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Cannabis has become legal in many US states and other nations, spawning a multibillion dollar industry. The majority of the consumer spending that fuels the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry is made on items like whole flower, vape cartridges, THC edibles, and concentrated dab products at cannabis dispensaries. However, each of these products has one disadvantage in common: rising prices to meet the tax and regulatory requirements of the cannabis market. While regulation and taxation benefit consumers in terms of safety and cleanliness, the rising costs make it challenging for those on a limited budget who may want to try cannabis or continue using it as medicine. Fortunately, there is a different option: grow your own cannabis at home using high-quality seeds!

Cannabis consumers can grow their preferred strains with guaranteed yields and cost-effective savings by ordering marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks with locations all over the world. But it can be difficult to pick the best seed bank from which to purchase seeds. Not all sources provide cannabis seeds of the same caliber, and not all marijuana seeds will sprout and produce the desirable high-quality flowers. We’ve put together a list of the top cannabis seed banks to aid in your search so you can grow top-shelf, high-grade cannabis both indoors and outdoors.

3 Best Cannabis Seed Banks

Best Marijuana Seed Banks – Reviews and Analyses

Each website was picked because of its exceptional selection of tried-and-true cannabis seeds. All three websites offer a wide selection of strains, but they also have extra features like great customer service, bitcoin payment options, covert shipping methods, and consistent germination rates.

1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Top Choice

  • Free shipping to all 50 US states
  • Guaranteed germination within 72 hours
  • Growing kits
  • Strain selection based on location, climate, and type
  • Excellent educational information for growers

About I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana is the only place you need to look if you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds and anything else related to growing marijuana. This website has one of the best selections of feminized seeds on this list, as well as beginner-friendly grow guides and nutrient-based feeding charts.

I LGM’s staff is regarded as some of the most helpful and knowledgeable authorities on cannabis cultivation, making them an ideal place for beginners to purchase high-quality seeds. Additionally, they have blogs and forums that are especially intended for novices and experts, making it simple to locate the knowledge required to succeed at growing marijuana indoors or outdoors.

A group of enthusiastic growers who are dedicated to educating the public about cannabis cultivation founded ILGM. There is a wealth of useful information on their website that is worth exploring, whether you are an seasoned grower or are just getting started in the cannabis cultivation industry. Look no further than ILGM if you want excellent customer service and a wide variety of high-quality marijuana seeds from around the globe.

Seed Bank Options at I Love Growing Marijuana

The largest selection of seeds for growing premium cannabis can be found at ILGM. Each seed has free shipping and is guaranteed to germinate. For the convenience of customers, ILGM categorizes its seed bank selection into a number of groups that are specific to growers’ requirements, such as:

  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Bestsellers
  • Location
  • Climate
  • THC Content
  • Yield
  • Experience

There are numerous strains available in each of these categories, including hybrid, indica, and sativa varieties of cannabis. I Love Growing Marijuana offers growers kits with supplies like nutrient packs, fertilizer, and plant protectors tailored to the cannabis strain you want to grow in addition to the enormous variety of marijuana seeds available on the site.

Who Should Purchase Cannabis from I Love Growing Cannabis?

Anyone ordering from I Love Growing Marijuana should expect to receive high-quality, top-shelf cannabis harvests as promised. ILGM provides all the resources you need to successfully grow great weed at home for medical or recreational use, including a great selection of high-quality seeds, helpful advice for novice cultivators, and guaranteed germination rates.

2. MSNL – Close Second

  • Free seeds available with purchase
  • Rewards program
  • Guaranteed seed delivery
  • Cash payments accepted
  • International shipping can take up to 25 days
  • Free shipping is not standard

Since 1999, MSNL has been in the business of offering premium marijuana seeds to cannabis consumers. They have developed the best selection of hybrid, autoflowering, and feminized seeds available today thanks to their years of experience in the field of seed engineering.

All seasoned cannabis smokers turn to MSNL because they are committed to offering the best germination rates and customer service. For those looking for the best deals, MSNL, a seed bank based in the Netherlands, is a great choice. It offers a great rewards program for purchasing cannabis seeds online and a number of ways to earn free seeds.

Seed Bank Options at MSNL

Visitors to MSNL’s website will discover a sizable selection of cannabis seeds that includes both well-known and novel strains. Additionally, MSNL is a great source for options for shipping goods internationally because each pack of premium seeds can be covertly delivered to the majority of nations.

The website categorizes its collection into various groups in order to assist customers in selecting the seed strains that best suit their unique requirements and growing environment, including:

There are plenty of options to find the ideal seeds to suit your cannabis needs, with over 12 different strain varieties to choose from. In addition, MSNL provides a variety of educational guides to assist growers in maximizing their yields.

When buying cannabis seeds to grow high-quality marijuana for recreational or medical use, MSNL is an even more affordable option because free seeds are offered for almost any size purchase.

Who Should Place Orders With MSNL?

One of the best marijuana seed banks to use if you are an experienced grower looking for great deals on seeds is MSNL. Low prices and free seed options from MSNL ensure that growers get the most for their money. Furthermore, international customers seeking the most covert shipping options will appreciate the stealth ship options provided by MSNL to ensure delivery on their cannabis seed bank purchases.

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Honorable Mention

  • Offers CBD seeds
  • Excellent bulk purchase discounts
  • Focus on strains that are less vulnerable to pests and disease
  • Online chat support
  • No resources for new growers
  • A limited selection of seeds compared to other sources on this list

Concerning Quebec Cannabis Seeds

A Canadian seed bank called Quebec Cannabis Seeds is dedicated to giving cannabis growers the best strains that can withstand pests, illnesses, and other issues that may affect cannabis cultivation. All growers looking to get the most out of each purchase should consider QC Seeds because of the team’s dedication to providing customers with the highest germination rates on each of their seed varieties.

Another reason QC Seeds stands out as one of the best online seed banks is how simple it is to find the ideal strain for your requirements thanks to their simple website navigation and High Definition images of fully developed plants.

Seed Bank Options at QC Seeds

More than 100 seeds from QC Seeds are available to grow a selection of hybrid, indica, and sativa strains. Each product page provides specific information about the seeds, such as the type of growing medium, THC content, length of the flowering period, resistance to pests and diseases, etc.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds organizes seed bank options into categories for the convenience of its customers based on a range of preferences, including:

  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized
  • Growth Rate
  • Outdoor
  • CBD

Quebec Cannabis Seeds also has sections for limited edition strains developed as a result of QCS plant breeding projects, in addition to these typical seed preferences. The many top-notch strains available at wholesale prices are perfect for those looking to grow large amounts of cannabis for their own use or for sale.

Who Must Purchase From QC Seeds?

If you’re a grower looking for seeds that offer high yields and strong resistance to pests, diseases, and other problems, QC Seeds is a great option. QC Seeds is a fantastic option for anyone looking to grow large amounts of cannabis at a reasonable price because they have a wide selection of premium strains from all three strain types and frequently run deals on bulk purchases.

Why Are These Sites for Buying Marijuana Seeds the Best?

It wasn’t simple to select the top seed banks to buy from. In order to find the websites with the best ratings, the easiest websites to use, and those that offered the best overall experience for customers looking to buy seeds online, we first combed through hundreds of websites.

We eliminated any websites with a large number of unfavorable reviews and thoroughly investigated the remaining websites to identify which provided the highest-caliber goods at the most competitive prices. Our group determined that “quality products” were those that satisfied the following standards:

  • High germination rates
  • Top cross-breeding results
  • Regularly updated selection of products
  • Strong resistance to pests and disease
  • Fast delivery time
  • Discreet shipping methods offered
  • Bulk purchase discounts available
  • Payment options available
  • Strain variety

After applying these filters, our team was left with the top three cannabis seed banks, each of which focuses on providing customers with the best possible service and the best strains for their particular needs.

How Do Seed Banks Get Cannabis Seeds?

Experienced growers who are committed to producing, preserving, and promoting the growth of the best cannabis seeds available to anyone interested in cultivating premium marijuana run marijuana seed banks.

Only the best strains are chosen by these growers to be grown inside their walls, so they frequently cross-breed various strains to produce what they consider to be some of the best marijuana seeds ever produced. Seed banks are able to separate the most desirable traits from seeds of various varieties and pass them on to all succeeding plant generations through cross-breeding.

In order to produce regular cannabis seeds with these desirable traits, breeders will choose female plants that produce a higher yield and cross-breed them with male plants that produce high levels of THC.

How Do I Grow Cannabis Seeds?

It takes some time and effort to grow cannabis seeds into fully developed female plants with harvestable crops. The first step in the growth process is to germinate the cannabis seeds by soaking them for up to 72 hours in a glass of distilled water. By doing this, you are encouraging the seeds to develop a taproot, which will enable you to plant them in the ground with the pointed end sticking out and the root facing down.

To ensure that your seeds grow into healthy female plants that yield larger crops of premium buds, it will be necessary to provide them with water, light, and nutrients once they are buried in the soil. Certain cannabis plants will need particular light cycles to ensure that they develop into flowering plants. Purchasing feminized or autoflowering seeds is advised if you are new to cannabis cultivation in order to ensure high-yield harvests with no additional work.

When your cannabis seeds have grown into fully grown, harvestable plants, they must be dried and cured before they are fit for consumption. Unfortunately, inexperienced growers frequently misunderstand how marijuana is dried and cured, resulting in cannabis flower that gives users a meek high. For instance, if the plants aren’t dried and cured properly, smokers may experience a head-high that falls short of expectations.

Fortunately, there are several simple-to-follow tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to grow your own marijuana from seed to harvest for anyone looking to buy cannabis seeds online.

What Are the Benefits of Growing Cannabis Seeds?

Growing your own plants has many advantages, in addition to the obvious one of always having weed on hand. Growing your own marijuana is, first and foremost, a fantastic way to cut costs on cannabis purchases. A typical cannabis plant will produce 10 to 20 ounces of marijuana, which represents a significant cost savings compared to purchasing the same quantity from a nearby dispensary or dealer.

Growing your own cannabis is a great way to get outside, enjoy the fresh air that comes with gardening, and practice your green thumb. Given that some breeders have mastered the art of producing impressive-looking cannabis plants, cannabis cultivation may even turn into an art form.

Growing your own marijuana has additional advantages besides financial savings and fun. You can anticipate the cannabis buds you produce when you start with a high-quality product to be just as satisfying, if not more so, than anything you’ll find on the shelves of dispensaries across the nation.

You have control over the cannabis processing and curing process when you grow your own. A smoother smoke or vapor session from properly cured cannabis will result in a more pleasant high without the harshness or coughing that come from smoking improperly cured cannabis.

How Many Marijuana Seeds Should I Buy?

Seed banks offer seed packs in lots as small as five and as big as 100 or more. Additionally, a lot of vendors give away seeds with every order, so even with a small purchase, you might get more marijuana seeds. Ten seeds will typically be sufficient for a novice grower to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of growing from seed to harvest. Due to avoidable errors like overwatering, underwatering, and overfeeding, many novice growers end up spending money by letting some cannabis seeds go to waste.

In general, a number of variables will determine how many marijuana seeds you should buy, such as:

It makes sense to buy marijuana seeds online in small quantities if your growing area is limited. On the other hand, buying cannabis seeds in bulk online and starting your garden with as many seedlings as you can will help you minimize your costs and give you more marijuana for less money if you have a lot of space and want to grow numerous plants.

Expectations for Yield

You won’t need to purchase marijuana seeds online in greater quantities than you would for an outdoor garden if you intend to grow your plants indoors. Due to the lack of access to natural light and the need for additional lighting and nutrients, indoor gardens typically produce lower yields than their outdoor counterparts.

On the other hand, you’ll use less weed seeds if you’re growing your plants outside. This is due to the fact that plants grown outdoors yield significantly more because they are not constrained by the amount of space inside a grow tent or closet.

If you have never grown cannabis before, it might be a good idea to start out with fewer seeds and see how they do before investing in more. In this way, you can make smaller investments while testing out your developing skills.

Purchasing as many seeds as you require for your upcoming project may make sense if you are a seasoned cannabis grower.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

In many parts of the world, purchasing weed seeds as novelty presents or mementos is acceptable. Because of this, many seed banks use disclaimers that specifically refer to their products as seed banks.

Cannabis is still illegal in the USA on a federal level, but it is legal for residents of many states, and more states are considering legalization laws and regulations. Residents now have the option to cultivate a certain number of cannabis plants for their own use, whether it be for recreational or medical purposes. In Colorado, residents over the age of 21 are permitted to have up to 6 plants, with a maximum of 3 plants blooming simultaneously. Therefore, those who purchase seeds from seed banks should encounter few to no difficulties in states where cultivating cannabis for personal use is permitted. Additionally, a lot of seed banks provide covert stealth shipping that conceals seeds in unassuming packaging, allowing customers to maintain their privacy and stay out of legal trouble.

If the buyer agrees not to germinate or grow the seeds, the purchase of seeds may still be legal in other nations where growing cannabis for any recreational, medical, personal, or commercial use is prohibited. This explains why many marijuana seed banks market their goods as novelty items rather than practical items.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds?

The ideal wait time for a full harvest, your needs, and your location will all be key factors in determining which cannabis seeds are best for you. When selecting the best cannabis seeds to buy and grow, take into account the following advice.

Selected Seeds

A strain type refers to whether you want to grow indica, sativa, or hybrid cannabis plants when selecting a seed. The body highs and calming effects of indica plants, as well as their darker green leaves, are well known.

Sativa plants, on the other hand, have yellowish-green foliage and a lighter, more energizing effect on users. Indica and sativa plants are crossed to create hybrids, which combine these characteristics to create a plant strain that balances physical highs with mental stimulation to provide a well-rounded experience.

Start by deciding on the strain you want when selecting the best seeds to grow for your recreational or personal needs.

Plants for Effect

In order to help you choose the best seed bank, some websites also let users select seed bank strains based on the effects they want to feel. Cannabis strains are frequently bred to contain greater concentrations of specific cannabinoids that are advantageous for particular uses. For instance, THC levels in strains like Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel are well-known to be high. These are ideal for people who want to benefit from advantages that reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

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Some well-known strains, like Northern Light and Grand Daddy Purple, provide a more body-focused high than mind-altering effects for those looking for something more laid-back. These strains would be perfect for people looking to get rid of acute or chronic physical pain caused by conditions like arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, injury, or other similar conditions.

Many seed banks offer energetic strains like Pineapple Express and J1 for those seeking a more creative and energizing experience.

To choose the best seed bank strain for your health and wellness requirements, be sure to read the in-depth reviews on each product page in order to better understand each strain’s reported effects and cannabinoid profile.

Plant Seeds by Region

When selecting the best cannabis seed bank strains, it is crucial to take into account the environment in which you will be growing marijuana seeds. For instance, some strains will need more moisture and humidity to thrive than others. A strain that requires a lower moisture environment may be preferred by people who live in drier desert climates with little rain and longer days.

There is a seed bank strain that is the best for your particular location, whether you reside high in the mountains, in the desert, or in swampy, humid areas.

By Gender, Seeds

Plants must be female in order to produce full buds with high levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. But since not all plants will turn out to be female, getting female plants can be challenging for some.

To get the best buds, it’s critical to locate seed companies that sell feminized seeds that are guaranteed to grow female plants. As they ensure female plants that will yield a good cannabis harvest, these feminized seeds are ideal for growers who are new to growing cannabis.

Growing Seeds Through Process

Cannabis plants must be grown in a particular way in order to flower. Both autoflowering and photoperiod seeds are common types.

Autoflowering cannabis plants typically flower after a certain “autoflowering” time period – ranging from 12 to 16 hours of light per day. Photoperiod cannabis, on the other hand, won’t produce buds until it gets a certain number of hours of darkness per day – typically 12.

While autoflowering seeds are typically great for beginners or those who don’t have the time to maintain complex and precise light cycles, photoperiod strains are typically preferred for experienced growers who want to have more control over the flowering cycle.

Reputable seed banks enable customers to choose seeds based on whether the growing process will take place indoors or outdoors in addition to on how well they will flower.

Outdoor seed-growing offers a more organic method that enables plants to survive in the absence of water or sunlight. Conversely, cultivating plants indoors provides a controlled environment that makes it simpler for growers to establish ideal conditions. So, if you want your buds quickly, indoor growing might be your best option.

Choosing the best seed bank seeds for your cannabis needs may depend on one or more of these elements. To learn more about how each seed bank can benefit you and your growing preferences, be sure to read the in-depth reviews.

How Do Seed Banks Ship Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis is illegal in some countries around the world, so cannabis seed banks that ship their products employ a variety of strategies to make sure that their customers receive their orders without running afoul of the law or customs.

In nations where buying marijuana seeds for novelty purposes is permitted, seed banks ship through regular mail services in discrete, small packages to allay any suspicion. These orders can then be discreetly and quickly delivered into customers’ hands, with the purchaser signing only for the package they receive.

Seed banks that ship typically provide services referred to as “stealth shipping” in nations where purchasing cannabis is prohibited. Stealth shipping refers to the seed banks’ practice of mailing purchases in plain-looking envelopes along with other items like greeting cards, accessories, or other undetectable goods. The seeds are typically concealed within, on, or around the items in sealed baggies, preventing various scanning and monitoring techniques from picking them up.

When placing an order, customers have the option to request stealth shipping, which may be applied automatically to addresses in nations where buying cannabis seeds is prohibited.

When ordering marijuana seeds to be delivered to a location where it is against the law, it is especially crucial to carefully research your seed bank to find out the shipping options offered. All of the aforementioned top cannabis seed companies provide a number of shipping options, including regular mail and covert shipping services.

Are Online Seed Banks Legitimate?

Yes. Not all of them, though. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for the following information to make sure you purchase cannabis seeds from reliable and legal sources:

Customer feedback

The best indicator of whether or not online seed banks are reliable will be customer reviews. Websites with negative comments regarding seed quality, incorrect strains, delivery issues, and even theft and money laundering should be carefully considered.

Look for customer testimonials that provide in-depth insight into the products and seed quality. In-depth reviews of the quality of the plants grown, the ordering and shipping process, and the customer service offered are frequently provided by cannabis users who purchase seeds online. For a better understanding of the reviews’ veracity, look for reviews with a lot of ratings, particularly thoughtful reviews from people who have used the company’s goods and services before.

Consumer Assistance

A helpful customer service team will be accessible to you through a number of communication channels on any trustworthy website. It is crucial to shop from a business that provides contact options in case you are unhappy with your purchase, your order does not arrive, or you have any other questions, whether it be through live chat, social media, or email.

Multiple Payment Options

Legitimate cannabis seed banks will provide a selection of payment methods so that clients can make purchases wherever they are. You can tell a website is SSL encrypted by the lock icon next to the website address, which should appear on all pages.

Although most companies only offer guarantees as part of their own policies, many businesses do so in order to protect their customers. Look for guarantees that cover refunds in the event that seeds turn out to be of poor quality or to be genetically incorrect, delivery issues arise, or plants fail to germinate after a specific amount of time.

Cannabis Seed Bank: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What forms of payment are accepted when I buy cannabis seeds online?

All major credit cards, PayPal, cash, money orders, and, occasionally, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are accepted as forms of payment by the majority of reliable online retailers of cannabis seeds. To ensure that customers in areas where cannabis use is prohibited can make the transaction secretly, a variety of payment options are required.

2. What is stealth shipping?

When a company uses the term “stealth shipping,” or “discreet shipping,” they are referring to how the item is packaged, which frequently includes a plain brown box that makes no mention of the product inside. Cannabis seed shipping companies offer neutral packaging, like bubble wrap or paper padding, so the package does not stand out.

3. What is germination?

The process of causing seeds to germinate results in sprouting. In order for the seed casing to absorb enough moisture to begin growing, it is done by soaking seeds in warm water and complete darkness. Many trustworthy seed banks provide a germination guarantee, which states that if the seeds don’t sprout and grow after a certain amount of time, you’ll get your money back.

4. Which cannabis seed bank strains are best for pain?

Consider buying Indica or Indica-dominant hybrid strains if you intend to cultivate your own cannabis to treat or manage conditions involving both acute and chronic pain. Indica is well known for having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for people with neuropathic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Grow Your Own Marijuana with the Best Cannabis Seed Banks

A great way to grow your own cannabis quickly, cheaply, and specifically for your health and wellness needs is to buy cannabis seed from a seed bank. To get the best cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to develop into full plants that produce a large harvest, think about buying from the top three brands mentioned above. To ensure that the package arrives without incident, as with any cannabis product purchase, be sure to research the laws in the nation you are shipping to.

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10 Best Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in 2022 (Ships to US)

According to the Pew Research Center, marijuana has never been more well-liked in the United States, with a resounding majority of citizens supporting its legalization. More Americans than ever are thinking about growing their own cannabis now that it is legal in sixteen states for recreational use and in about 37 states for medical purposes.

The 2018 Farm Bill, which significantly increased both cannabis and hemp production in the U. S., has further fueled this rise in demand among Americans looking to grow their own. Where are they turning now, then? Most likely, a Google search will lead you to one of the hundreds or thousands of cannabis seed banks that can be found online.

For those who are unaware, seed banks are repositories where seeds are kept in order to preserve and spread genetic diversity. Thus, online cannabis seed banks offer potential growers the seeds they need to start growing cannabis. The issue is that not all of these are dependable, and these vendors’ general levels of quality vary greatly. Beginner growers might be baffled by the abundance of options available.

That’s where we come in, though! Today, we’re taking a look at ten of the best seed banks from which Americans can order seeds and begin growing their own cannabis, at least in the states where it is legal to do so.

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Rank Brand Best For
1. Seed Supreme Best overall
2. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Runner-up best
3. Seedsman Best variety
4. Crop King Seeds Best for global shipping
5. MSNL Seedbank Best delivery
6. Quebec Cannabis Seeds Best for promotional offers
7. Herbies Best for convenience
8. Ministry of Cannabis Best for dependability
9. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Best for guaranteed delivery
10. Weed Seed Express Best “new kid on the block”

Click here to go straight to the reviews.

Ranking Criteria

Your decision on a cannabis seed bank will partly depend on whether they carry the varieties you want to cultivate. Since it differs from person to person, we were unable to take that into account when determining our rankings. We instead concentrated on the following equally significant elements.

Type of Seeds

The seeds’ quality is possibly the most crucial factor in our rankings. If you want to increase your chances of a successful germination, you must use high-quality seeds. The quality of your plants, including the buds, is enhanced by high-quality seeds.

Assurances of Contentment

A seed bank must offer a satisfaction guarantee in order to be ranked among the best options. Even seed banks with top-notch seeds occasionally have lower-quality seeds available. The best ones recognize that this might occur and take action to address any issues that clients may have. Naturally, a satisfaction guarantee demonstrates the seed bank’s high level of confidence in its goods.

Unobtrusive Shipping

Cannabis may not be legal in the states your package travels through, even if it is in your state. Additionally, cannabis still carries some stigma and unfavorable associations. We give priority to seed banks that use covert packaging as a result. The best seed banks frequently disguise their packaging, making it appear like another item like a DVD case or toy, in addition to using discreet packaging.

Why Trust Us

You should feel confident following our recommendations regarding cannabis seed banks. For many years, we have assisted cannabis growers in locating reliable seed banks online. We have reviewed many of the bigger, more well-known stores over the years, in addition to many smaller ones. Based on the aforementioned ranking factors, we have taken the time to carefully compare and contrast each.

Simply put, our rankings are the outcome of extensive research, knowledge gained through years of experience, and careful point-by-point comparison.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

After two or four weeks of growth, autoflowering seeds will start to flower. It’s important to note that growers can initiate and maintain the flowering phase of growth without altering the light schedule.

The seeds in question are those that are simple enough for beginners to grow. They frequently exhibit mold, powdery mildew, disease, and pest resistance.

These seeds are for plants that are regarded as hemp in law. They therefore contain less than 0.3% THC. Although this isn’t always the case, they typically contain more CBD.

Fast or Fast Flowering Strains

Fast strains, fast flowering strains, or quick strains reach the flowering phase one or two weeks more quickly than other strains.

Only female plants will emerge from feminized seeds. This is crucial because growers prefer female plants because of their buds. You can avoid the hassle of growing seeds, sorting them, and then removing the males by using female-only seeds.

These are strains that are particularly high in CBD concentration. What each seed bank considers to be high CBD varies.

These are strains with THC levels that are higher than usual. The definition of high THC varies by seed bank, just like it does for high CBD strains.

High-yield strains produce more buds for every square meter. They let you get the most buds in the smallest amount of space.

Indica and sativa strains are combined genetically in hybrids.

Indicas, one of the two main types of cannabis strains, frequently produce effects that are all over the body. The leaves are large, wide, and chunky, and the plants are typically short and stocky. They produce more buds than sativa and grow more quickly. They typically have higher CBD concentrations without lowering THC concentrations.

These seeds are excellent indoor gardeners. They are perfect for anyone wishing to cultivate plants in a greenhouse or other enclosed area.

These strains have lower THC concentrations. Keep in mind that each seed bank will define “low” and “extra-low” differently. Usually, the THC content will be higher than 0.3%; otherwise, the plant would be considered hemp.

Mix and Match or Mixed Packs

This refers to the sale of multi-seed packages by seed banks. If you want variety in your growing, they are perfect.

These seeds do best when grown outdoors; therefore, indoor growers should avoid using them. If you have plenty of outdoor growing space, you should only take them into account.

All cannabis seeds are photoperiod unless otherwise stated, with autoflowering seeds being a notable exception. For photoperiod seeds to enter and stay in the flowering phase, you must alter the lighting conditions.

Feminized cannabis seeds are in contrast to regular seeds. Both male and female seeds are present. This implies that you must wait for all of the seeds to mature before determining whether they are male or female. After that, you can get rid of the males and keep raising the females. However, you must act quickly to avoid having your female seeds ovulated.

The other main class of cannabis strains is sativa. They frequently give users a mental high, which lowers anxiety or gives them more energy. Their leaves resemble fingers, and they grow tall and thin. Compared to indica, they take longer to mature and tend to have more THC and less CBD.

1.) Best overall, Seed Supreme (*Top Pick July 2022*)

For many reasons, Seed Supreme is our top choice overall. For starters, they offer special discounts for Bitcoin in addition to accepting cryptocurrency, like many of the other seed banks mentioned here. Because they can save a significant amount of money, this makes it a particularly appealing option for Bitcoin owners.

Seed Supreme outperforms the other usual suspects. The best seed bank to use if you’re specifically looking for feminized and autoflowering seeds is Seed Supreme. The quality is unmatched.

  • Quality seeds
  • Discounts (up to 30 percent!) for paying in Bitcoin
  • Above-average strain variety
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Lacking in customer service

Offer of Seeds

2.)I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) —Runner-up best

I LGM is a reputable seed bank that offers high-quality seeds. They offer excellent customer service, a huge selection of seeds, as well as a ton of sales and discounts while educating customers with a huge library of growing resources.

Their seeds are of excellent quality and, crucially, come with a germination guarantee. They offer both well-known cannabis strains and some that you may not be familiar with. ILGM has a very good reputation for safety, and their customer service can easily compete with the best available. In fact, they have over 4,000 user reviews on TrustPilot, with an overall rating of 4.8/5.

It was not at all difficult to place ILGM near the top of our list given their excellent reputation and wide selection of high-quality seeds. The only real drawback with ILGM is that tracking shipping costs $25 (as opposed to standard shipping, which is free), which is a minor drawback.

  • Monthly deals and promos
  • Extremely reputable and highly rated
  • Germination guarantee (money back)
  • Discreet packaging
  • Free standard shipping
  • Features all the best-known strains
  • Growing resources and 24/7 support
  • Delivery with tracking will set you back $25
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Offer of Seeds

Beginner, High THC, High Yield, CBD Hemp, Autoflower, Indoor, Outdoor, Sativa, Indica

3.) Best overall variety: Seedsman

True to its name, Seedsman provides a staggering variety of seeds, many of which are of the highest caliber. If you’re looking for feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, or uncommon seed strains, Seedsman most likely has what you need. All of your favorites are there, including OG Kush, White Widow, Purple Haze, and Girl Scout Cookies.

When purchasing in bulk, Seedsman frequently offers a large number of free seeds, which is a nice bonus. In that case, using Seedsman will allow you to reap some extra seeds. They also provide international shipping, which makes them a good choice if you reside outside of the United States.

Although Seedsman is one of our top choices overall, particularly for the wide selection of seeds it offers, it does lose some points for its dubious customer service and awkward website.

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Massive seed variety
  • Free seeds with bulk purchases
  • Subpar customer support

Offer of Seeds

Autoflowering, Regular, Feminized, and Quick strains

4.) Crop King Seeds — Best for International Customers

Crop King Seeds gets points for having a user-friendly website; some of its rivals continue to have clumsy websites, which can be off-putting to today’s cannabis growers, who are getting younger every year. Additionally, Crop King Seeds gets points for being a user-friendly website that offers germination guides to assist you in growing (literally! ).

With a wide range of strains, Crop King has amassed thousands of favorable reviews for its seeds. Additionally, because its reviews are moderated, they help weed out biased or paid reviewers and identify loyal customers. In many cases, according to their reviews, germination rates were high—between 80 and 100 percent.

Use the site’s filters to help you find the options that are most suitable for you. Crop King offers reasonable shipping rates as well, with regular and express shipping costs of $10 and $30, respectively, and free shipping on orders over $300.

  • Germination rate of 80 percent or more
  • Special review system
  • Germination guides
  • Helpful infographics
  • Free shipping for larger ($300+) orders
  • Global shipping
  • No free shipping
  • One- to two-week shipping time is among the slowest
  • Targeted to beginners, which might turn off more experienced growers

Offer of Seeds

Feminized, Regular, Autoflower, Mix and Match, CBD

5.) MSNL Seedbank — Best For Quickest Delivery

MSNL has been around for a while and is unquestionably one of the most dependable seed banks out there. If you need seeds right away, MSNL should be at the top of your list because it has one of the quickest processing and shipping times.

Additionally, this trustworthy seed bank frequently offers discounts, allowing you to save some money (especially over the long term). Despite offering a wide variety of male and female seeds, MSNL is penalized for not offering a germination guarantee.

Its lightning-fast and discreet shipping, which has contributed to its status as one of the most well-known seed banks online, does help it maintain a position near the top of our ranking. The fact that MSNL’s seeds have taken home High Times and Cannabis Cup awards is a nice addition to their resume.

  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Lot of promos/freebies
  • Solid strain variety
  • Subpar customer support
  • No germination guarantees

Offer of Seeds

Autoflower, Feminized, Regular, High CBD

In general, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a fantastic seed bank, but if you reside in the U. S., it’s even better because its proximity allows for quicker deliveries than with some other seed banks.

The variety of many of the other seed banks on this list is lacking, but Quebec Cannabis Seeds makes up for it in a number of ways, including quick delivery, fantastic discounts, and high-quality seeds. They’re a particularly wise choice if you’re on a tight budget because their weekly discounts provide significant savings—up to 50% of the time, though frequently in the still-impressive range of 10% to 25%.

There are a few other features of this French-Canadian seed bank: it accepts payments in USD, so there is no need to convert currencies; however, be aware of their 3.8 percent credit card fee. It also carries a germination guarantee but also has a no-return policy, which seem to kind of cancel each other out.

  • Germination guarantees
  • Weekly discounts
  • Fast deliveries to the U.S.
  • No return policy

Offer of Seeds

Autoflower, Feminized, Outdoor, CBD, Mixed Packs

Herbies also makes our list in large part due to the user-friendly design of its website. Thanks to their logical, color-coded system, it’s very simple to navigate and understand what’s discounted and what’s highly rated.

Herbies also has a wide selection of premium seeds, which makes it similar to many of the other seed banks on this list. They also consistently offer quick processing and shipping, which is crucial if you need to start a grow operation right away.

Herbies easily makes our list of the best overall online seed banks due to how simple the site is to use and its strong value in terms of variety, quality, and shipping. Unfortunately, like a good deal of seed banks online, it has terrible customer service.

  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Reliable and fast shipping
  • Top-quality seeds
  • Weak customer support

Offer of Seeds

Autoflower, Feminized, Regular, Photoperiod, Fast flowering, High THC, Extra-low THX, High Yield, High CBD, Beginners, Indoor, Outdoor, Indica, Sativa

8.) Most Reliable: Ministry of Cannabis

Even though Ministry of Cannabis doesn’t offer as many promotions as other seed banks do, its high level of dependability has helped it attract a lot of satisfied customers. Because of their distinctive feature—rotating seed stocks—this seed bank frequently draws in serious clients.

One of the most trustworthy seed banks out there is Ministry of Cannabis thanks to their attention to the quality of their seed supply. After all, receiving subpar seeds is the absolute last thing anyone wants. Their above-average customer support is a further trait that contributes to their winning the “best dependability” award.

Overall, Ministry of Cannabis is a good option, though we would prefer to see more promotions offered, as with many of its rivals. They probably believe they can get away without having a germination guarantee because they have a constant supply of fresh seeds, unlike many other seed banks.

  • Solid variety
  • Fresh seed supply
  • Reliable customer support
  • No germination guarantees
  • Few promos

Offer of Seeds

Feminized, Autoflower, CBD

9.) Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds — Best for Prompt Delivery

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is adamant about having the best possible quality. You’re assured to receive seeds of the highest quality, making it one of the more dependable suppliers for serious growers even though it may lack some of the seed variety of its rivals.

Customers have stated that their orders were guaranteed, even in the event that customs seized their packages, which contributes to its winning the title of “best guaranteed delivery.” The fact that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has one of the slowest shipping speeds on this list is somewhat offset by this. However, if you’re on a tight budget, this hurts a little less because shipping is free.

  • Free shipping
  • Highest quality seeds
  • Guaranteed orders
  • Slow shipping speeds

Offer of Seeds

Autoflower, Feminized, Indoor, Outdoor, High CBD, High THC, Indica, Sativa, Hybrids

Every industry has its up-and-comers, and some of them eventually succeed in unseating the most venerable, long-standing businesses. This difficult task might just be accomplished by Weed Seeds Express.

Why? Considering that they are demonstrating why they are one of the most dependable seed banks online, offering quick, discrete shipping and a wide selection of high-quality seeds. They offer numerous promotions and ship internationally.

The fact that Weed Seeds is so new to the market is the only thing keeping it from claiming one of our top spots. It will undoubtedly build a solid reputation and keep expanding as long as it keeps doing what it’s doing (pun intended).

  • Frequent promos
  • Stealthy worldwide shipping
  • Top-quality seeds
  • New on the block

Offer of Seeds

Autoflower, Feminized, High CBD

Cannabis Seed Bank FAQ

Q: Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds in the U.S.?

A: Yes and no. That just depends on where you are! Since each state has their own specific laws, and cannabis has not yet been fully decriminalized/legalized on a federal level (although it’s looking more likely than ever), it depends on your specific state. That said, seed banks usually use an antiquated law to help surmount legal hurdles and conduct their business. This works, in essence, by framing the seeds as either a souvenir or fish bait/bird food. You can see disclaimers about this on their websites.

Q: Which seed banks have the best genetics?

A: The award here goes to the seed banks that have built a great reputation for delivering high-quality seeds: Seedsman, Crop King Seeds, and Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. These banks, it would seem, test their seeds to ensure that the strains are of the highest quality. Stick to these three if acquiring top-quality seeds is your main preference.

Q: Does it matter how I pay for my seeds?

A: Once again, it depends. Many seed banks actually offer discounts for crypto payments because of the discreet, decentralized nature of how cryptocurrency transactions function. While most accept credit cards, which does offer you some protection through your credit card company, many have a strong preference for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Two that offer discounts for Bitcoin payments are Seed Supreme and I Love Growing Marijuana. With these two, it can definitely add up to solid savings—assuming that Bitcoin doesn’t eventually skyrocket in price one day (clearly this is another factor in the acceptance of Bitcoin by many seed banks).

Q: What’s “stealth shipping” and why should I care?

A: The last thing anyone wants is to have issues with their order in terms of customs/government involvement. As such, it’s nice to order from a seed bank that guarantees discreet shipping. A common method is to include other, inexpensive items with the seeds, such as DVD cases. This helps the package seem less suspicious. Another way to keep a low profile is to resist the urge for expedited delivery or a delivery option that requires your signature.

Q: Which seed banks offer worldwide shipping?

A: Weed Seeds Express, Seedsman, and Crop King Seeds. These will need to be your first choices if you live outside of the U.S.

Tips for Using a Cannabis Seed Bank

Here are some pointers to make the most of your visit to the seed bank:

  • Browse a number of different sites so that you can take advantage of any special promos that might be going on.
  • Check to make sure that the site has the payment option that you prefer to use (particularly if you are looking to pay via cryptocurrency).
  • Make sure that they ship to your country/state.
  • Check for a “germination guarantee” and, if they don’t have one, investigate their return policies and customer support. You want to make sure that you protect yourself the best you can.
Wrapping Up

This list has been carefully compiled so that you can shop for cannabis seeds in a secure manner and avoid being taken advantage of. Therefore, any of these should work just fine. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences, such as the timing of delivery, the location, the mode of payment, the dependability, the type of seeds, etc. Make the decision that is best for you by taking these into consideration.

Having said that, choosing one of the most reputable seed banks, like I Love Growing Marijuana or MSNL Seedbank, is really your best bet.

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in the U.S. Legally

Marijuana seeds and the desire to grow marijuana for personal use have become more popular in recent years, largely as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp production and promoted the expansion of the cannabis/hemp industry.

As a result, there are lots of cannabis seeds available for purchase online. But not all of them are reliable, so it’s important to look into the reputable seed banks that deliver to the United States.

We’ve put together a list of the top five marijuana seed banks to help you in your search for reliable seed banks online. We have covered the advantages and disadvantages of the product as well as the numerous discounts and other features that make it stand out from the competition.

Top 5 Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the U.S.:

1. Overall, Marijuana Seeds NL is the Best and Most Reliable Seed Bank.

2. ILGM – Premium Marijuana Seeds

3. Ministry of Cannabis – Best for Auto-Flowering Seeds

4. Seedsman – Most Effective Cannabis Seeds

5. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store – Quick & Discrete Delivery

The purpose of this review is to clarify the nuances surrounding the most important online seed banks. Before making a purchase, the more knowledge you have, the more likely it is that you will get what you want. So let’s get started.

1. Marijuana Seeds NL – Overall Best, Most Trustworthy

Company Overview

Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) is a business founded by marijuana enthusiasts with the goal of making the best marijuana seeds easily and legally available for online purchase.

This cannabis seed bank has been in business since 1999 and is based in the Netherlands. Their twenty years of experience in the industry have allowed them to offer customers cutting-edge methods.

In contrast to other seed banks’ claims of a 100 percent germination rate, MSNL claims that their marijuana seeds have a 90 percent germination rate. The staff, who have a lot of experience with marijuana seeds from Amsterdam, also personally inspects each cannabis seed to guarantee you get a high-quality product.

A biologist who specializes in providing the highest-quality seeds delivered directly to your home on the same day as your order founded the business. Customers are motivated to buy in by factors such as the brand’s overall reputation, an industry-backed guarantee, and collections of strains, among others.

There are currently more than 100 strains available from the company, which offers a wide variety. The company offers seeds for both recreational and medicinal purposes. They suggest auto-flowering, regular, and feminized seeds as broad categories.

Deliveries of purchases made in the UK typically take one to three business days, while those to other parts of Europe take close to five business days and those to the United States can take up to ten.

You will save 15% on your entire order when you pay with bitcoin. Additionally, you can replace defective orders by sending a crystal-clear image as proof. The business will replace the order without incurring any further costs. Online bank transfers and credit cards are available as payment methods.


• Provides Stealth Shipping — discrete shipping method in which seeds are concealed within other things, such as DVD cases
• 15 percent off orders made in bitcoin
• Brand originated in 1999
• Fun quiz to assist you in selecting the ideal seeds
• Excellent value for money
• Amazing client service
• Seeds of guaranteed quality


• Shipping overseas may take long
• No free shipping unless you purchase in quantity
• Delivery to the U.S. is more expensive
• Confusion in the charts used to describe seed strains

You Can Legally Smoke Marijuana at Campsites in Canada’s National Parks

User encounter

Positive reviews from customers show that they are satisfied with the brand. Individuals appreciate the strains’ freshness and scent, as well as the overall MSLN experience.

On the company’s website, there is a contact form. The company promises that you’ll hear back from them within 24 hours, but some online reviewers complain that they never heard back from MSNL or that it took more than a day to hear back from them.

Final Verdict
In general, our appraisal of the MSNL cannabis seed bank in 2021 is favorable. While it can be slow to respond to customer inquiries, the product’s quality, low price, and reliable shipment have more than compensated for this issue. It’s obvious why Marijuana Seeds NL is a widespread weed seed bank on a global scale.

Value packs can help newcomers identify the strains that are most effective. The broken items can be conveniently returned for free replacements. MSNL provides a range of shipping options to make sure you receive your product in the way you want. Anyone looking for a great deal on an investment should definitely consider MSNL.

2. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) – Premium Marijuana Seeds

Company Overview

Robert Bergman, the man behind ILGM, spent about 25 years in this industry as a supplier of hemp seeds and a grower of medical marijuana. He has learned many business-related tips and tricks, and by using them, he has developed into a successful businessman and created the empire he now controls.

Leading seed provider I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) offers shipping to the United States. We strongly advise people to purchase cannabis seeds from them because, even in comparison to other online seed banks, they have an incredible selection.

Because each seed is thoroughly screened, ILGM manufactured seeds are not labeled. No matter how often you buy something, you can count on high quality. They have a cutting-edge facility that is set up to store their seeds, keeping their freshness and vibrancy from fading. Additionally, ILGM employs a team of experts who meticulously choose each seed before they are offered for sale online.

The Observer has also singled out ILGM as a favorite product, citing numerous analyses of customer testimonials that show this company offers premium marijuana seeds, first-rate planting guidance, and prompt shipping.

In terms of incentives, ILGM will offer free shipping on orders over $150 if you live outside of the United States. All orders include free shipping for customers in the United States.

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There may still be many of you who are worried about marijuana product delivery. Fast delivery and thoughtful packaging are available from ILGM. Additionally, this packaging ensures that your deliveries will be made on time.


• Reliable business with a 9.4/10 rating on TrustPilot
• Unobtrusive hidden packaging
• Multiple payment options available
• Excellent bargains
• 100 percent germination rate
• Online community for resolving customer inquiries and connecting with growers
• Complimentary delivery in Europe and the U.S.
• 24/7 customer service and a good growing manual


• Shipping is not available for Canada and the United Kingdom
• Attempts to spam you with incentives if you give your email address
• Track delivery cost is expensive at $25

User encounter

Customers give ILGM a 4.8 out of 5 rating for performance, which is excellent. Users can learn a lot about other people’s experiences by reading the TrustPilot comments. The public particularly enjoys how quickly ILGM delivers and how well its seeds are made compared to its rivals.

Final Conclusion

Due to its distinctive attributes and services, ILGM is without a doubt one of the most significant seed banks. By paying attention to warranty claims and offering advice to novice growers, they put their customers first.

They deliver the best product, carefully chosen by experts, to your door in a secure manner. Furthermore, ILGM offers free shipping within the EU. and U. S.

Customers are highly trusted by ILGM and generally think highly of the company. We firmly advise ILGM if you’re looking to buy high-quality cannabis seeds.

3. Ministry of Cannabis – Best in Auto-Flowering Seeds

Company Overview

With its headquarters in Spain, MoC provides a wide range of strains in addition to its own hybridized varieties. This cannabis seed brand has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and it will put you at ease like nothing else.

Their goal is simple: to maintain the availability of the most well-known strains in the world while also discovering and creating brand-new varieties that will outperform the competition.

Customers adore the brand because everything sold in a Ministry of Cannabis store is a premium item that has gone through careful testing and verification. If you choose a strain from the Ministry of Cannabis that you genuinely enjoy, you can be sure that when you buy their seeds, you’ll get consistent results—even over a long time.

Additionally, the business offers great value for your money, and they occasionally run sales. On purchases over €75, free shipping is available to you. Additionally, they provide covert packaging so that clients can maintain their privacy.

The company also provides shipping to all countries. You can make an online purchase securely and dependably after reading the website’s brief e-manual. Payment and delivery are both completely secure, and the brand will never reveal or disclose any credit card information. The company accepts a variety of payment options, such as debit and credit cards, bitcoin, and others.


• Numerous payment options available
• Hybrid strains created specifically for you
• Germination is guaranteed
• Team of highly skilled specialists
• Exceptional customer assistance program includes a blog, forum, and article campaign
• Undetectable packaging
• Delivery is free on orders above €75
• Shipping internationally


• Minimum purchase requirement for free shipping
• Check the terms & conditions carefully to avoid future complications

Marijuana doesn’t affect fertility

User encounter

The Ministry of Cannabis strives to make every purchase feel special and is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Its customer service team is without a doubt the best in the industry. They are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will always respond to your inquiries in a polite and timely manner.

They can always help you because they have partners in Spain and at least three other nations. They’ll make every effort to fix the problem and make it right.

Users also value the final product’s high quality and immediate feeling of relaxation. The strong flavors of the seeds are also beloved by many users.

Final Conclusion

To sum up, MoC is an internationally recognized, reliable seed bank and grower of cannabis seeds. You can always count on the brand to provide you with top-quality seeds and accurate information to help you achieve your cannabis growing objectives because it has a history of consistency and creativity. For all types, seed viability is said to be well over 90%, and the strain quality is unmatched.

4. Seedsman – Most Effective

Company Overview

Since its founding in 2003, Seedsman has been a reputable online seed bank. Since its inception, it has forged relationships with many breeders and gathered a following of devoted customers. Additionally, Seedsman contributes a portion of its earnings to international marijuana legalization campaigns.

A third-party seller of seeds is called Seedsman. Although the company does not grow cannabis, this does not stop them from only choosing the best products for the business. What truly sets them apart from the majority of the competition is this distinction in procurement and sales methods.

The company keeps a huge inventory of more than 1,500 different strains. Although Seedsman developed some of these strains, more than 65 other seed banks provided the majority of them. One of the few sizable seed banks that allows customers to buy individual seeds is Seedsman. In general, Seedsman seeds arrive clean, healthy, and produce beautiful plants.

At Seedsman, there are more than 3,000 specialized cannabis seeds. In comparison to the industry average, this represents a significant increase. The business collects seeds from 65 various sperm banks worldwide, enabling you to sample the wide range and quality provided by various manufacturers. They consequently charge a marginally higher price.

Inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and anti-insomnia are all properties of the brand’s medicinal seeds. Visit their website for a full disclosure of medical marijuana seeds.

At the bottom of the page with product lists, there may be reviews for each item. The company ships goods in covert packaging to protect customers’ privacy. You can also follow the progress of your delivery by keeping track of your shipment.


• A well-known brand in the market
• Strains of superior quality from diverse producers worldwide
• Specific strain reviews on the internet
• Undetectable packaging
• Numerous promotions
• Shipping globally
• Complimentary seeds with the majority of orders
• Various modes of payments
• Capability to monitor your order


• There are shipment charges
• The assurance of germination is restricted
• Seeds are somewhat costly
• Customer service is adequate

User encounter

The company’s mission, according to, is to provide each and every one of its customers with exceptional service. By responding to customer complaints in public settings frequently and offering solutions to make things right, Seedsman demonstrates a dedication to this goal.

Customers’ reactions to the addition of seeds to their product order seem to be positive. Additionally, the brand has received excellent evaluations as a result of the fast and healthy plant growth.

However, Seedsman’s approach to providing customer service could be enhanced. Many customers have complained about the protracted email response times and the lack of organization in the event that seeds are not available.

Final Conclusion

In the end, Seedsman received a lot of favorable reviews. They have a sizable selection, a user-friendly website, and a variety of price points.

However, this company needs to significantly improve its handling and shipping capabilities, as well as improve the accuracy of its customer support responses.

While we admire Seedsman, we do not believe they’re currently one of the top seed banks. We advise you to choose I Love Growing Marijuana or Marijuana Seeds NL seeds instead.

5. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store – Quick & Discrete Delivery

Company Overview

The Vault Seed Bank was established by George and Jack. They are the ones who go above and beyond to make their clients happy. The staff at The Vault Seed Bank thinks the company is more than just a great marijuana retailer; it’s a movement. They advocate openly for the use of medical marijuana.

The is a well-known brand in the cannabis industry that provides premium seeds, covert packaging, and top-notch customer support. Additionally, their products are fairly inexpensive.

The Vault offers more than 2,000 unique growers to strains looking for superior qualities as well as a wide range of varieties gathered from various breeders around the world. Products that won the Cannabis Cup are for sale on the website. They have strains with a lot of THC to give you the results you want.

There is something in the brand for every type of cultivator. Furthermore, the business offers bonuses with every order.

The website’s prominent breeders and products give you a sense of the brand’s dedication to high-end goods. You can also browse other offers to save money on your purchases. Additionally, the company provides free delivery on all orders placed in the United Kingdom.

Parcels are delivered within the U. K. using DHL express delivery and signed royal mail. The average delivery time is three working days, but you should give yourself up to five working days for delivery.

Additionally, if you’re not happy with your cannabis seeds, you can return them. Orders will only be refunded, though, if they are returned within a specific shipping window. Verify that the package is complete and in the same state as when it was received.


• Offers and promos available
• The brand has numerous shipping guarantees
• Free high-quality seeds
• Outstanding customer care
• Discrete packaging
• Various modes of payment
• Seed/strains variety
• Free shipment in the U.K.
• Offers delivery around the world


• No assurances regarding germination
• Shipping outside the U.K. is charged

Marijuana’s Other Magic Ingredient

User encounter

The general public attests to their outstanding customer service. They place a high priority on resolving customer complaints, and they seem to understand that keeping customers happy and satisfied is the most important foundation for any company.

The seed bank’s staff will update you on the status of your order once it is shipped. They also quickly address and respond to client inquiries. We value how they prioritize and respect their customers.

Final Conclusion

The customer is the center of the brand. Due to its exceptional customer service, the company has been able to outperform its rivals in the rapidly expanding online seed bank market.

The business offers a number of delivery guarantees and promotional offers on its website. Producers can choose from a variety of high-quality strains at The Vault.

Before making a purchase, research the company’s products on its website. Our recommendation would be to continue favoring the top two products from our review because of their overall excellence.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Cannabis Seed Banks for Yourself

It is difficult to choose which brand is the best among the many seed banks available on the market because they all have different options.

It is common to think about the risks involved with ordering cannabis seeds online and receiving them by mail. State laws differ both in the United States and around the world. Always check the state/country’s laws regarding sensitive products before placing your order in order to be on the safe side.

Now that you are aware of the top brands available, you can shop for yourself. However, make sure you cross off a few of the following boxes before starting.

• Keep an eye out for the law

Despite the fact that cannabis use is legal in some parts of the United States, germination is the problem. To avoid breaking the law, always make sure cannabis is allowed to be grown in your area.

The understanding of the laws governing the sale and cultivation of cannabis seeds has changed over time. So, before doing anything, be sure to check the laws in your state.

• Wisely Choose a Seed Bank

By choosing a reliable seed bank, you can protect your investment appropriately. If your order is lost in the course of the process, Middling Sources will not be held responsible. Examining company policies and terms & conditions as well as online reviews can be used to conduct informal research.

Verify whether the company offers delivery guarantees and compensates for stolen or lost packages during delivery. To reduce your risk, pick a seed bank that is reputable, reliable, and well-known in the industry.

• Made certain germination

The fact that almost all seed banks cannot guarantee germination is a common problem. This is an important step and the main reason you are purchasing marijuana seeds online. Everything else will fail if germination is unsuccessful.

In the event of failure germination, businesses frequently offer supplemental seeds as compensation for the lost opportunity. Additionally, this compensation makes it possible for you to exchange your expenditure with a company that makes no such guarantees, something that would not be possible without it.

• Excellent Customer Service

Undoubtedly, a good company cares about its customers and their needs. A positive user experience is the result of excellent customer service. As with the previous tip, doing research on seed banks before making a purchase will save you time and the annoyance of being taken advantage of by a business that doesn’t live up to its promises.

• Subtle shipping

Shipping companies offer their customers the service of hidden shipment. This means that the company is entirely responsible for sending or redelivering the shipment regardless of what happens to your goods before they are delivered to you. Covert shipping is typically cost-free.

This warranty covers events outside of your control, such as seeds being seized by airport customs officials or the box going missing. If you provide a wrong delivery address or any other issues, you will be arrested.

• Avoid Making Bulk Orders Immediately

Regardless of the size of your requirement, it is wise to test the products before making a significant investment. To make sure you are getting the most for your money, do a thorough analysis of user experiences and reviews. You are always welcome to come back and place a big order once you are completely satisfied.

• Company Terms and Conditions

Each company’s website includes a Terms & Conditions section covering all of the technical details you should be aware of when deciding to make a purchase. Occasionally, failing to comprehend the company’s policies results in losing currency and goods, as your worries become irrelevant.

• Payment Options

Typically, seed banks provide a wide range of payment options. Debit cards are the well-known distribution method used by banks. Due to its efficiency, cryptocurrencies are typically accepted by banks. Due to its secure payments, PayPal is an additional option. The main problem with PayPal is that it can limit or forbid your bank account from dealing in contentious goods.

FAQs Regarding Marijuana Seed Banks

Q. Is it prohibited to buy marijuana seeds in the USA?

Given that the United States of America is a federal republic, the answer is challenging in this case. Because of this, something that is prohibited by federal law might be permitted by state law, as is the case with marijuana.

The federal government has designated marijuana as a Schedule I substance, making it illegal and harmful to possess. However, if you live in a state that allows marijuana cultivation for both medical and recreational purposes, you might be able to get away with buying marijuana.

Q. Are seeds shipped to the United States by any seed banks?

Cannabis cultivation and use are governed by local laws in every American state and territory. Cannabis seeds can be shipped as fish bait and bird food as long as they don’t germinate. Technical details are described in each company’s terms and conditions section, including MSNL.

Q. Is it safe to purchase cannabis seeds online?

The use of a delivery method requiring a signature is not encouraged by experts. This advice prevents giving the package any thought. Customers should also choose a payment method that won’t put them in any unnecessary trouble.

Bitcoin’s intractability and encryption make it the most popular payment option. However, customers have other options for making payments, including visa cards, which are just as secure and guaranteed.

Q. Who are the Seed Banks with Authorization?

Most seed banks have online discussion forums and blogs where customers can voice their opinions to the company. Before you go shopping, do some quick research to get a lot of information out. Most manufacturers also offer unique value bundles and suggestions on their websites for new customers.

Conclusion – Which Cannabis Seed Bank Should You Buy From?

Every online seed bank on this list ships to the USA and is a reputable seed bank. You can therefore anticipate high-quality seeds from each of them. It is up to you to choose which characteristics to emphasize because some of them do stand out due to particular skills.

In order to make an informed choice, it is essential to investigate all of the potential brands’ aspects. However, the marijuana seed banks mentioned in this article have undergone sufficient scrutiny and are certain to give you a positive shopping experience. And we’ve chosen MSNL and ILGM as the top two seed banks from that list.

Whatever brand you choose, keep in mind the advice we give you in our article, “Things to keep in mind while choosing a cannabis seed bank for yourself,” as it will guide you in making the best choice.

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