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AK 47 seeds are feminized marijuana plants that produce an incredible high. The Sativa dominant plant produces a cerebral buzz and the desire to dance. Its sweet floral aroma can help you melt stress away and induce a full-body state of bliss. Here’s a quick review of this cannabis plant. Find out which strain is best for your needs. You’ll be glad you did! AK 47 seeds make for excellent feminized and autoflowering plants.

AK Widow 47

AK Widow 47 cannabis seeds are an Indica dominant hybrid that produces dense, massive buds that are covered in resin. The strain is compact and produces a pungent aroma both during flowering and after it has dried. Greenbud Seeds has made this strain available to cannabis enthusiasts as a Feminized AK 47 Early Version. The combination of these two strains is said to have potent therapeutic properties. This variety was developed by crossing the White Widow and the AK 47 strains.

AK Widow 47 cannabis seeds are easy to grow and are renowned for producing high quality yields. The AK-47 cannabis strain is so popular that several seed companies have imitated this strain. The plants grow medium to tall and produce high yields in a relatively short period of time. The plants emit a strong smoke and odour, so be sure to grow them away from your neighbors. You will want to plant several plants so that you can reap the rewards of their high-quality marijuana.

If you’re new to medicinal weed, you’ll probably want to take things slow at first. This strain contains up to 20% THC, which can be punchy at first. The White Widow x AK-47 Fast Version cannabis seed is easy to grow, and doesn’t require much space to grow. It’s also not feminized or autoflowering. You can even try growing the White Widow x AK-47 Fast Version on your own.

The AK-47 cannabis plant produces approximately fourteen ounces of usable cannabis per square meter. This plant is compact, and it grows to about 19 to 32 inches tall. AK-47 feminized seeds are ideal for third or fourth-generation grows. AK-47 cannabis seeds are best used for third or fourth-generation indoors. The plants should grow no more than 2.5 feet and should be able to withstand a medium-level climate.

The AK-47 marijuana seed is a hybrid of two strains – indica and sativa. It’s a 65-35 sativa/indica mix with a high level of sativa characteristics. However, its exact pedigree is unknown. However, it does have a few sativa traits that make it suitable for indoor growing. The AK-47’s flower structure is outstanding, resulting in flower clusters with high calyx-to-leaf ratios.

AK-47 feminized cannabis seeds are a great choice for indoor and outdoor growing. They are ready to harvest in mid-October. In indoors, they require decent air filtration and additional fans for circulation. A high-quality AK-47 cultivar will give you a large harvest. The AK-47 strain is also available as an Autoflower seed. You can also choose to grow this strain in a hydroponic system.

The White Widow x AK-47 Fast Version marijuana seeds is an Indica-heavy hybrid that produces a mellow, pleasant, and energizing high. This strain is excellent for treating depression, anxiety, and emotional ruts. It also has an excellent body high. You can purchase AK Widow 47 seeds online from Original Sensible Seeds. The information on this website is not intended to substitute medical advice.

AK Widow 47 feminized seeds

AK Widow 47 feminized cannabis seeds are a great way to grow an indica-dominant hybrid. Its heavy indica-dominance and massive buds covered in resin make it a very satisfying weed plant. The feminized variety is an excellent option for growing indoors or out, and it is considered to be legal to grow in the UK. This strain is great for those who want to grow a high-quality, highly-concentrated strain that will be perfect for home use.

The AK-47 feminized strain is an award-winning strain. The AK-47 phenotype is considered to be the second-best indica on the planet. The High Time Cannabis Cup awarded a sample of AK-47 feminized cannabis with 21.5% THC, which made it the second-highest rated cannabis strain of 1999. This strain grows best indoors, but it can also grow as small as 2.5 feet.

AK-47 is known for its oversized buds and is often compared to a small banana. This strain has nice colours. Its lime green buds contrast with its orange pistil hairs. Phenotypes of this strain are capable of turning purple. They have a pervasive odor. The AK-47 is a good choice for experienced growers and beginners alike. It grows quickly and tastes delicious. Its high THC content and medical benefits have earned AK-47 international recognition at competitions.

AK Widow 47 feminized strain has a high THC and CBD content, and yields up to 15 ounces per square meter indoors. AK Widow 47 feminized cannabis seeds are a great way to grow potent weed indoors or out. They can produce high yields and a strong, instantaneous hit. A few growers prefer this strain for medical reasons.

AK Widow 47 is a cross between AK-47 and White Widow. AK Widow 47 brings sativa genes to the mix, creating a slightly more upbeat and knockout stone. It also offers relaxing and face-numbing effects. AK Widow 47 is one of the best strains for medicinal purposes. Grow it indoors or outdoors, and you’ll end up with a highly potent flower that will keep you up all night.

AK Widow 47 feminized marijuana seeds can provide both physical and psychological relief. It’s not the most numbing strain, so it’s best for those who don’t suffer from severe pain. However, it does offer a relaxed, uplifted, and happy high. And if you’re looking for a marijuana strain that can treat anxiety and depression, then AK Widow 47 is the best option.

AK-47 feminized marijuana seeds are easy to grow. The flowers will grow up to eight inches tall. AK Widow 47 has a very unique scent and taste that combines citrus, wood, and earthy. It also has a mellow, yet powerful, high. Its mellow effect and sedative qualities make it a perfect choice for treating chronic pain and anxiety.

AK Widow 47 autoflowering seeds

AK-47 seeds are an excellent choice for growing weed indoors or outdoors. This autoflowering variety doesn’t require the specific light cycles required by most other strains and is extremely easy to grow. However, be sure to consider the growing conditions of your plants to ensure that they get the best growth. AK-47 doesn’t like to be re-potted or pruned heavily. Plant it in its final pot or in a seed-starter.

AK-47 is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain crossed with Afghani and Mexican strains. A popular strain from the nineties, this plant has a THC content of up to 19% and a relaxing, sedating effect. You’ll want to try this strain if you’re looking for a high that isn’t too potent. It’s great for those who want to enjoy the relaxing effects of marijuana while growing indoors or out.

Growing AK-47 Autoflowering seeds can be done indoors or outdoors, and the short flowering period of 42 to 56 days makes them easy to grow in both outdoor and indoor settings. They develop big, dense flowers that yield between four and fifteen ounces per square meter. They also have a high resistance to bugs. A solitary plant can produce a yield of up to 12 oz per square meter.

Mr. Power’s AK-47 seeds sprouted in just four days and reached the soil’s surface. He grew them under three 600 W ‘Green Bud’ metal halide lamps with adjust-a-wing reflectors. Afterwards, he transplanted them to 11 litre containers containing Plagron Standard soil mix. AK-47 seeds were compact and developed side branches quickly.

AK-47 autoflowering seeds are also known for their high-grade potency. These seeds are highly sought-after by recreational marijuana users, and are perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. They produce a sweet, herbal aftertaste and can be used for a variety of ailments. You can even get a full-grown plant in a few months. Just remember to follow all cultivation instructions carefully and enjoy your crop!

AK Widow 47 is an easy strain to grow, and is known for its superior quality. In fact, other seed companies have tried to copy it, and have gotten good results with this strain. The plant is medium in height and produces good yields fast. However, the smoke and odour from this strain can be overwhelming. So, grow it in an area where you won’t disturb your neighbours.

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