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Cannabis is a plant species with many uses, medical and recreational. The seeds are the reproductive organs of the female cannabis plant. It contains enough genetic material for all possible phenotypes, thus allowing it to grow into any variety. Seed banks are necessary because seed germination only occurs after months or years of storage in conditions suitable for preservation. Before purchasing cannabis seeds, one should know what varieties they may need for their desired purpose.

Sourcing an optimal seed bank can be challenging, especially if one has never done so before. We have compiled a list of some top quality seeds available in stores today, making choosing easier.

In many countries, cannabis seeds are very limited and often illegal. It is difficult to find accurate and reliable information about cannabis seeds. This can lead to unnecessary expenses from purchasing one wrong seed, which will result in no product at all. On the other hand, some websites advertise a wide variety of cannabis seeds without any clear information about their quality or reliability. Therefore, it is best to choose a reliable source before purchasing your cannabis seeds so that you can be sure that you will receive your product on time and without complications.

One should bear in mind that the type of marijuana used for medical purposes is different from that for recreational purposes. Currently, top markets offer two main types of marijuana: Indica and Sativa. Before buying cannabis seeds, it will be best to consider what purpose they will be used for.

Indicas are mostly used as pain relievers and can improve appetite. It relaxes the body muscles to feel less stress or pain. They tend to affect a smaller portion of the brain, which makes them effective in relieving stress with minimal side effects. On the other hand, sativas help their users feel energized and focused by increasing their heart rate and making them talkative. Sativas are more effective for depression, stress and anxiety.

One should always read labels and look for information about the possible side effects of a certain type of marijuana. This is to prevent unnecessary expenses and any health problems resulting from its use.

5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks

In our search for the top five marijuana seed banks globally, we came across many companies that sell cannabis seeds online. Our team spent countless hours determining which company deserves to be at the top position on our list, although all of them proved to be very reliable sources of seeds. We have compiled a list of the 5 best seed banks for cannabis seeds that we highly recommend.

1. ILGM – Top Cannabis Seed Bank

I Love Growing Marijuana is the leading website for marijuana cultivators. They are based in Amsterdam and have been providing their services since 2005. This seed bank offers a wide variety of marijuana strains, ready to be shipped at affordable prices. These seeds are guaranteed to be fresh and potent, making them a top choice for any marijuana enthusiast.

This company is also known for their great customer care service, which is available all day and night from Monday to Friday. They guarantee that all orders are delivered within 2 weeks after purchase and will be sent discreetly so that you can enjoy your cannabis seeds in privacy and peace.


Marijuana Seeds NL is a cannabis seed bank based in the Netherlands. The best thing about this company is that it offers an affordable price of €2.50 per seed. It has been in business since 1997 and has become a top choice for many people around the world because of its reliable services and fast delivery. They have a wide variety of seeds from popular growers like Barney’s Farm, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana and Royal Queen Seeds.

They offer free shipping for all orders amounting to €99 or more and guarantee discreet shipping at the lowest possible prices if you order from them today.

3. Crop King Seed Bank

Crop King Seed Bank is considered a top-notch cannabis seed bank that offers many potent seeds. They are popular among many celebrities because they offer fast and discreet delivery, ensuring that all customer’s orders will be sent within 7 days after purchase. The customers can also view their order status online, giving them the peace of mind that their product will be shipped in no time.

Some of the popular marijuana seeds sold here include Purple Haze, Northern Lights, Dutch Treat and many more. They also have an exclusive “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” promo offer to help you save money while buying your seeds.

4. Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds has been a leading seed bank in the cannabis industry and is known for having the best marijuana strains in the whole world. They are based in Amsterdam and have been distributing seeds all over the globe since 1985. They have an extensive collection of marijuana seeds from various prestigious breeders such as Barney’s Farm, Greenhouse Seeds, Big Buddha Cheese and The Attitude Seedbank.

This seed bank supplies seeds to more than 21000 people every month and has a long list of loyal customers who keep coming back for more because of their great service and affordable prices.

5. Seedsman

Seedsman offers some of the highest quality cannabis seeds at affordable costs. They are based in London, UK, and have many satisfied customers. Their website was designed to be easy to navigate even for first-time buyers, and their products received positive reviews from all their previous customers. The company is legally allowed to sell seeds in countries where it is not illegal, which means that buying from them is safe and reliable. The company has been in business since 2007, and it has proven its reliability by being 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Legal Status of Cannabis Seeds by State

Many people worldwide believe that marijuana seeds are illegal, and if bought from any other source, you will be breaking the law. This is not true because, as of now, 29 countries worldwide have legalized cannabis, but from another perspective, it is legal to buy them in every state. You can buy cannabis seeds from any state, which allows you to do so. This is because cannabis is still on a federal level, and each state will have its laws against people who grow or sell it locally.

Buying seeds online ensures that you get top quality marijuana strains at affordable prices. It will also keep you from breaking the law by buying it from illegal sources.

Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

This is the most common question we receive from our readers. The answer is simple and easy, buying marijuana seeds online is 100% safe and legal because cannabis seeds are not considered illegal in most countries. To buy them online, you will need to visit the websites of companies that offer them for sale.

Several benefits come with buying marijuana seeds online. You can receive quality seeds directly to your home, and all orders are shipped in discreet, smell-proof containers to avoid any suspicions from neighbours or other people around you. Also, shipping is usually fast, so if you order them on time, they will reach your doorstep in no time at all.

Seed Bank Payment Methods

The payment options available to you will depend on the seed bank you’re using. Some seed banks accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal, but others might accept only these payment methods. It is important to check this information before making your first order to avoid disappointment later. The most common ways that people use to pay for seeds from a seed bank are:

Credit/Debit Cards: This payment option is common among all countries worldwide. You can easily buy marijuana seeds online with your credit or debit card without any issues at all. The benefit of using this method is that it offers a high level of security and privacy because your sensitive information like CVV numbers etc., is not stored anywhere.

PayPal: This payment system is easy to use, and you will have no issues with it. You can easily use this method to buy marijuana seeds online because the privacy of your information is important. Also, PayPal has a better reputation than many other payment systems, and if you order from this company, there is no risk that the banks will block your account in future.

Bitcoin: Many people have been using Bitcoin to pay for orders online because they find it to be an efficient and safe way of paying without having any risk or problems in the future. Bitcoin transactions are instantaneous, and before you know it, your order will be at your doorstep.

Cannabis Seeds Guide: How To Pick The Best Ones?

By now, you should have a good idea about how to buy cannabis seeds online, and you should have a good idea about the best seed banks that offer them. Of course, picking the best seed bank is not an easy job, but with all we’ve said so far, it might seem like it is. Luckily, we’re going to give you some tips on how to pick the best seed bank that will meet all your needs and what makes a good seed bank. In this section, we will discuss all aspects of buying cannabis seeds from various companies and show you what we think are the essentials of a good marijuana seller.

Seed Banks Availability: A good marijuana seed bank should have a wide range of strains from all over the world. You should be able to find your favourite strains from many different countries so that you can choose the ones that suit you best. The availability of seeds should also depend on various criteria such as a company reputation and time of serving people in their region. For example, if you are looking for some popular strains that are not available at most seed banks, then you should probably look for a seed bank that does not stock them at all. The best seed banks will also have the most current strains available in their stock so that you can get seeds immediately. For those looking for marijuana seeds at lower rates, keep in mind that this might not be a good company.

Seed Bank Reputation: A good seed bank should have a solid reputation from all over the world. This is because people trust companies with reputations and expect them to deliver quality products on time. This is a very important factor to consider when choosing a seed bank, and it is something that many companies fall short of. It is important to consider if all their users are satisfied with their services or have had any complaints against them in the past. Also, it is important to check if they have any complaints against them on the various online forums.

A good seed bank will always offer you a consultation about the products they sell. They know their products inside out and are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. They have information on all the strains and will leave no stone unturned until you’re satisfied with what they have to offer.

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