flavor is similar to the aroma, but with a more pronounced earthiness. The sweetness of the bud takes a backseat to the earthy flavor. The effect of Banner depends on when it is cultivated. Early harvests can be cerebral and borderline rushy, while later harvests are more relaxing. Bruce Banner starts as a strong sativa and can cause eye and face pressure. The heart rate can also increase, so it is recommended for those with cardiovascular problems or heart failure.

It has a strong odor

A feminized version of Bruce Banner has a very strong scent. The dominant myrcene terpene in the Bruce Banner parent gives it a flowery, floral fragrance. The Bruce Banner flower is large and tall, and might require careful positioning in an indoor grow. The Bruce Banner feminized seed can make even the most novice grower look like a professional! A Bruce Banner seed carries a strong odor, so a good germination guide is essential to a successful crop.

The Bruce Banner weed strain is a hybrid of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. Its genetic makeup is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. The Bruce Banner odor is unique and distinctive. It makes the grower think of diesel, strawberry diesel, and orange hairs. The Bruce Banner seed also produces a pleasant berry aroma with undertones of citrus and floral. The aroma is both earthy and floral and is extremely pleasant.

In addition to its high-THC content, Bruce Banner has a strong odor. This can be a problem, but the benefits of this strain are numerous. It can improve mood, reduce stress, and increase energy levels. It is also beneficial for those suffering from ADHD and ADD. While Bruce Banner seeds have a strong odor, it can be filtered with a carbon filter to eliminate the odor and improve its flavor.

It is a monster yielder

The OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel cross was used to develop this cannabis strain. The result is a monster yielder that has high THC levels. Bruce Banner seeds also contain the big three terpenes: euphoria, pain relief, and uplifted happiness. Myrcene, the dominant terpene, helps to ease pain, relax muscles, and promotes a calm well-being.

Grown indoors or outdoors, Bruce Banner seeds will take ten to fourteen weeks to fully mature. In a typical indoor environment, this plant will produce around five to six ounces per square foot. The plants stay short and bushy, but are very productive. The yields are also impressive, averaging 12-15 ounces per plant. While it is easy to grow, it is not a good choice for those who do not have the time to weed.

The smell and flavor of this strain are strong and pungent. The taste is earthy with hints of diesel. The strain’s effects are very high, with a body stone and a sense of relaxation. A great choice for commercial growers, Bruce Banner is highly versatile. The plants can be grown indoors or outdoors and can produce up to two pounds of flower in a single week. It is also good for easing pain and nausea.

Known as a hybrid with OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner produces huge yields and huge buds. Its THC content ranges from 18% to 24% and the CBD content is anywhere from 0.1 to 1%. It is a high-yielder and is highly recommended for indoor growing. There is no smell, so it’s a great choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

It is a sativa

The high from Bruce Banner seeds is intense, bringing the patient to a state of mental clarity. Its effects are often described as uplifting, and it can also cause dry mouth and eyes. Its powerful aroma can also make one feel anxious or paranoid. The THC content of this sativa-dominant hybrid is around 25 percent. As a result, it is a great choice for medical marijuana or daytime use.

The high from Bruce Banner seeds is especially notable, with 27% THC. The sativa-dominant plants produce a balanced high with an energy boost, a body stone, and a soothing effect. The resulting buds also smell like candy. Cannabis growers who enjoy the sativa-dominant Bruce Banner seeds have said that the high is a good combination of painkiller and anant-anxiety medication.

Initially sold in a dispensary in Colorado, Bruce Banner was eventually sold as seeds. Breeders Dark Horse Genetics and Delta 9 Labs released Bruce Banner seeds. The first Bruce Banner phenotype, Bruce Banner #3, was the most popular. This plant has the highest lab-tested THC content in the history of the High Times Cannabis Cup. So, whether you’re looking for a potent strain or just a new favorite, Bruce Banner seeds are sure to please you.

The buds are a sativa-dominant hybrid with purple shades in the background. When plucked from its long-running cola, these buds develop into compact, spiky nugs, coated with frosty resin. When fully grown, these nugs will have few leaves, and the buds will look stunning and potent. A Bruce Banner seed is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor growers.

It is easy to grow

Bruce Banner seeds are easy to grow and have an impressive THC concentration of 30%. They have an extremely strong smell and are ideal for medical marijuana. This strain was developed to treat many medical conditions, and was the winner of the 2013 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup. It is considered one of the strongest strains ever produced. Although Bruce Banner seeds have become increasingly popular, they may not be suitable for everyone. For that reason, it is important to choose the right type of seed before starting your own growing process.

If you’re looking for an autoflowering variety that will take about 10 weeks to mature, you might want to consider growing Bruce Banner seeds. Depending on where you grow them, these plants produce about five to six ounces of buds per square foot. In a greenhouse or indoors, Bruce Banner plants will typically yield twelve to fifteen ounces per plant. Growing them indoors will require warmer temperatures, but you’ll be rewarded with a hulking green crop.

Unlike many autoflower strains, Bruce Banner seeds are easy to germinate. Simply place them in moist paper towels, using sterilized tweezers. Leave at least one inch between each seed. You should store Bruce Banner seeds in a warm place between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and be sure to keep them moist with towels in between. Keeping them grounded in soil will prevent the spread of powdery mildew.

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