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Autoflower weed seeds are a much newer development in the world of weed. They have only been around since the late 90s and have quickly become a hugely popular way to grow marijuana.

For those who prefer to not wait months for their weed plants to mature, these are a perfect choice. Just because they don’t need that time doesn’t mean they don’t produce high-quality buds though! These autoflower strains produce more bud per plant than regular types of marijuana, as well as have higher THC levels too!

As well as the faster growing, better quality buds, these strains also have many other benefits. They have a shorter flowering time (around 10 to 16 weeks), making it a great choice for anybody who wants to give their weed a boost before going out. With a shorter time frame of growth, they can go from seed to harvest much more quickly! They also come in all different types and flavors, so there’s something for everyone.

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the top autoflower strains on the market:


This is one of the most famous weed seeds available and has been getting great reviews from customers around the world. It’s an incredibly easy strain to grow and has a high yield, making it perfect if you’re just getting started.

It only takes around 8 weeks to go from seed to harvest, and the effects are very nice! At the end of 9 weeks, you’ll have a large number of white buds that are very potent, giving you a lot more bang for your buck than normal strains. It also smells great and gives off a pleasant fruity smell that attracts flies like crazy. Which is a great thing for any grower to have!

Trainwreck is a hybrid strain, meaning it’s a cross between two different plants.

The two different parents are Northern Lights and Skunk. They were crossed to produce this new strain and the results were amazing! The combination of the two parents produces higher levels of THC than either would have on their own, as well as giving you much more color change in your buds. And the effects are just simply amazing! Trainwreck is one of the easiest strains to grow and is hands down worth trying!

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC brings to mind old-school classic American Girl Scout cookies. Now, I’m not telling you that they taste like them, but they do smell and can even look a little similar! They’re a very flavorful strain with a heavy and strong smell and smell. A bit of sweet fruity taste and then a peppery aftertaste is hard to resist! They kind of remind me of peaches; the scent is fruity but it’s stuck in your head.

GSC is a Hybrid, which means it’s a cross between two different plants. They were first crossed with Skunk and then crossed with AK 47 to produce the strain we have today. The result was an extremely high THC content (up to 26%!) and a good amount of buds as well! Oftentimes, you can’t pinpoint how good a strain smells until you’re smoking it, but this is one of the best smelling strains around! The taste is sweet and fruity, giving off that familiar cookie flavor in your mouth.

At the same time, it’s a bit more potent than most other strains. It’s one of the reasons that it’s become so popular over the last year or two! If you want to mix it with some other weed strains, that would be a great idea too.

If you’d like to try this strain out for yourself, simply click here and follow the instructions! Enjoy!

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that offers an energetic high that comes on quickly and lasts for hours. It has very strong sour notes over diesel fuel aromas. This strain is very pungent and has an odor that is easily noticed by others.

Sour Diesel, like most Sativa strains, gives users a happy, uplifted feeling perfect for social occasions.

It’s thought to be named after the fact that it gives off a diesel fuel type of smell and taste. This strain is mostly known for its energizing effects that give users an intense boost of creativity and focus.

This strain is great for daytime or evening use as it will leave you in an energetic state of mind yet focused enough to get things done. Because its energizing effects come through so quickly and strongly, this may not be the best strain if you have a lot on your plate already before smoking it.

Sour Diesel effects are stronger and more noticeable than other strains of marijuana. It is a common misconception that it is not a good strain to smoke during the day because its effects become too strong however this has not been proven. The main issue with Sour Diesel is that its effectiveness at relieving pain and enhancing creativity may wear off sooner than other strains making it unsuitable for insomnia type of anxiety-related disorders.

G-13 (Green Crack)

Green Crack is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created from crossing Green Giant X Skunk #1. This strain has a very potent, pungent odor and flavor which has earned it the nickname “Green Crack.

This is because Green Crack is a strain that gives users a quick and long-lasting head high. It can make you feel euphoric, but also unfocused and spacey. So, it is not a good strain if you are using it for a day out in the city. Or if you have something important to get done that day.

The thing to note here is that Green Crack isn’t as fast-acting as some other strains (it takes about 30 mins to start working). But when it does kick in, it’s quite potent! And for most users, the effects last between two and three hours. But this does vary from person to person. G-13 is also known to make people feel hungry, which makes it great for appetizers or snacks.

Because it’s a hybrid strain and crosses two top strains together, G-13 gets quite high THC levels. This is also combined with the green (leafy) smell of the leaves this plant produces when it is grown outdoors.

G-13 is a strain that many users prefer for daytime use because of the longer effect times. Otherwise, it may induce feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations in certain individuals and should be avoided if you suffer from these conditions or are sensitive to chemical compounds in marijuana products.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a strain that gives you an amazing relaxing high with a very potent and euphoric feeling. It’s one of the most popular strains around these days, and Blue Dream is known for its loveable blue hues. This strain contains 50% Sativa, 50% Indica and takes after both of its parent strains by producing a mostly cerebral high that leaves you smiling and giggling (although it can also leave some users with a dry mouth).

Most users describe this strain as having an earthy, sweet flavor which is accompanied by a piney aroma that can be very strong in some samples. Some people have described it as tasting like blueberry or berry-flavored candy.

Generally, this strain is pretty easy to grow and can deliver a high yield for novice growers. But because this strain is so well known for its potency, you’ll need to exercise caution when growing it indoors. A little extra knowledge about ventilation and proper use of nutrients will be needed for proper growing techniques!

This is a great strain for users that want to relax after a long day and wind down before bed. In fact, due to the sedative effects of this strain, many users choose Blue Dream during the evening hours before bed. It’s also great for winding down after a long day of work with friends or family!

Larry OG

Larry OG is a strain that has a strong lemony flavor that gives it its name. It also has a very potent, earthy odor which is similar to that of Super Lemon Haze. But what makes this strain unique is that some varieties have hints of berry flavors too! This strain can be found in some stores, but it’s not as common as Blue Dream or Sour Diesel.

This is because Larry OG takes an extremely long time to grow and produces yields with low potency levels. Because of this, many growers decide to abandon this strain in favor of Blue Dream (which can be grown more easily and produces higher yields).

But, if you’re still interested in trying this strain out, you may have to grow it yourself. It’s gotten plenty of praise from its users and it is known as a great strain for patients suffering from insomnia.

Larry OG also has some very sedating effects that can make your eyes feel heavy and will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. This makes Larry OG perfect for nighttime use! Because it is primarily an Indica strain, you’ll find that the relaxing effects of this strain are more prevalent than the cerebral effects that help with brainstorming or creative thinking (although these may also occur).

How to Grow Autoflowering Seeds?

If you want to grow these strains in your indoor or outdoor garden, then you’ll need an autoflowering variety. The process is the same! You still need to choose a strain, pick seeds, provide them with light nutrients for the best growth. But there are some other things that you should know about growing autoflowering seeds.

This is because, unlike regular seeds that have a distinct light cycle and need to be triggered to grow at a certain time, autoflowering plants are genetically programmed to grow at a specific rate. Autoflowering strains are great for people who do not have the time or resources to spend on a variety of different strains that would require their flowering times.

Some autoflowering varieties can even complete their entire life cycle in as little as two months! This is perfect for the short growing seasons of some areas. Using an auto strain also lets you harvest more quickly than with traditional seeds because there is no need for triggering growth.

These strains are great for people who want to turn their garden into a cash maker. Because they yield the same amount of weight, you can sell the excess at a lower price than you would for regular plants that need a higher yield. These strains also make it easier to determine the fitness of your plants because there is no need to adjust light intensity or temperature as with traditional plants.

What’s so great about Growing Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering varieties have a few benefits that other varieties do not have. They have an easier time adapting to new environments (within reason) and they can be grown in all regions of the world with little care and maintenance or fertilizer requirements. They also have a shorter growth period, making it possible to harvest more often and possibly even in the same year if you grow from seed in the spring!

Also, autoflowering seeds may have a lower risk of cross-pollination during cultivation. Even if there are other plants nearby that are flowering, they would need to be pollinating at the same time as your plant with an autoflowering variety. Otherwise, your plant will continue growing and may not produce much yield.

To get the most benefits out of growing autoflowering seeds, you’ll want to grow them indoors where you can provide for their needs by supplying light and nutrients. You’ll also want to be able to make sure that your grow space stays cool enough for them, as well as get proper ventilation so that the smell does not become too strong.

Because these strains are genetically programmed to grow at a certain rate, you can cut down on your watering intervals. This is perfect for people who desire fast, efficient growth but do not have the time or resources for making adjustments after the first few weeks. These strains are also known to be resistant to some types of diseases and pests, making them easier to grow than traditional seeds.

Tips on Growing Autoflowering Seeds

Because some autoflowering varieties can be quite hardy and high yielding, they are excellent for people who want to grow their marijuana but do not have access to a lot of space or lighting. For this reason, autoflowers can also be great for indoor growers that want a more efficient way of growing their plants.

It’s best to start these plants indoors during the spring before the last frost. This means that you’ll want to start about 6 weeks before this date for your area. If you start too early, then the light cycles will not be right and if you wait too long, then there may be a chance that the plants will not have time to grow enough before they are ready to be harvested.

Autoflowering varieties have a shorter lifespan than traditional seeds and need to be cared for at an earlier stage of their development. Once the seedling is transplanted into its final container, you should maintain a consistent level of temperature and humidity throughout the plant’s life cycle. More than anything, you’ll want to keep the soil moist at all times and ensure that your grow space is not too hot or cold.

You’ll need an area with at least 300 watts of light per square foot of growing space. This means that if you plan to grow one plant, you will need a minimum of 300 watts. Try not to use direct sunlight to grow these plants because they may wilt if they get too much exposure. You can use fluorescent lights or even LED lights to help your plants thrive.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to grow your strain of marijuana, then autoflowering seeds can be the best choice for you. If you want to get into the growing but don’t have access to a lot of space or time to care for plants, then growing from autoflowering seeds will give you a great start!

If you decide to take growing your cannabis from seed seriously, then it would be worth investing in some autoflowering varieties. These strains are perfect for indoor or outdoor growers and are known for their yields and high quality even if they did not take as long to grow as traditional strains.

Like any other plant, autoflowering seeds need a lot of care and attention to thrive. If you can dedicate the time, energy, and space in your home for a plant like this and follow one of our growing tips, then you’ll be able to produce a great quality product from your high-yielding autoflowering seeds.

Have you grown autoflowers? Share your comments below!

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