About the Author

Andrew White

Andrew White is a professional cannabis grower and the director of botany for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California.

I love to grow cannabis and it’s been my lifelong passion.

I started my company as a small grower, but now supply to a much larger chain of dispensaries. I’ve always loved gardening, and it’s been great to take my favorite hobby and turn it into something more than just a hobby.

I help the dispensary produce all the cannabis products they need for their patients while providing a safe and clean environment to work in.

The company I work for supplies cannabis products to dispensaries all over the world. We have a team of skilled cultivators, extractors, formulators, and production specialists to produce top-quality products.

I have been growing cannabis for over ten years. I’ve seen all the trends in cultivation, from outdoor grows to more sophisticated indoor setups. After mastering the art of cannabis cultivation over the years, I’ve learned the best ways to cultivate top-quality cannabis while using environmentally-friendly methods.

Cannabis growers are always looking for new ways to improve their cultivation techniques. From managing nutrient deficiencies to identifying pests and harmful molds, the process of growing cannabis is full of challenges. But producing high-quality cannabis starts with understanding the plant’s needs and developing a specific strategy for cultivation.

I love to share my knowledge about all things cannabis, so don’t be shy to ask me anything!