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Among the top cannabis seed banks in the world, the Ministry of Cannabis has steadily built a loyal customer base. This company provides stealth shipping for global customers and boasts an impressive array of cannabis seeds. Their seed packages are suitable for beginners and advanced growers alike. Their site allows users to filter products according to their specific needs and includes detailed instructions on how to grow each variety. The Ministry of Cannabis is a top pick for novice growers, but there are a few other options to consider.

Marijuana Seeds NL

If you are looking for the best cannabis seed bank in the Netherlands, you have come to the right place. Marijuana Seeds NL has been in business for two decades now, and has pioneered innovative approaches to the seed business. You can trust their products and the quality of their service – they ship worldwide. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them via email, and their team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Another great feature of Marijuana Seeds NL is the free seeds they send with your order. You’ll get a few of these freebies with every order, and the number of seeds increases as you order more. That’s a pretty impressive deal for the price! In addition, Marijuana Seeds NL has an impressive reputation. You’ll be able to order the right cannabis seeds for your growing needs with complete confidence!

As the Netherlands’ best cannabis seed bank, Marijuana Seeds NL also offers many types of seeds for growing marijuana. Famous for their feminized marijuana seeds, they offer a variety of varieties. Marijuana Seeds NL works with outstanding breeders to offer the best genetics for your plants. You’ll be happy you chose them. The best part is that their seeds are delivered at super-fast speeds.

Sensi Seeds

One of the things that set Sensi Seeds apart from other cannabis seed banks is their colour coding system. Regular seeds are packed in green packets, while feminized and autoflowering seeds come in purple and grey packets, respectively. Regular seeds are 50:50 in sex, while feminized seeds have an almost 100% female chance. If you want to ensure that your plant is 100% female, you should opt for feminized seeds.

Founded in 1985, the Sensi Seeds cannabis seed bank is the oldest in the world. It was founded by Dutch cannabis celebrity Ben Dronkers, who began cultivating cannabis in 1975 and saved the seeds from the best batches. He continues to do this even today. In fact, he’s committed to legalizing marijuana completely and is working hard to make it possible. The goal of Sensi Seeds is to help people access this wonderful plant as easily as possible.

The company offers a decent amount of information about each strain, though they don’t provide height or yield information. Nonetheless, their genetics bank features several quality strains. Skunk #1, Eagle Bill, and First Lady are some of the most popular varieties of cannabis. Other popular strains include Super Skunk, Big Bud, and Afghani. Whether you want a high-yield plant with great taste and a relaxing high, Sensi Seeds has the cannabis strain you need.

Barney’s Farm

For those who are looking for feminized marijuana seeds, Barney’s Farm is a top choice. This Dutch seed bank is renowned for its superior quality cannabis seeds and has won over 40 Cannabis Cups. Their catalogue is regularly updated with new and exciting strains. In addition, they continue to look for rare genetics and are committed to ensuring the quality of their seedbank. The strains in the Barney’s Farm catalogue include the world famous Pineapple Dream and Vanilla Kush, two of the best-selling strains in the world.

Since the introduction of feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, Barney’s Farm has been producing the highest quality seeds for years. They offer feminized autoflowering seeds, regular cannabis plants, and photoperiod-sensitive strains. You can even get CBD and THC seeds, as well as new terpene-rich crosses. The seeds you buy from Barney’s Farm are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and produce delicious flowers.

Founded in Holland, Barney’s Farm has won more awards than any other cannabis seed bank. These strains have won several cups, including the renowned HTCC Cannabis Cup. And the best part? They are available at affordable prices. With over 20 awards to its name, it’s no wonder they’ve become a leader in the cannabis industry. They offer many varieties of cannabis seeds for sale, and their prices can’t be beat!


If you are new to growing cannabis, you might be wondering where to start. ILGM is an online seed bank that boasts 70 to 80 varieties of cannabis seeds, ranging from feminized to autoflowering. You can also choose between a variety of strains based on their climate, seed type, and grow requirements. You can also choose to grow marijuana from an autoflowering strain to enjoy its low THC content.

ILGM also offers a money-back germination guarantee. This is something you won’t find at most seed banks, so you can feel confident ordering from them. The company is confident in its genetics and the quality of their educational materials, so you can rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth. And because the seeds from ILGM are so high in quality, the company also offers a generous loyalty program.

ILGM also offers mixed packs with five to ten seeds of each strain, so you can choose according to your own tastes. You can also choose to buy mix packs based on color, flavor, and growing conditions. Mix packs are great for beginners or seasoned growers alike. ILGM offers over 30 Mix Packs, and my personal favorite is the Fruity Kush mix. It is a blend of different fruity and citrusy strains that makes a fantastic smoke. I also like that ILGM has great customer service.


MSNL is a seed bank that started in 1999 and has built up a solid reputation as a leader in the industry. They are known as “The Original Seedbank” and have a reputation for good prices, deals, and stealth shipping to many countries. The company is also known for throwing extra cannabis seeds with every order. MSNL has become a popular seed bank for recreational and commercial growers alike, and we’ll examine their products and services in this review.

Payment options vary. Marijuana Seeds NL accepts credit card payments, debit cards, bitcoin, international money orders, and cash in the form of Great British Pounds. You can also pay using Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, and Japanese Yen. MSNL also ships internationally, so you can purchase seeds in any of these currencies. The website offers an international return policy, so if you need to exchange currency, make sure to check before purchasing.

Customers can choose from a variety of seed types. MSNL’s selection includes autoflowering, feminized, and CBD strains. The seed bank has a helpful menu, and you can even narrow down your search to only kush strains or feminized seeds. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a strain that has the desired characteristics. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can choose from a selection of value packs.

Royal Seed Bank

The Royal Queen Seeds company is a reputable seller of high-quality cannabis seeds. Founded in 2010, they have stores in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Their catalogue features over 100 strains and ships to 17 European nations. While the selection is not extensive, it’s certainly well-stocked, and the company’s prices are reasonable. To get started, browse their website to learn more about what they offer. You can also read about the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction to find out more.

The Royal Queen Seeds website contains plenty of information about the company. It features a blog, and offers special promotions and free seeds. It is simple to use and very affordable. It also has the best customer support in the industry, with friendly representatives who can answer all your questions. The company is based in Holland, but is available worldwide. When looking for marijuana seeds, Royal Seed Bank is a good option. Customers can choose from over 230 strains of cannabis.

The Royal Queen Seeds brand is dedicated to breeding the highest-quality cannabis seeds. It prides itself on supporting the growing community with its organic products. Its team also tests the seeds daily for purity and germination rates to ensure the best quality. Its seeds are also tested by hand to ensure a consistent product, and their reputation in the industry is well-deserved. They are also committed to organic growing methods, promoting sustainable cultivation practices.

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